hot girls and an evo stack log

  1. hot girls and an evo stack log

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    Cause i know you guys like hot girls i figured every update would include one for ya

    after a year of cutting dropping over 9.5 inchs off my waist its time to gain again but as lean as possible with the help of alri and the evo stack
    the evo stack will inculde all four products this during the next 10 weeks

    my training program will be the westside for skinny bastards program

    with at leats 2 of my off days doing muy thai of jujitsu at the mma academy i go to

    my diet will have sort of a calorie cycling method to it
    on days where i train and go to mma - i will eat the most
    on lifting only days it will be 3500 cals
    and on non lifting days it will be no carbs close to maintance at 2500 cals
    i know for alot of other people tryin to gain as lean as possible this has work very well

    - i have to go train a client but tonight i will put on pics and stats
    this post i made a week ago over at
    as i have been runnin my pre-stack week there
    i am going to bring over the important stuff
    and girls

    ahh i cant bring over girls untill i have made 20 posts

  2. the facts
    height 5'8''
    weight 165
    arms 14.5
    waist 30.8 (record low for me )
    thigh 23.75

    pr lifts
    bench 205x3
    dead 340x3
    squat 260x3

    since i started cutting these lifts have went down quiet a bit
    i have tired to do them again since but we will see during the next 8 weeks if i can get to them again
    doing wsb i should hope so

    evo stack
    purple wraath
    eat smart
    various whey , fish oil and multi

    i am yet to recieve the evo stack but i started the log becuase bulking starts to day
    during the next 8 weeks (or untill alri cuts the supply off hahah) i would like to accompish.
    - getting my weights back to my pr numbers
    - gaining as much lean mass as possible with out passing the 32inch mark for my waist
    if i do hit 32 i will scale my cals back , but at 1.2 inchs i have some room to play

    day one of bulking
    wsb - lower
    rack pulls - work up to a 5rm - 355
    bb step ups - 4x10x85
    pull throughs 4x8x115
    grip work - bb holds 3 sets 15 sec @ 225

    one thing i like about wsb is it gets me doing exercises i would normally not do , pretty much everything here is something i wouldnt do becuase i would do a diff variation of it
    i feel that consistanltly doing the same lifts is holding me back so i am going to make a effort to stick to major compounds but diff variations
    as seen in this work out

    mma - 5 rounds of 3 mins bag work
    i was late to jujitsu today so i just did that

    like i said i would be eating alot on days i did both , today i ate a ton , unfortanly not as clean as i should but it was my first day off strict dieting so eff it


  3. day 1 with evo !
    lifting off day
    first day with the stack (10 week mass cycle featured on the arli website )
    week 1 is only jw 3 times a day
    i just took my first pill

    thats pretty much it
    for today

    yesterday i did 2 hours of bjj and lower body so i am on a much needed rest day

  4. finished day 1
    just wanted to give an update
    no noticed effects for jw on day one
    tomorrow will be my first lifting day on it

  5. Negged on for lack of hot girls.

    j/k, I'm VERY interested in this stack, I'll be following along.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by SFriday View Post
    Negged on for lack of hot girls.

    j/k, I'm VERY interested in this stack, I'll be following along.
    as soon as i make my 20th post i will put all the pix up

    or check em out at

    day 2
    work out
    upper body rep day (i want to switch this to speed day if i can find the original wsb work out)
    either way
    i did my work out and in the morning in half an hour between clients
    i really dont rememebr weights
    but i do know my pumps were far beyond what is normal for me
    so thats the first effect i have noticed so far

  7. ha i just caught that your sig says pro anabol with video log
    ha awesome !!

    off day nothing major to report
    lots of eating
    i think jw might give me slight larthgy shortly after taking the pill
    not sure yet
    also def got a headache from lack of fuild

    day 5
    another day from hell !
    3 hours of working out !!

    11 am lifting session post clients all morning

    upper me day
    incline bench worked up to 165 for 3
    which is up a rep from last time ! woo

    db bench
    70x4x6 ....f ya !

    bb row worked up to 165 for sets of 4x10
    failed at 165 though

    face pull 90x2x12

    great lifts today
    def noticed a strong pump
    much more then normal !

    bjj basics - leanred to get out of side control and diff things to do when in guard ,
    bjj circuit training - as explained before this is pretty much a taking turns being in diff postions , full effort rolling

    something cool about today i was rolling against a guy who got a medal in the pan ams ,his much larger then me , at one point i just using brute froce while on me knees throw him backwards on his back
    his comment was "holy **** you must lift weights "
    ha i got a kick out of that

  8. day 7
    measurement update -
    waist 32
    arms 14.5
    weight 167.5

    so not so good but i feel i look great in the mirror
    so i am not sure whats up

    in the gym

    deads worked up to 325 x2
    wanted 3 but it wasnt gonna happen
    maybe next week

    bb lunge 85x4x10
    real happy with that

    pull through 120x3x8
    felt light

    db holds 80's for 3 sets of time
    i think i am going to do framer walks next time
    i noticed the walkin portion was the hardest

    mma -
    just did circuit training
    omg , i felt wrecked after
    i went home and iced and took alieve which i never
    i am so gald i dont have to work out on day 8

  9. rep day upper , lower volume then normal
    bench 95x20 135x13 , 185x1
    skull crushers db 25x1x10
    wg pull ups bw x8x2
    side laterals 20x2x10
    hammer curls 35x2xcant rememebr
    esstainlly i was still so sore from bjj that today was kinda a lost i just figured i would go in and have a easy recovery style work out

    days 10 and 11
    off days
    yesterday (8 ) i worked 15 hours straight bartending because i am such a spender my training pay doesnt support my lifestyle so i muct still get people drunk on the weekends
    either way , ate pretty well
    prolly not enough , but not bad for non exercise day , kept carbs on the lower end , as i should be doing

    off day again , this is really needed , as of monday i will be doing additional volume for the week sincei had decreased volume last week
    kinda a planned overeaching

  10. day 12 yall

    lifting and mma

    mma -
    bjj - i shouldnt of went , i am sore all over , i think last week going to 4 classes in 3 days was a bad idea i am going to take it light with bjj and muy thai this week

    lifting upper body ME 110% volume day
    in an attempt to pl;anned overreach i added 1 set to every exercise
    and upped my ME lift to a single then a triple

    incline bench worked up to
    175x1 , 165x2

    db press
    75lbs x sets of 6/5/4/4 drop weight to 65 x1x6

    bb rows
    155x5x10 (last two sets only hit 8)

    face pulls

    i also added mobility work on my days off
    tryin to get my hips from being so tight
    so i am doing
    inch worms
    hip circles
    bw one leg sldl
    plus whatever i can think of at the time
    and foam rolling

    i think my diet is starting to come into where it should be switching from cutting to bulkin is always a hard transition for me , as i feel like its time for a party in my mouth (err i mean , eat whatever i want )

    so it looks like this thus far

    m1 3 eggs , 3 oz of ham , handful of cheese
    m2 2 sccops of whey w/ milk
    m3 steak , cheese , salsa , low carb wrap
    m4 work out shake
    m5 dinner with the misses so that varies alot mostly chicken veggies and so form of carb , ie last night we made burrtios
    m6 2 scoops of whey w/milk

    also during the day i prollyhave about 400 cals from nuts
    which is about 2-3 handfulls of mixed nuts

  11. day 15
    just muy thai
    kinda a rough class
    did leg kicks and slips , got caught a few times pretty hard

    first day on jw and bam

    9am jw and bam
    4 pm jw
    10pm jw bam

    hopefully its all good from here

  12. day 16
    work out
    upper rep day w/ added work
    dips bwx3x15
    chins bwx8/5/5
    bradford press 65x10/6/6
    bb curls 65x3x10
    speed bench 105 (50%1rm) 3x3
    speed cable row 80(50%1rm ) 3x3
    those last two were super sets added on top of the normal work

    day 17 and 18
    off days
    well today is day 18 i am going to do some sled dragging and rolling i will write back later with results

  13. day 26
    had a couple off days
    back to the gym to kick some azz!

    upper me !!!
    bb rows rm 3
    worked up to 205x2 _ thats amazing for me

    chins 3 xbwx8
    pulled sternum to bar

    db incline 65x4x6


    rear delt machine [email protected] 70

    strength is really improving
    my 1st grappling tourney is july 21st
    advertising for sale on my shorts

    sorry people at am i always forget to post over here since i am such a bb.comer i guess

  14. 30 DAY REVIEW
    its not even my mid - way point but this is a important point to give an idea of whats really going on
    so far i have used a whole bottle of jw and half a bottle of bam
    as of yestersday i started takeing pro anabol and bam together twice a day
    but for the 30 days piroir i did 2 weeks of jw x3 and 2 weeks of jwx3 + bam x2

    starting weight 165
    current weight (edit in post work out)
    arms 14.5 starting 14.6 now (+.1)
    waist 30.8 now 32 (1.2)

    front squat 185x3
    bb row 205x3

    talk about postives -
    towards the end of week 3 i really felt my strength shooting up things that were hard the week before seem really easy right now
    my diet has been a ton of cheating so i cant blame anyone but me for gaining 1.2 inchs on my waist but also i was coming off a very low carb diet so i think that prolly plays a part in it all

    minor acne
    LARTHERGY - this one hit me big time , i feel like melting away into my couch to watch tv forever while on jw
    i will say well on bam the sides seemed less noticeable

    overall - the bam +jw stack goes for about 50 bucks online, which is price of some NO products , so considering that , i think its a good deal
    minor sides and i def noticed solid strength increase
    i think if i would doing this unspoonsered i would do 2 jw and 1 bam bottle
    cause it seems like jw takes about 3 weeks to really kick in

    important info about me - my first grappling tourney is july 21st

  15. day 32
    upper me day !!!
    bb rows worked up to 215 x3 !!! major pr
    wg pull ups bwx8/6/5
    incline 70x4x6 yess another huge lift for me
    shrugs (i never do these ) worked up to 185x10
    ya i suck at shrugs but i am going to start doing them weekly instead of avoiding them like the plague

    major strength increases
    i am stoked

    day 33
    weight 168.5
    endurance day
    quater mile sprint
    21 kettle ball swings 20kg
    plank for time
    repeat for 3 sets

    sled drag 3 plates forward , backkward and sides 10 steps each way

    bam !!!
    i feel great !

  16. day 34 off
    weight 171 this morning

    i want to hit 174 by the 21st
    this prolly sounds retarded but my grappling tourny is 175 and under so i figure the closer i am the better

    since coming off jw , larthergy is gone and i feel no sides
    strength is still steadly raising

  17. day 39
    the past few days i have just done endurance work
    with the expection of day 36 when i did lower me

    which i hit a major pr 190x3 for front squat
    just 2 months ago that was my front squat max
    i am stoked !!!!

    my upper me work out today
    reverse grip row worked up to 205x3
    chins ups wearing a 40lbs vest 3 sets of 3
    i was pretty happen with that since am up to 172 (+7lbs since starting)
    so 40+172= 212 for 3
    ya thats good by me

    bb mil press 85x6, 90x6 , 100x5 105 x4

    end of work out
    low volume today
    post work out i did live rolling with blue belts and dudes like 70lbs bigger then me
    it was a rough night

    its gonna be tap out girls for the next weeks till my tourny
    i am stoked to compete


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