need help

  1. need help

    hey guys im looking to take x mass and weight gainer to bulk up and get stronger. im 6' 1'' and 148 pounds at 8-10% body fat....

    thanks for the help.

  2. first of all welcome to the site.
    you're asking a question about a ph , why are you posting this on the supplements logs and reviews section?

    your not giving enouf information just height, weight.
    you forgot to post age, training experience, ph/steroids that you have used in the past.

    also at 6' 1'' and 148 pounds you should stay away from ph/steroids an focus on your diet and workout to make gains increase protein intake.

    and since you just posted that you are going to use only xmass and weight gainer. that makes me think that you dont have a pct planned or support supps.

    i would recommed you to try to get natural gains and stay away from xmass untill you research more the compound and know how it works .

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