Genera Supplement's"Adrenaline"

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Adrenaline: Pre-Workout Insanity!

It's effects are legendary. You remember what it was like to be on Ephedrine. That high, you know that zap, when you were shaky, yet in the zone. It was almost as if you could work out forever. You wouldn't seek out Superman and challenge him, but if he showed up you certainly wouldn't run.

Obviously the negative sides of Ephedrine have been well documented. And since it was pulled from the shelves, millions of workout junkies have been left without their fix. Workouts just aren't the same. Well, it's a new ball game folks and Adrenaline is bringin' Intensity Back.

Adrenaline represents the most powerful pre-workout pill ever developed. No Crash. No harsh shakes. Just pure, unadulterated intensity that lasts and lasts and lasts.

Look at the many positive benefits Adrenaline delivers on.

? Potent stimulant on par with ephedrine and even amphetamines
? Drastically Increases Energy
? Incredible mental focus and concentration
? Increased lipolysis by increasing the chemical messenger (cAMP) that triggers fatty acid release from adipose tissue.
? Increases performance and strength output
? Improved mood, sense of well-being
? Strong appetite suppressant
? The greatest workouts of your life-Guaranteed!
? Absolutely No Crash!

Let me preface my review with the fact that I have a pretty decent tolerance to caffeine. So, interpret my review based on that standard. This review is based only on 2 workouts; one cardio and one training workout in which I took 2 caps @ 5am.

ENERGY= 8/10

The energy aspect of this product was a bit odd for me; at least compared to other stims I've taken before. I guess I can explain it by first saying that I was not bouncing off the walls. But this is not to say that I didn?t have plenty of energy to get through my workouts. The energy that it provided was sustained without the jitters and "wired" feelings I had grown accustomed to and had initially expected. I would not count out my moderate tolerance for caffeine as mitigating factors. For that reason, I left the rating as 8.


I have to say that within 15-20 minutes of taking it, I felt as if I had tunnel vision. Everything I wasn't focused on seemed to fall into the background. It was pretty intense. Even when I was driving to the gym, I had to make a conscious effort to pay attention in all directions. I had absolutely no problem keeping focused on my breathing for my run and on my "mind/muscle" connection during sets. I am very impressed with this aspect of Adrenaline.


Coinciding with the excellent focus and concentration, I felt like I had an extra "pep in my step" during the time period I took this. It wasn't anything overtly noticeable but my sense of alertness was kept relatively high. I waited until now to write and post this review so that I could see how I felt. I didn't have any type of crash since taking the product today and my mood so far has been pretty good. However, yesterday, I did feel a bit of a "crash" a few hours after taking Adrenaline, but I attribute that more to the fact that I was growing warily bored of sitting in chemistry class.


While this is not something I'm particularly looking for, for the benefit of other potential users, I had very little appetite. I'm normally not too hungry after cardio anyways, but it took a lot of effort to just drink my Post WO shake and the Protein shake I had 30 minutes later. I?d say it works very well in regards to appetite suppression. Today, the suppression of appetite was not quite as strong after my shoulder workout this morning. The need for food was there but it certainly wasn't due to hunger pangs. I hope that makes sense.


I must say that I like this product, especially due to the "tunnel vision" focus. I like this aspect of the product a lot and hope it doesn't wane over time. For my purposes, I probably won't take this supp everyday so the value of the promo purchase price I got it for will last quite a long time. For anyone looking into a new pre-workout energy supp, you may be interested and pleased with this supp.

If I missed anything you might want to know, just ask.

NOTE:I stole the layout for this review from cxm