The Complete EVO Bad Ass Mass Stack!!!

  1. Wink The Complete EVO Bad Ass Mass Stack!!!

    Finally the last piece of the EVO Stack has been released, so I feel its high time to start it! ALRI's products have never failed me in the past and I don't anticipate they will anytime soon. They are one of the few Supplement companies that I truely trust.

    This Log will be complete with a blood panel for those who are interested. Our resident Doctor Dr. John will get with me on the results of the baseline blood panel in a few weeks.

    My diet and routine was created by none other than the best THE HEAD CLOWN IN CHARGE BOBO. I've had nothing less than phenomenal results with his services in the past and I continue to look forward to ongoing success with him in the future.

    The program I'm using is TUT (Time Under Tension). I'm also coming back from an injury, a partial tear of my rotator cuff. So if my weights look light its because I'm taking slow, literally.

    Now that I have in my opinion the Dream Team in my corner (BOBO, Dr. John, and ALRI) its time to get to work!

    Starting stats:

    approx BF 26% .... not sure really


    Cals will be between 2800-3300 ed depending on which day it is. Here is a rundown of an average day.

    -Calories 3005
    -Fat 67g
    -Carb 300g
    -Protein 303g

    DB press 75lbs-8
    Decline DB Press 75lbs-8

    BB lat pull down 160lbs-10
    Seated cable rows 180lbs-10
    Close grip lat pulldown 160lbs-8

    arnold press 55lbs-10
    skull crusher 115lbs-10

    Squats 330lbs-12
    leg curls 90lbs-10
    lunges 90lbs-10
    leg press 410lbs-8

    I don't want to give up too much concering the routine considering it was paid for.

    Proposed Cycle:

    Evolution Bad Ass Mass Stack

    1-4 Jungle Warfare (4-5x ED)
    3-6 BAD ASS MASS (3x ED)
    5-8 Pro Anabol (3x ED)
    7-10 Restore (3x ED)

    This more than what is typically recommended, but then again I'm a bit heavier than most so i feel this dosage is adequate considering my weight and experience with supplements.

    post cycle therapy:
    Not Necessary

    Other supps/ancilleries:

    Fish Oil
    multi Vitamin
    Anabolic Pump (occasionally to get to ketosis quicker)


    To continue to add muscle while losing fat. Not an easy task by any means but certainly achievable with the experts I have in my corner!

  2. I've already started this stack and today is actually Day 5. I was hoping to start this log with a blood panel in hand already but I don't have the patience.

    So far, so good these past 5 days I've seen a huge increase in libido, my girlfriend can attest to that Energy has been good in gym as well as strength. Right now I'm dosing 3 to 4 caps a day for the first week. Next week I would like to take 4 to 5 a day consistently.

  3. Just came back from the gym and all of my lifts are up already. I went up a mininum of 5lbs on each lift. Libido is still up and the sense of well being is great!

  4. Day 6

    Things are going great! Strength is up, libido is above the norm at this point I really can't complain. JW hasn't dissapointed yet.

  5. The strength just keeps on coming. My libido is still up, my girlfriend certainly isn't complaining The only downside thus far is the recent acne that I've had. Other than that I really can't complain.

  6. For those who are following along I'm almost finished with two weeks of taking JW and all I have to say are positive things.

    No sign of gyno, libido is still up and strength is steady. I'll start BAM Wednesday and I'll continue to dose JW at 4-5 caps a day. I can't wait because I know the fun is about to start any day now!!!

  7. Ok now I'm on to my second week of BAM and last week of JW. All that I can say is strength is amazing! Lidido is still way up and I don't see an end in sight.

    All of my lifts in the gym have gone up a minimum of 10lbs! I can't wait until I get to start Pro-Anabol!!!!:bb2:

  8. I should have my baseline blood panel shortly. In the meantime I've been plugging away with the program outlined above. I just finished up the JW portion of the cycle and I'll be honest I'm pretty bummed out about it. I'd like to continue with it the rest of the cycle but I'm going to follow ALRI Bad Ass Mass Cycle to the letter.

    Since starting Bad Ass Mass I've definately noticed a hardening effect. I feel as though I'm pumped all the time. I start Pro-Anabol tomorrow!!!

  9. I'm just finishing up my first week of Pro-Anabol and I'm loving it! At the start of this cycle my flat Db presses were 65lbs now I'm pressing 90lbs! The Bad Ass Mass is extremely synergistic with PA.

    I've also lost BF while gaining muscle. LET THE PARTY KEEP ON GOING!!!!!

  10. Quote Originally Posted by gten79 View Post
    I don't want to give up too much concering the routine considering it was paid for.
    Let me guess: your TUT is around 30-60 seconds per set?

  11. base line blood results

    The stack is still going great. This is long overdue hopefully I'll more soon!
    Attached Images Attached Images     

  12. thanks Gten. Looks like your liver values were outta whack to start with huh when is the final labs coming ?

  13. yeah they are. I should have my final blood results in about 4 to 5 weeks! I'm still going strong with the stack.
  14. Wink

    I finally have all my final labs for my blood tests, and I must say I was pleasantly surprised. Not only did I gain 5lbs while on cycle I also lost bodyfat. I can't really say I'm surprised since all of AlRI's products have always served me well.
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  15. is 17 too young to start this stack? also would 6-oxo work in place of restore
  16. Wink

    Quote Originally Posted by panther77 View Post
    is 17 too young to start this stack? also would 6-oxo work in place of restore
    Yes, as harmless as they seem these are still androgens. At 17 just worry about your diet. Get that right and everything else will follow.

    All you need at 17 is a good multi vitamin, Fish Oil, and a protein shake here and there. If you have the extra money creatine and aminos are helpful but after that your really just wasting your money. And if your going to waste your money waste it on good food.

  17. i already have it so im gonna go through with it and take it but thanks for the advice

  18. so how much did you gain size and weight with the evo

  19. I'm gonna do this stack as well can't wait to start my log


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