D Bol, Tren 75, Decca 200 Stack?

  1. D Bol, Tren 75, Decca 200 Stack?

    Do these stack well? 25mg D Bol everyday, Decca 400 mg a week, tren 75 mg every other day for 4 weeks. Is this a good stack ? Please leave feedback and other ideas for a mass gainer..

  2. No, that's a horrible stack.

    Don't do Deca and Tren together they are both nandrolone derivitives. Get some test in there and then pick either deca or tren to take with it. Also, you need to run it longer than 4 weeks. And as for D-bol, you probably need a higher dose.

    How's this, I'm assuming this is your first cycle, so I would say get some Test Enan and run it 500 to 600mg a week. And maybe, (I stress "maybe") jump start it with dbol for the first 4 weeks.

    Until then, you need to do alot more research.

  3. I think this is posted in the wrong forum.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by WittyName View Post
    I think this is posted in the wrong forum.
    Yes it is and there are alot of other reviews in this section that shouldn't be here either. Im suprised more people haven't said something.

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