OK I'm about half way through the tub, so I think I will leave a review. To be honest I was disappointed in the product. It didn't live up to its hype as a pre-workout supplement. I like controlled labs and I enjoyed their White Blood product, but this one did not deliver. WF is supposed to give energy, but it made me want to go to sleep. Below is what I thought on a scale of 1-10

Mixability: 6
There was a lot of blue particles at the bottom

Pump: 4
Didn't get much of a pump on WF. I got a pump (I think) on the first workout that I took it.

Strength increase: 1
Nothing noted at all in this category

Not much here either

Relaxation: 8
WF made me tired and NOT want to go to the gym. I just use it now to help me go to sleep. It works really good to mellow you out

Taste: N/A
It was bearable that is all that matters to me.

Smell: 1
I have to say this because everyone at my work gets P***** when I make the stuff because they say it smells like pi**.