12 week pulse...I take my Havoc & Cissus-Drol with Distilled Water

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by neoborn View Post
    Good Job on the log +rep.

    Also it's "Symmetry"
    Damnit....I knew it was. But when i typed it, it looked funny.....lol
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  2. Day 15

    Well I took some Posiedon again yesterday because I had found some a small container in my baseball bag. Damnit i love that stuff sornes is probably cut in half today. That was the only diff in supplementation yesterday. Workin your unreal my freind

    Anyways felt good 2day, slightly more aggressive than usual the past 2days, Wonder if that has anything to do with havoc hrm......Doubt it but ya never know. I hit legs 2day

    Pre Workout: 2 scoops ATW + ! cup dry oats oats
    -1 packet Anaimal Pump

    During Workout: The regular

    Post Workout: 1 Packet BSN Cell Mass......12oz OJ, 60gr Waxy Maize, 2 scoops ON Whey

    Bike 10min warm up
    Leg Ext.
    -SuperSet-Hack Squat
    *I altered toes in and out each set, 2 of each total
    120 @ 15
    120 @ 15
    140 @ 12
    140 @ 12
    -final set normal feet
    160 @ 10
    4 plates @ 20
    4 plates @ 20
    5 plates @ 15
    5 plates @ 15
    -final set normal feet
    6 plates @ 15

    One Legged Leg Press
    2 plates @ 20
    2 plates + 25lbs @ 15
    3 plates @ 12

    Lying Leg Curls
    130 @ 15
    150 @ 12
    170 @ 10
    180 @ 8

    Glute Kick Machine
    50 @ 12
    60 @ 10

    Notes: Vascularity is becomeing greater each workout, Today I was with a friend and messing around and did an abbs and thigh pose and there was nice vascularity in my calfs and shins, good feeling.

    Legs felt full, explosive strength, endurance is improving

    Sides: Same as last time, not getting any better or worse. I think the hair thing was just a 1day thing, hasnt happend again since.
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  3. Nice weight gain so far


  4. Quote Originally Posted by Distilled Water View Post
    Damnit....I knew it was. But when i typed it, it looked funny.....lol
    I do that all the time man.
  5. Day 21

    Sorry for the lack of updayes fella's ive been real busy and out of town on anf off for the last week or so. I've stayed on my doseing protocal and for the most part with my food. It's going real well and today I weighd in @ 192. Thats +10lbs. Now this wasnt at my normal weigh time and im pretty sure there is a good amount of water im holding on to after a wedding and an open house last weekend. None the less I dont appear any "fatter" so i'll take it. My clothes are beggining to become more snug, while there is no change in the waist line, or so it feels that way.

    Notes: Great pump in the gym 2day, felt a little more aggressive in there the last few days. Strength is stil slowly improveing. Not where id like it to be but its sure comming along. I think this has to do with sticking to the same workout routine each week. Although ive seen more muscle growth trainning like this so its a trade-off i guess. I feel great, good mood outside the gym. Lidido is waaaaaaaay up

    Sides: Dry joints. Now my shoulders and elbows are feeling dry, along with my knees stil. Its irritateing more than painful if anything.

    Next monday I'll start my 100mg Formestane TD, 50mg 1st thing in the morning and 50mg after I get outta the shower at nite (about a 12hr split). I was orig. going with 200mg but chose to drop the dose because of some findings with other peoples experiences. I will also weigh in, in the morning and take measurements.

    This is the leanest I have ever been at 190 so all is going well. I was close to 190 last summer and thought I was leaner than I am now but after looking at pictures from last summer, my muscles are WAAAY fuller now and I'm a good bit bigger now than then. I think it was because I was real tan last summer. For me tan=lean.

    Now my belly is pastey white and I stil have 6 visible abbs when I flex. Usually when Im this pale my abbs are napping under a nice layer of fat because Im heavy into a bulk.
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  6. Keep up the good work

  7. You are definitely tempting me to try pulsing....any signs of shutdown yet???

    I still dont see how this is possible but so far reports have seemed very good.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Travis View Post
    You are definitely tempting me to try pulsing....any signs of shutdown yet???

    I still dont see how this is possible but so far reports have seemed very good.
    Nope. I mean in 3 oral cycles I've only felt shtity once and that was on M1T after the 2nd week, and was beggining to feel kinda funny at the end of a Masterdrol/M1-P cycle. I dont really know what beeing shutdown feels like per-say, but In those 3 cycle I've never felt this good all around on this "cycle".

    Have you noticed how most people report feeling a real kick in natty test and what not on sundays? Well I think I know what their talking about on sundays I do feel diff than during most of the week. On sundays Libido is crazy high.

    Also recovery is starting to become better than in the beggining if that counts for anything
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  9. Day 23

    Well I was right, I was bloated big time. Weighed myself today and came in @ 188.5.

    I hit back today and it went well, im not guna post daily workouts anymore. I got a new workout log so i'm just gonna leave it in there and give you guys the added weights.

    Notes: Good workout, although I was un motivated today. I had real nice recovery inbetween sets. Overall good feeling 2day, although getting aggrivated a little easier over the past few days. Strength is stil increaseing little by litte

    Sides: No change, although my left shoulder is bothering me more and more. I had a little trouble doing bodyweight pull-ups 2day so I switched to the machine.

    Ok, I have a question for anyone who's willing to answer.....
    I have ok looking abbs, you can see them but they dont pop out or anything. When I pull down on from my lower abbs they really pop out. Is this fat covering them as i usually struggle to keep a lean mid-section, are they just blurred by excess water from creatine, or both?
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  10. Good log man!

    My shoulder has been achey (is that spelled right?) too I am going to be nice to it a couple of sessions

  11. Thanks peece, your log looks like its going pretty nice. I've been watching quietly. Im looking forward to using it on my off weeks and P.C.T.

    I liked the 6-bromo in the Rebound Reloaded, and i like Cissus so it should go real nice.
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  12. Didnt train today, my left shoulder is really hurting...bad. I think I did it swinging the other day on a nasty 2-1,low and away change-up. The pitcher made me look real dumb

    I was suppose to hit shoulders 2day but I'll hold off til 2maro and try to hit shoulders w/ arms. Shouldn't be bad
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  13. WHAT IS TOREM??/

    I searched for it and cant find what it is

  14. Toremifene Citrate. A "SERM" used in Post cycle therapy to control estrogen and help bring back healthy testosterone functions
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  15. Day 27

    Im am done with the first wave of the pulse. I just need to add my formestane to my penatrate and I'll be good to go.

    I will apply 50mg after morning shower and another 50mg after evening shower. Yea i sweat alot. I also picked up some RPM and ill run that pre-workout @ 4 caps, and on off days take 1 in the am and 1 again later on.

    After this 2 week "off" duration I'll start up again on the havoc and i will run the Formestane until it's out. I will also continue the RPM.

    I made a mistake earlier and said I was starting the Cissus-Drol in 2 weeks, I lied it'll be 4 weeks. This way i can run it during P.C.T. and can save some of the goodies I purchased for later, and from the logs the Cissus-Drol looks like something that would be great to keep my gains while maybe adding.
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  16. Day 28

    Started the formestane 2day. I put on what i think is 50mg formestane after the morning shower.

    I had 20gr of the stuff but had gave some to a buddy a while back. I measured out 2 1/4t. which is ~4950mg formestane. From tub saying 1/4t = 550mg.

    I forgot to take measurements this am so i'll do it 2maro. Everything is going well but my shoulder. I upped the cissus to 2caps 3x's a day until it gets better (slowly is).

    The diet has been kinda shatty the last week, that open house+wedding weekend threw me off a little.With my daily diet about 70% beeing on target food and the other 30% beeing cereal. For some reason ive been addicted latley
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  17. :( Day 29

    I've got some bad bad bad news. I went into the office realy this morning because my shoulder really hurt this morning and this has been going on for about a week now.

    Sadly I may have to under go surgery on my left rotator cuff. I am going to start 4 weeks of rehab starting 2maro. because theres no real situation I remember injuring it so it may just be severly inflammed and takin some time off may help.

    Therefore I have to stop the cycle. Theres really no point now that I can only left legs and abbs. I wil likely take a 6-8 week lay-off from the weights until I can get the ok from the doctor.

    When I come back I'll start my Cissus-Drol log. I have some left over Nolvadex trib and retain sitting around that i'll run as a precaution. About 2 weeks of each left. Im really mad as I was making great progress.

    I'm extremly sorry to Generic Labz for me getting injured and unable to run a log right now. But I will run one as soon as I feel I can get the best out of Cissus-Drol which will likley be in 8 weeks.
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  18. Shoulder injuries suck, hopefully you just need some time off. Good luck man!

  19. Good luck with your recovery

    Getting injured sucks, I just got back into the gym a few months ago from a injury that had me out of the gym for almost a year

  20. Best to ya D.W. heal fast

  21. Thanks fellas.

    The worst thing is I thought I may have been getting better for a short period of time, i think that was just from not moving it much. Now I have almost no ROM and it hurts worse

    But in a sense I guess its a good idea. Now I have no need to buy any more anabolic pump,P-Slin, Retain 2, Torem, RPM <--stil have a full bottle and other junk id prolly pick up in turn thats about......................... .$400 and some change I get to keep over the next 8 weeks
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  22. Quote Originally Posted by Distilled Water View Post
    I'm extremly sorry to Generic Labz for me getting injured and unable to run a log right now. But I will run one as soon as I feel I can get the best out of Cissus-Drol which will likley be in 8 weeks.
    No problem bro, hope your recovery goes well. Take your time and start when you feel ready and able to hit again.

  23. Sorry about the injury man. Good luck, im sure you will be fine. Muscle memory is a beautiful thing remember that!

  24. Well fellas.....I got some good news

    I went to my old HS to help out with a baseball camp and after words was talking to the long time trainer there. He is also a licensed Physical Therapist. I had him look over my shoulder because I was telling him what happened and how I feel im almost back to normal with ROM and pain.

    Well after a little exam he said to try a full body workout. Nothing major just the big exercises for 2-3 sets useing good form and light yet challengeing weight. Well I just got done a few hours ago and man, I feel like im a freshman in HS all over again.

    I benched 95lbs for 20 reps and yes the last 3 were tough, rope pressdown 30lbs for again a tough 20reps. 1 arm lat pulldowns with 40lbs and final side laterals with 3lb pink weights.....lol. Man it was a good time

    People see this 5'9" 190lb, in good shape guy struggling with lat raises useing pink 3lb weights.... priceless

    Im going to the DR on monday and he'll give me the go ahead to get back to normal hopfully. The trainer said he'd call my doc this weekend (their buds I guess) and tell him what he told me to do.


    Cissus-Drol log.....8weeks on the road back to hugeness starts Monday, I hope...lol

    Now the only problem is, how can i put my 52 Havoc caps to use?????????
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  25. Good to hear, I almost do the same thing sometimes- I don't think about how much weight I am pushing or pulling but I really concentrate on form and contraction

  26. I'm glad you're feeling better bro, injuries are no fun. Please take it easy and enjoy a long bodybuilding life

    Much Love,


  27. Here it is fella's new log .....

    Distilled Water does Cissuc-Dol 8 weeks
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