Have the lemon lime or whatever its called for the NO Explode, and the Orange flavor of Gaspari.

I use 1 scoop before workout for whichever product I'm using (I only use one at a time)

With either, I do 1 scoop of the Gaspari Size On (Creatine) during my workout.

NO Explode works well, but sometimes it makes me feel overly stimulated in a bad way. Gives me good motivation and energy in the gym, but sometimes the caffeine is a bit much. However, it tastes good enough and does its job, and it mixes smoothly. Sometimes can be a bit rough on the stomach.

Gaspari orange tastes like an orange creamsicle, so if you like that flavor, great, but to me it tastes crappy because i dont like orange creamsicles. It does not mix as well with a spoon as NO Explode. However, I find I get more of a "Pump" than a set of the caffeine jitters, which is good - I also have plenty of energy to workout without feeling overly stimulated. By the time I am done working out I feel "Normal" as opposed to like I drank a bunch of cups of coffee in a row.

If you are not caffeine sensitive, both are great. If you are caffeine sensitive, like me however, I recommend the Gaspari.

I also really enjoy the Gaspari Size On, having used various types of creatine supplements before. Having worked out on and off of creatine, I definitely believe that Size On is helping me put on mass. I'm 6'2 and 198, about 15% bodyfat (roughly, havent measured in awhile, that was what it was last time I had it caliper tested).