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  1. Redhawk's Random Reviews

    In this thread I will post as many of my old reviews that I can find, mostly from other boards. Enjoy

  2. MAN Body Octane

    For those of you that haven't followed my log:

    Final Review MAN Body Octane

    I decided to pick up a bottle of MAN BO after reading a couple logs/reviews over it. I deemed it as a luxury, and only got it because I had store credit. From what I had read, I expected good things, but I was certainly surprised at how effective this proved to be.

    TASTE 9/10
    Taste isn't something that is too important to me when it comes to supplements, but this citrus lemon type flavor was great. I went by the reccomended amount of water, and it worked out great.

    MIXABILITY 8.5/10
    I always through it into a water bottle and mixed it up. It mixed very well, but seemed to leave some residue on the sides of the bottle. Not a huge deal, but you could tell it didn't mix perfectly.

    Now, for the reason I purchased the product

    ENDURANCE 10/10
    This absolutely blew me away. During my previous cutting diets, I usually relied on coffee to get me motivated to hit the gym hard, and I would crash after 45 minutes or so. I was struggling to do cardio after my lifting, which affected my cutting. Also, when I needed to do two body parts in one day, I was struggling to keep a high intensity on the second part I worked. While on Body Octane, I was able to maintain very high levels of intensity, without the caffeine. I am extremely impressed with the ease at which cardio began to be for me.

    STRENGTH 9/10
    I wasn't expecting much in the strength department at all, considering I was cutting. During the first part of my log with BO, I maintained and even increased strength in some exercises. A lot of that will be credited to Xtend, however, when BO was finished and Xtend continued, the strength increase was slowed quite a bit. This proves how effective the BO was.

    PUMPS 8/10
    I had no intentions of using this product to gain a pump, but since it says it on the label I feel it is worth mentioning. I definately had above average pumps throughout the BO use. I don't feel it to be that important, but if it is important to you, this does not disapoint.

    Some days I felt very high levels of focus while at the gym. However, there were days when I was stressed that I didn't have the focus I needed. Hard to make a true judgement, but it seemed my focus mostly depended on my mood for the day, or other things in my life.

    OVERALL 9.5/10

    This product is truly ground breaking when it comes to endurance. I would recommend it to anyone who has been slacking in the gym lately. It is somewhat pricey, but more than worth it. I personally will be buying it again, but not consistently. The only reason for this is my limited budget and I wouldn't consider this product ESSENTIAL, however on my next cut it will certainly be present.

    Thanks MAN for a great product!

  3. Designer Supplements Melting Point

    Final Review of Designer Supplement's Melting Point

    FAT LOSS 9/10
    Coming into this log I had been at a serious plateau in terms of fat loss. I maintained my diet and exercise, and busted through to new levels of weight loss. I was very happy with this product, however it took quite a long time to kick in. I know part of that would be water retention, but toward the end of the bottle my body temp was through the roof and I was sweating like crazy. I lost 3 lbs. in one week, and maintained my strength. Obviously some of that was water weight, however it really picked up over time. I wish I had about another half bottle to test the effects of a more prolonged usage. Honestly though, almost 8 lbs. lost after about 3-4 weeks of no weight loss, so definately effective supp.

    When upping the dosage, it is very important to be careful. Occasionally I got the cramps, and it was only when I upped the dosage. I was sure to always drink enough water, but sometimes it didn't matter. The cramps sucked, but it all comes down to the user, and how many pills you decide to take. I got absolutely zero signs of lethargy or headaches whatsoever. If you can avoid upping the dosage too fast, than the sides are really of little concern.

    OVERALL 9/10

    Like already mentioned, this product definately helped me break through my plateau, which is what I believe a fat burner should do. Once the diet and exercise is not enough, supplements can help. Another reason for the high rating is the affordability. For 180 caps it was only about 35 dollars. Can't complain there. I would be interested in using this product in a bulk, and seeing how it does at helping keep off fat gains. I am very pleased, and look forward to the new line from DS in the future.
  4. Wink RPN Gut Health


    WARNING: This thread should only be read by those who understand that gas and "regularity" will be discussed. If you are grossed out and not interested, click the back button in your browser. If you are interested, well then, by all means continue reading.

    Let me start by a little info. I have had some minor digestion issues for quite some time. Nothing major, just a lack of regularity and bloating issues after large bodybuilding like meals. Very recently, since I began eating more than usual, my gas got REALLY bad. I would be letting them go all day long, and they were about as smelly as one could possibly imagine. I got away with it often, because they were always silent.

    It has been fun to listen to people complain when walking down the hall, not knowing it was my doing. At first it was funny, but it really got out of hand. It just was so constant. I read some good things about probiotics, and GH in general. I picked up a bottle, and was pretty satisfied. The graph below will show you my experience.

    As you can see from the graph, I had some success. The yellow line represents a normal day before Gut Health. It took a while to kick in, but eventually it did wonders. I found I needed 2 caps for the full benefits, however. The one bleep on the graph was after I attempted to go back to 1/day.

    Note: These numbers are not exact, I did not record anything, just a good representation of my time on this supp.

    Conclusion: Although I am disappointed that I require 2 caps for the full benefits, I will still be using this very often. The ONLY reason I have not re-ordered yet is b/c is not carrying it yet (would have ordered more from NP, but I have credit here, and am low on cash). I will not say this will be a "staple" forever for me, but I will be buying at least 2 more bottles.

    It also is more important to me than exotic supps. This will become a basic, and certainly a staple if I determine I can get benefits from 1/day. Even at 2/day, I should be buying many bottles. I should also note that most days on 1/day was still significantly better than without GH at all.

    I recommend giving this product a chance. At its price, I see no reason trying it for yourself at least once. Unfortunately, I will need to spend twice as much per month, but as stated, this is very important to me.

    Also, only very recently, perhaps the last 4-5 days, my regularity has increased dramatically. If this remains the same throughout more bottles, I see no reason why I wouldn't buy this year round.
  5. CL White Flood

    Controlled Labs White Flood Final Review

    First I would like to thank Controlled Labs for running the contest that enabled me to try this out. I ran a 30 day log.

    My expectations for the log were to judge this product as a performance enhancing pre-workout product. My evaluation will deal primarily with the effects I felt in the gym, and not too much with gains or body comp. Also I must mention that this is after only 4 weeks of use, so I can fully analyze the effects of this product as an energizer/pre-wo supplement, but not as much for effects on body composition.

    In case you were wondering, here are a list of NO products and/or pre-wo supplements I have used in the past:
    MAN Body Octane
    BSN NO Xplode
    Universal Shock Therapy
    VPX NO Shotgun
    Higher Power AAKG
    MRI NO2
    NxLabs Vaso XP
    Sampled a few others I can't think of ATM
    Cup of Archer Farms Coffee

    On to the product at hand. I will rate it based on the categories I evaluated it on throughout my log.

    Focus: 9/10 This is one of the more noticable effects I noticed when using Whited Flood. As soon as I would be about half way done with my serving, I was very alert and dialed in. My walks to the gym were very intense, and quicker than usual. I had more of a mental drive to get ther than usual.

    Once in the gym my focus was generally very solid. There were a couple days where a lot was going on with school, and around me at the gym, and I was totally dialed in. A very few workouts I was bothered by certain things, but I never day dreamed or lost focus completely like I have before using WF.

    Energy (Immediate): 7/10 For me the energy never hit me right away, or very noticably. The good thing I can say about energy is that I never crashed from this, and the energy I did get was very smooth and not jittery. However, I would have liked more of a kick from the get go, which I did not receive. Overall this isn't a huge deal to me as the other aspects made up for it, but I would've preferred a stronger initial burst.

    Pumps: 8.5/10 The pumps varied greatly while on this product. When I performed arms it was the sickest pump I have ever gotten hands down. I definately noticed more back and quad pumps than ever before as well. There were days, however, where everything was constant and felt the same, but the pumps were not above average. This is not a make or break deal for me on a pre-wo supplement though, as I consider other aspects more important.

    Endurance: 9.5/10 The endurance was the best aspect I got out of White Flood. My workouts were noticably more intense, and yet I still had more of a desire to stay in the weight room and do abs/calves, or even do some cardio. I very rarely felt like leaving the gym when my training was over. When I took 2 scoops prior, and one scoop during, I was able to lift for 1.5 hours (with plyos in between), and complete a half hour cardio session no problem afterward. I could definately feel the ability to go even further, but I felt it would be counterproductive. I was very surprised at this given the low overall amount of BA I was getting. I would love to see the results of adding additional bulk BA.

    DOMS: (No rating) I thought I would touch briefly on DOMS. My soreness increased dramatically while on White Flood, which I assume was due to the increase in workout intensity. I ended up doing plenty more drop sets than usual. I do not think WF leads directly to greater DOMS, as I'm sure the change in training effected that. It did not seem to alter my recovery for good or bad.

    Price: 10/10 Depending on how you react to stims, you can get anywhere from 40-65+ workouts on this. Some people only need one scoop, I myself needed 2.5-3. Either way, that is a ton of workouts and certainly worth the 37-40 dollar range.

    BOTTOM LINE: The bottome line is pretty simple. This is the most well-rounded pre-wo supplement I have used to date. It was not incredible in terms of initial burst of energy, but everything else seemed to make up for it. These 4 weeks of training were much more intense than normal, simply from this product. I was able to push out some extra reps, and my strength rose week to week. Endurance was my favorite part, followed close behind by focus. This really enhanced my MMC, and I will use this product again.

    I do plan on purchasing this product in the future, after I try a couple other products. I believe this would be killer on a cut, as it would keep endurance high along with intensity, while calories are low.

    If you are on a very tight budget, but still looking for something outside the basics, I would recommend this product. It is very affordable, and you could use it on priority workouts only, allowing a tub to last a very long time.

    Pictures will be added in the next post. Hope you found this review/log helpful

  6. Rpn Dcp


    Starting Measurements:
    Upper Arms: 15.15 in.
    Forearm: 12.5 in.
    Waist (at widest point): 34.15 in.
    Calves: 15 in.
    Quads: 23.15 in.

    ^^^These are different from post #1, since there was a gap between then, and the actual start of DCP (same with weight)

    Ending Measurements:
    Upper Arms: 15.25 in. (+.1)
    Forearm: 12.5 in.(+0)
    Waist (at widest point): 34.05 (-.1)
    Calves: 15 in.(+0)
    Quads: 23.25 in. (+.1)

    Beginning Weight: 191.5
    Ending Weight: 190.5 (-1 lb.)

    Thermogenic Effect 8/10
    This really seemed to be hit or miss for me. Some days I noticed a great deal of sweating, and on others there was no way to discern from a normal cardio session. Some days were very intense, but I can't give it higher than an 8 because some days it wasn't noticeable at all.

    Appetite Suppression 0/10
    I give this a zero because if anything my appetite was greater than usual. However, this is not the purpose of this product at all, but I figured I'd share my experience since so many others experienced a great deal of this.

    This carries no weight in my final analysis however, as I wouldn't buy a TTA non-stim fat burner for the purpose of appetite suppression, it simply isn't designed to do that.

    Fat Loss 9/10
    Well unfortunately my calipers were delivered to me late, and isn't exactly very accurate any way. That being said, I cannot give exact changes in bodyfat. However, based on my appearance in the mirror, and analyzing my measurements, I certainly leaned out. My abs are clearly more defined, and vascularity in my arms is better than ever.

    Also, the measurements indicate fat loss with minor muscle gain as well. I am very happy with the results, and I should have pictures very soon, and you can judge yourself.

    Side Effects 10/10
    I got absolutely no side effects whatsoever throughout the log. Some common ones from TTA products include lethargy, and more likely cramping. I have experienced some serious cramping with other TTA products in the past, and this was great in that regard.

    It was nice to be able to up the dose and not worry about side effects. Also, I cycled off of caffeine at the end of my log, while dropping carbs, and my energy levels remained constant.

    Final Score 9/10
    I wish I could have used this for more time, or been in a cutting stage. I would have been able to analyze it a little bit more, but given my time I am very confident in recommending this product. Plain and simple, I leaned out and ended up dropping a pound, on a diet exactly the same as one I was gaining slowly on previous to this log. I did add in possibly 1-2 cardio sessions per week, but that would not justify going from gaining to losing IMO.

    I really look forward to stacking this with something in the future, and think it could give great results if run for a longer period of time. I will purchase this product.

    Side Note: The caps got kind of messy as some of the actives would leak out of the pill. This got all over my hands, and was not pleasant (Only the last few doses).

    I saw in another log RPN is considering a tablet version of DCP, and I highly recommend that route.

    Thanks to RPN for picking me to test this log, and AB for following

    I appreciate comments from everyone, and any questions I will be sure to answer

  7. I am currently running RPM, Glucophase XR, Activate, Poseidon, Cordygen 5.

    If there is demand, I will comment on them day to day here.

    At the very least I will provide final reviews here when I complete them.


  8. Quote Originally Posted by redhawk76 View Post
    I am currently running RPM, Glucophase XR, Activate, Poseidon, Cordygen 5.

    If there is demand, I will comment on them day to day here.

    At the very least I will provide final reviews here when I complete them.

    Great thread redhawk! Please do post your review on Poseidon. I would love to hear your feedback!


  9. Quote Originally Posted by workin2005 View Post
    Great thread redhawk! Please do post your review on Poseidon. I would love to hear your feedback!

    Thanks Workin. I will certainly provide some feedback, and a final review when I finish

  10. This is just a copy of my log from another site. I will begin to post it here as well from now on. I will sporadically add reviews in this thread of things I have tried, and am currently using.

    The main supps I will be commenting on (that I am currently using, or will be shortly) are RPM, Activate, Glucophase XR, and Poseidon.

    I will talk about the others, but in less detail. Any questions feel free to ask

    Supplement Dosing:

    4 scoops Scivation Xtend
    7 caps RPM
    3 caps Scivation Sesamin
    2.5g l-tyrosine


    Carb-up day. 100% clean food, but plenty of oats and fruit

    Diet is going very well, and I am feeling good and ready to hit low carb again tomorrow.


    Excluding all Warm-up Sets

    Deadlifts :dl:
    • 225x12
    • 250x10
    • 275x7
    • 275x7
    • 295x6
    • 315x3 no rest 225 Static Hold

    BHN Pulldown
    • 120x10
    • 140x8
    • 140x8
    • 140x7 DROP 85x9

    One Arm Dumbbell Rows
    • 100x10/10
    • 100x11/10

    Cable Rows
    • 120x12
    • 160x9
    • 160x10 SS w/ Stiff Arm pulldown

    Also completed plenty of trap work.


    No official cardio.


    Well today's workout was simply insane. I took 2 RPM first thing in the morning, and 5 pre-wo. I still notice no true energy boost, which is good for me personally. However, I was so aggressive in the gym and LITERALLY had to make myself leave. My body was pretty worn out after deadlifts, but I pushed it to the limit. If it wasn't a carb-up day I would have made myself leave earlier for fear of overtraining.

    This isn't a product I necessarily "feel" in terms of energy, but my alpha male feeling is sick. Also, this is seriously a ridiculous thermogenic. I was dripping after my second deadlift set, which is unusual for me, very unusual. I really think this will aid me in leaning out.

    I got some lipo-pm today , so I will be adding that in tomorrow. I will also begin Activate tomorrow

    My order shipped out today, so poseidon, C5, Glucophase XR and something else I can't think of at the moment. So by next monday my whole stack should be set.

  11. I def would like to see review on poseidon.

  12. Quote Originally Posted by metroba View Post
    I def would like to see review on poseidon.
    It should be here in the next 2 days, so I will begin posting feedback on it by the weekend

  13. Very informative reviews!
    I'll be on the lookout for your thoughts on gxr... oh, and everything else!

  14. Quote Originally Posted by asianbabe View Post
    Very informative reviews!
    I'll be on the lookout for your thoughts on gxr... oh, and everything else!
    Thanks AB, I should have it delivered by tomorrow :bb:

  15. HIIT Day

    Supplement Dosing:

    4 scoops Scivation Xtend
    3 caps RPM
    3 caps Scivation Sesamin
    2.5 g l-tyrosine


    Low carb day. Plenty of eggs/eggwhites, spinach, green beans, turkey, chicken, almonds, pb, salads, coconut oil, some ezekiel bread in the morning...

    Off Day


    HIIT on the track: 50 m sprints, 50 m jogs-- 15 total intervals


    Today's workout was pretty awesome. I haven't done sprints outside in a while, and I felt much faster than usual. It was very hot though, so I did take about a 60 second water break after interval 8.

    I was sweating like crazy (it was hot, but this was ridiculous). I also had an incredible alpha male and focus feeling. Right before each sprint I got almost mad LOL, and locked in on a target ahead of me, it was wierd, but cool.

    My lower back is pretty sore from yesterday, and my legs were sore almost immediately after HIIT. I did plenty of stretching though.

    Tomorrow will be morning fasted cardio, with shoulders in the evening. I should also have my package of goodies

    Oh and BTW, today was my second day of the lemonade Xtend. I honestly have never tasted anything so refreshing, but this is obviously skewed because my mouth was so dry, and anything would have impressed me.

    So far though, I would buy either watermelon or lemonade, but I'll have more input on that soon enough.

  16. Well it was like christmas morning today

    Bottle of Dialene4 from the contest, along with my 175$ order was waiting for me.

    I will be starting poseidon tomorrow, along with C5. GXR will be added soon as well.

  17. Good info Redhawk! I like the descriptiveness.

  18. Quote Originally Posted by Lanbane View Post
    Good info Redhawk! I like the descriptiveness.
    Thanks for stopping by Lanbane!

  19. Lipo-PM: Have you noticed good sleep on it?

    Coconut Oil: How much do you use as a serving? Just eat it w/ a spoon?

    And no need to thank me.... we should be thanking you! Quality reviews and info about ALL products is hard to find, and helps all us readers make decisions on what we wanna try out next!

  20. Quote Originally Posted by Lanbane View Post
    Lipo-PM: Have you noticed good sleep on it?

    Coconut Oil: How much do you use as a serving? Just eat it w/ a spoon?

    And no need to thank me.... we should be thanking you! Quality reviews and info about ALL products is hard to find, and helps all us readers make decisions on what we wanna try out next!
    Yesterday was my first day of lipo-PM. My sleep WAS incredible, but I also popped some melatonin because I HAD to get a good night sleep.

    I would say it was even better than usual taking melatonin, but obviously to early to draw a conclusion

    Tonight I will take it alone.

    For coconut oil, I usually take a tbsp at a time. I really like to put it on grilled chicken, but I also mix it in with my tuna and/or salads. I really like it. Anything you grill it would probably go with.

    If you are looking into getting some, make sure it is high quality (I use Garden of LIfe) because the cheap brands are comparable to trans fat, from what I have read.


    Supplement Dosing:

    8 scoops Xtend
    5 caps RPM
    3 caps Scivation Sesamin
    2.5 g l-tyrosine


    Moderate carb day, although it was a little on the low side. Good amount of cottage cheese, some eggs/whites, ezekiel bread, almonds, pb, green beans, spinach, chicken salad...


    Excluding all Warm-up Sets

    Dumbbell Shoulder Press
    • 65x12
    • 75x8
    • 75x7
    • 75x7
    • 75x6
    • 75x6

    Front Cable Raises
    • 25x8x3

    Lateral Raises
    • 20'sx8x3 NO REST
    • 10sx7

    Iso Lateral Shoulder Press
    • 200x7
    • 250x5x2

    20 minute continuous giant superset of abs/triceps


    40 minutes on the elliptical first thing in the morning.


    Today was an awesome day all around. I got tipped an incredible amount on a paint job we completed today. Then I came home to TWO packages, one from, the other a FREE bottle of Dialene4

    Workout was great, only complaint would be some muscle fatigue on shoulder press.

    RPM: Continues to impress me. I took 2 caps before cardio, and was sweating much more than usual. I then took 3 before my workout. I think I may have got to the gym a little early, as it seemed to really kick in halfway through my workout. My focus was nuts the whole time though. I didn't sweat quite as much as I have, but still more than w/o RPM

    Last time I did DB press I got 60s for 12, and I was eating a lot more, plus I was 4-6 lbs heavier. So, RPM is definately helping in strength as well.

    I should note that I seem to be breaking out slightly. Nothing too bad at all, but worth noting.

    Legs are pretty sore, so I may not hit them until Saturday, but hopefully I feel good by tomorrow.

    I will start to comment my thoughts on Lipo pm first thing in the morning.

  22. Good stuff bro.

  23. Quote Originally Posted by redhawk76 View Post
    Well it was like christmas morning today

    Bottle of Dialene4 from the contest, along with my 175$ order was waiting for me.

    I will be starting poseidon tomorrow, along with C5. GXR will be added soon as well.
    Looking forward to seeing how these reviews turn out for you man. Nice thread.
    ~ Nothing can kill the Grimace!!

  24. Quote Originally Posted by prld2gr8ns View Post
    Looking forward to seeing how these reviews turn out for you man. Nice thread.
    Great detail on everything!!!
    Dirk Tanis, BA, MSci
    Chief Operating Officer, Applied Nutriceuticals

  25. Quote Originally Posted by SFriday View Post
    Good stuff bro.
    Thanks man, good to see you on this board!

    Quote Originally Posted by prld2gr8ns View Post
    Looking forward to seeing how these reviews turn out for you man. Nice thread.
    Thanks for stopping in. I should be starting poseidon over the weekend, or Monday

    Quote Originally Posted by rms80 View Post
    Great detail on everything!!!
    Thanks a lot Dirk, just trying to give some good feedback

    In regards to Lipo-PM: Only day 2, but didn't notice any enhanced sleep. Obviously too early to tell, but that is all I can comment on thus far


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