Skircus7; Stimulant-X 2.0 Review---->

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    Thumbs up Skircus7; Stimulant-X 2.0 Review---->

    I took both caps in my sample pack (20 minutes) before I went to the gym this morning.......

    ENERGY (10/10) I had A LOT of energy during cardio and weights this morning.....TONS more energy than normal! I almos tfelt like I had more endurance and/or was able to take deeper breaths...but who knows if that was related to SX 2.0 or not....

    FOCUS (9/10) This is right up there with Dialene-4 in the focus department......I was very surprised at how focused I was during my workout this morning, because I took this sample instead of my normal Primal N2O. My mind did not waver during the entire session.

    I was actually so impressed with how this made me feel, that I ordered a bottle this afternoon! I NEVER do that either........I know this was only my first dose, so the effects may lesson over time, but I had to buy a bottle.

    Great job in the re-formulation AX

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    thanks for the review!

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