Emiliozapata's 12 week Cordygen 5 / YTE stack

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  1. Emiliozapata's 12 week Cordygen 5 / YTE stack

    Hello all, I have returned safely to America and am ready to blast past all previous performance plateaus. Supplements I am using are Millenium Sport's Cordygen 5 and Swanson Vitamin's Youth Tissue Extract , after week 1 I will begin to eat 4-8 ounces of White Button Mushrooms 3 weeks on 1 week off throughout , with the first week counting as an off week.

    I began on Tuesday 31 May , and took starting photos today. Photos were taken cold but flexed , all further pictorials will be the same.

    Diet will stay the same throughout , basically excessively clean whole foods , with intermittent days of shakes only usually 2-3 days out of 7. Whole food intake is mainly Tuna , Salmon , whole grains and fruit and vegetables. Main protein supplement at this time is Cherry GF Pro. Other supps are whatever I can find on clearance bin at GNC , such as " Powerload" , a creatine - Amino type product often found DIRT cheap.

    Workouts are mainly functional strength type "course" workouts , with occasional weight training days , although I am currentlt struggling with a tweaked shoulder which is severly limiting me. I will begin grappling training again soon 1-2 days a week.

    What I mainly hope to achieve from the cycle is strength , injury improvement , body composition maintenance , and overall health improvement. Yesterday I did 20 wide grip chins with strict form at 193 lbs BW. Improvement on this exercise will be my main measurable event , with subjective assesments on my output over the courses to measure improved VO2 max from the Cordygen 5.

    Updates will be weekly , sometimes more often.

  2. photos below i hope

  3. update

    This morning i found a bottle of FUZE I had purchased from NP on sale before I shipped out so I began that today at recommended dose. Bottle will last 1 month and should go nicely with my current stack , sort of jump starting the YTE which takes a good 2-3 weeks to really kick in.

  4. Today I can report that I may already be experiencing increased cardio output from the Cordygen 5 , as my tire flipping yesterday was much improved from the same workout done 3 days prior, perhaps the Cordygen kicks in fast.

    I also started on the shrooms yesterday since I started the FUZE , I may run some nettle root or some LongJax alongside the FUZE.

  5. Yesterday was my first class back at BJJ since returning from Iraq and I felt like my mat lungs were pretty decent for having not rolled for a while. Forearm pumps were huge and almost problematic , day prior chin ups were increased by 2 to 22 clean reps, bodyweight holding steady , injury seems to be doing better , could be due to training around the shoulder but I was doing that in Iraq with no improvement , I really think the YTE helps boost GH and is healing me up, second pictorial will be done upon completion of first bottle of YTE ( I have 5).

    Also have been considering adding in Fenotset and anagen or Fenotest and Pro Anabol along with the FUZE , would appreciate some feedback if anyone has used a Fenotest / FUZE / Anagen stack of any kind , what sort of results.

    Skipped the shrooms yesterday due to having ran out and then never got a chance to buy some more , but started on them again today. I have taken White Button Mushroom extract based AI's but never felt them as much as the whole raw shrooms , which eaten at a minimum of 4 oz per day , ideally 8 oz , really give a pronounced effect.

  6. Nice, man. Looking ripped and strong. I still need to try that youth tissue extract.

  7. Thanks for the kind words Poison, I definitely recommend the YTE , but with the disclaimer that it is a long term investment, as the supp needs to be run at minimum 12 weeks, but you will feel it , slowly and gradually.

    Today is 12 days in for me , last workout was Saturday in which I repped out on pullups and dips along with some weight carrying type stuff. Tonight will be tire flipping again.

    I can say for sure that pumps on Saturday were top notch and I stayed full for hours post workout , not sure whether this is the Cordygen kicking in or the YTE or even the shrooms , but I guess it's probably the synergy of the combo and the affects are right on time, just at or near that 2 week mark, the next 10 weeks should be very beneficial.

    Shoulder continues to heal , I am down a few pounds and body fat is down as well - I know when I am getting real low, cause I start seeing veins in thighs , calves and torso which only pop when I am really low. Morning weighin was 190.

    I began today to eat celery and have decided to include a portion each day along with my shroom intake, the natural androgens in the celery should give a small boost to the program.

  8. I started eating white button mushrooms from reading some of your posts about them. I started with good intentions but then stopped as they took up too much room in the fridge.

    I am going to get a weeks worth, throw them in the food processor and stick them in a container. I am interested in how this 12 week log plays out for you. Not your typical supp. stack. I'm in. Looking great btw.

  9. Mach , I am not sure if blending the shrooms would somehow degrade the AI via oxidation , I think it is best to just buy them every few days and eat them as you buy. JMHO.

    Tonight will be tire flipping again , last night was some heavy rolling at the end of BJJ class , again with incredible forearm pumps , mat lungs were good , not great , but good.

    Definitely beginning to feel the shrooms kicking in as I am getting edgy and short fused , this happens to me everytime and the timing is just about dead on. Strength gains should start up now as well. One more solid week on the shrooms and then I am going to take about 5 days off ,then run 3 more weeks on. I may wait though as long as gains keep coming and cycle off once i notice plateau.

  10. Much as I expected . the results are starting to show. Tonight's workout far exceeded what I have been doing with the tires. Just phenomenal how much stronger I felt with the biggest tire which has been a struggle for me to get even 3 to 4 reps with , tonight I blasted it for 2 sets of 6 to 7 , with authority. This program is dialed in and now that it is starting to exert it's effects I am getting excited to see where it takes me.

    I have stayed consistent with the shroom intake , except for the one missed day , and since I added the celery in I have stayed strong with it , even though I basically dont like it.

    Almost through the first bottle of YTE and Cordygen 5 , still running the FUZE , basically just to use it up , as I really dont feel it is adding much.

  11. Ok, I'll just buy a little at a time and continue to read up on them. Thanks.

  12. today i can report great results up to this point , vascularity is quite improved , the shrooms and stuff are working , yesterdays workout was chest and tri work on the total gym , shoulder problem is healing quite nice and total gym is allowing me to begin using movements again which i haven't been able to do. pumps were huge intensity was beyond amazing. tonight will be tire flipping , hopefully i can recreate last tire flip in results and intensity.

    i will cycle off the mushrooms soon as i have decided to enter a strongman competition on july 21st and want the shrooms at full effectiveness , which is about the period between 3 and 4 weeks so i will stop tomorrow for 7 days and begin again on the 28th of june.

    i also may start the RPM stim free on july 1 and run it heavy up until the 21st, if so i am going to cycle the stim free with the stim version , alternating in two day cycles , with heavy use through the 3 weeks up to the event. if i do this I may start it as a new log.

    today will be last day of first bottle of yte so i will attempt another pictorial.

    all in all i am thrilled with my stack so far.

  13. Updating lately has been difficult due to my returning back to my civilian job full time , pictures should be added within a day or so. Just finished up my week off the shrooms and began eating them again last night. Did BJJ last night and pumps were huge. Last "workout" was shoulders and biceps that I trained with a buddy and felt strong. Prior to that I did a chest and tri workout on the total gym and set new PR for dips with 200 in 4 sets 70 - 50 -40 -40 chest pumps were huge.

    weight is at 190 , vascularity diminished a bit off the shrooms but should come back strong over next 3 weeks. Shoulder injury is healing up nice.

    I wont be able to do the strong man comp due to National Guard weekend obligations. Have not yet recieved stim free RPM samples. If they dont come soon I will assume they are not coming and will forego their addition to the program.

    Will measure pullup reps again soon , to see where strength is at.

  14. Absolutely intriguing log Emilio. I don't say alot about others physiques, but you have exactly the type of look that I prefer and would love to carve my body in to. Keep up the oustanding work and keep us updated. I am very interested in the Cordygen5, because around the Aug-Sep time frame I will be starting a few of the MST products.

  15. Emilio,

    I looked up the Youth Tissue Extract and found it came from fresh fertile eggs. I get 3-5 dozen of these from alocal farmer every Saturday morning...for $1 per dozen. I wander if these will have the same benefits as the YTE? I remember reading Vince Gironda and he recommended fresh fertile eggs only, maybe he was on to something all those years ago?

  16. I believe the Norwegian Dr. who created the product said that indeed FERTILE eggs would contain the constituents , just that his product is harvested for maximum concentrations time wise in the development of the embryo, just prior to actual embryonic development.

    I too have considered just going to my local Amish farmer , who sells eggs which I know to be fertile ; that way I get the protein and other food nutrients along with the YTE compounds.

    thank you for the kind words also

  17. [img=http://img504.imageshack.us/img504/8002/1001655dk7.th.jpg] iii

    Tonights pictorial was taken during my tire workout and shows flipping , throwing , pulling , and wall twisting/banging. The workout was intense and reps with the big tire were spot on.

    I did receive some stim free RPM in the mail and will now order regular and begin to add that to my stack on a 3 days 2 days rotation as that works best with my work schedule. I will use 4 per day.

  18. last workout was done at work with some rebar and some concrete blocks from a construction site near where i was parked , did shoulder and bi work , workout prior was chest and tri's on total gym with leg work done using lunges while holding concrete block overhead. both were great workouts.

    i feel that at this point i am visibly fuller than what i was in my opening pictorial and i know weight is up a few pounds , still have yet to test out pullup max though i have done a few pullup workouts in past 7 days with good numbers.

    picked up some Leukix , kemistry labs knockoff of leukic for half price at VS and started taking them at bottle dose , hope to help with recovery , also have been eating lots of Anabolic Oatmeal , wherein i mix oatmeal with no sugar added apple sauce , my probolic SR protein i got half off (19.99) and lots of cinammon. tonight i will work the tires again.
    Thoughts to this point
    1. Most obvious benefit = Shoulder injury healing.
    2. Program is slowly delivering performance gains.
    3. Vascularity is much improved.

  19. just finished up a tire workout. 2 sets of 10 reps with the big tire tonight representing a PR for me. each set was also done with power and authority , which sometimes lacks when working the big tire. very pleased so far. also i have noticed that my knees which i had believed to be shot beyond repair are also feeling so much better , I believe due to GH release from the YTE or overall tissue repairing anabolism.

    I came across another interesting supp today I may run in the future CGF - Chlorella Growth Factor , touted as exceedingly helpful in tissue repair processes. Exploring further.

  20. highly impressed.

  21. been a bit since i updated the log. I am now on the third bottle of YTE and am so far pleased. I have since the last update done something three times , which I had once believed I would never do again - run for a workout!

    I have struggled for over a year with my knees and was physically unable to really run. My knees, as mentioned earlier seemed to be healing right along with my shoulder ( which is now virtually healed) so I gave running a shot , and started off with an easy mile , pushing the last 1/4 mile. Next day knees were no worse off.

    I have ,since that first attempt, ran twice more , including todays workout , in which I rode the bike 5 miles to the beach , swam , soft sand beach run , ride back the 5 miles , all in triathlon type format.

    I am so happy that I have decided to begin training for an adventure race in Sept.. This will surely change the focus of my workouts but I plan to continue to train the pullup days which I have been doing on an elaborate jungle gym , as well as BJJ and the tire flipping , I will also try for at least one weightlifting type day per week, probably with blocks and stuff at work.

    Once the 3rd bottle of YTE is gone I will post a new pictorial , that will be 2 1/2 of YTE and 2 btls. of Cordygen 5. It will be at that point I will begin adding in the RPM and sfRPM.

  22. Emiliozapata here updating, Yesterday was a beach workout which consisted of soft sand running with swim intervals and pushups and situps on the waters edge, all told i was in motion non stop for about 1 hour , upper body was pumped from the sprint swim intervals and push ups and i felt like i could run all day. THUMBS UP to Cordygen 5.

    I have entered a whole foods phase , so diet has been exemplary, using very little protein supplementation right now, just tons of whole grain brown rice with fresh veggies (thank you TMT). I have been mixing my food with lots of "Poor man's Yellow Gold" , a mixture of spices I created using Curry , Turmeric and Mustard. I feel this will be beneficial for the endurance phase of training I have entered.

    Will do pullups today , and had a massive shoulder and bi workout with weights on monday, weight this morning was 194. Knees and shoulder doing well.

  23. yesterdays pullup workout started off with a set for 26 almost had a 27th , so i count this as a performance improvement , especially since i was quite worn out going into the workout.

    tonight was a total gym chest and tricep day and performance was strong , good pumps and numbers. If shoulder continues tolerating pressing movements I may lift bench press just to see where i am at strength wise compared to the past.

    To update current regimen

    - YTE
    - Leukix
    - Cordygen 5
    - Ashwaganda
    that is the stack at this point , I have taken a break from the shrooms to reset and get ready for a strong push at the midway point.

  24. This is a very good log. You are a dinosaur style trainer in the truest sense, though I don't know if you are familiar with Brooks Kubik or not. You look fantastic my friend.


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