12 week pulse...I take my Havoc & Cissus-Drol with Distilled Water

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  1. Thanks fellas.

    The worst thing is I thought I may have been getting better for a short period of time, i think that was just from not moving it much. Now I have almost no ROM and it hurts worse

    But in a sense I guess its a good idea. Now I have no need to buy any more anabolic pump,P-Slin, Retain 2, Torem, RPM <--stil have a full bottle and other junk id prolly pick up in turn thats about......................... .$400 and some change I get to keep over the next 8 weeks
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  2. Quote Originally Posted by Distilled Water View Post
    I'm extremly sorry to Generic Labz for me getting injured and unable to run a log right now. But I will run one as soon as I feel I can get the best out of Cissus-Drol which will likley be in 8 weeks.
    No problem bro, hope your recovery goes well. Take your time and start when you feel ready and able to hit again.

  3. Sorry about the injury man. Good luck, im sure you will be fine. Muscle memory is a beautiful thing remember that!

  4. Well fellas.....I got some good news

    I went to my old HS to help out with a baseball camp and after words was talking to the long time trainer there. He is also a licensed Physical Therapist. I had him look over my shoulder because I was telling him what happened and how I feel im almost back to normal with ROM and pain.

    Well after a little exam he said to try a full body workout. Nothing major just the big exercises for 2-3 sets useing good form and light yet challengeing weight. Well I just got done a few hours ago and man, I feel like im a freshman in HS all over again.

    I benched 95lbs for 20 reps and yes the last 3 were tough, rope pressdown 30lbs for again a tough 20reps. 1 arm lat pulldowns with 40lbs and final side laterals with 3lb pink weights.....lol. Man it was a good time

    People see this 5'9" 190lb, in good shape guy struggling with lat raises useing pink 3lb weights.... priceless

    Im going to the DR on monday and he'll give me the go ahead to get back to normal hopfully. The trainer said he'd call my doc this weekend (their buds I guess) and tell him what he told me to do.


    Cissus-Drol log.....8weeks on the road back to hugeness starts Monday, I hope...lol

    Now the only problem is, how can i put my 52 Havoc caps to use?????????
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  5. Good to hear, I almost do the same thing sometimes- I don't think about how much weight I am pushing or pulling but I really concentrate on form and contraction

  6. I'm glad you're feeling better bro, injuries are no fun. Please take it easy and enjoy a long bodybuilding life

    Much Love,


  7. Here it is fella's new log .....

    Distilled Water does Cissuc-Dol 8 weeks
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