jth18's first ph cycle: Phera-plex + Prostanozol WOO HOO!

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  1. Day 11 Weight: 234.5 (+3.5) Bodyfat definately feels lower, will need to check soon to get a clear LBM gain.

    Woo hoo!
    Im back! It was a great trip, but I'm glad to be back in the gym. I decided to go ahead and take the day to get my maxes down so...
    I got 405 on bench again, and really struggled with it so I didn't go up which made me kinda sad, but my deadlift has BLOWN up. I did 508 easily which is already 8lbs higher than my max 12 days ago, so I tried 558 and had it over half way up but my form slipped a little and I bowed my back so I dropped it. I think it is definately safe to assume a +30lbs to my deadlift if not more.
    I went to squat, but didnt go over 405 because my lower back has a sharp pain in it now. Not enough to raise alarm, but enough to make me not want to go over 500 on squat.
    :dl: :dl: :dl:

    As of day 12 I have dropped around 1% of bodyfat putting me at a total LBM gain of 3.7lbs, and a loss of around 2lbs of fat. Not too shabby. :bb3: I'm at the 193lb lbm mark, and my goal is to be at the 200 mark by the end of the cycle, which I mean is comepletely awesome, right?

    Im feeling great in the gym and all that fun stuff, but I may be having an odd side-effect. Its somewhat like an anxiety attack, but not so severe. I'm just really nervous feeling like someone is about to run through my door with an uzi. Anyone ever experienced this? Its gone away now, but I would really rather it not come back.

  3. could be blood pressure, check it.

  4. i printed off that 4th Horseman of the Apocalypse workout thinking i might like to try it and it scared the SH!T out of me!

    i may give it a go, but maybe only for a week or two. not sure if my body could handle it at this time.

    just a word of caution....this high of intensity workouts may eat into some of the gains you might have recieved otherwise from this cycle.
    but it also sounds like you have worked up to this type of training schedule. i'm looking forward to following this!

  5. Holy cow, you make all my lifts look like a girls vollyball teams states haha. Gosh anyway damn ok I'm just jealous haha. Nah your stack looks good I never used the zol so watching your log is going to be fun and enjoy the strang feelings I feel like I'm in a action movie when I get them on cycle.

  6. What were the results of this cycle???


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