PGCL Log - Chemical Aventure with Supplement Help

  1. PGCL Log - Chemical Aventure with Supplement Help

    Many of you may not even know what PCGL is. I'm not going to give the whole explanation of it but when you read about it you will know how much of a pioneer the people trying this are being. I am looking forward to it to really lean up a bit and bring out vascularity before memorial day.

    I'll post my theoretical plan and then from here on out I will update it with how it goes. Not my "plan" on eating is VERY aggresive on this and I wont be one bit surprised if I can't get all this food down. Also my supplements from NP are not here yet so tomorrow could be ugly while I wait...


    1. 214 - 5'10" approx 10-11%
    2. Long cycle history, low resonder
    3. On large cycle now but holding off on lean mass to try PCGL

    My ideas:

    1. Use supplements to overcome sides
    2. Rely on timing

    Supplements I think will help and why:

    BCAA - Fast absorbed, signal muscle protein, stave off catabolism

    Waxy Maize Starch AKA Vitargo - Keep muscles full, VERY fast absorbing carb to allow for later feeding before shots

    Yellow Gold - Non-insulin mediated carb uptake to keep insulin levels low with waxy maize and higher sugary carb intake.

    Poseiden - Strong electrolite drink, shown to improve energy and hydration

    Dosing and meals ect:

    7am - 30mcg sub q - 30mcg x 2 in Bi's - 90mcg total - then back to bed

    9am - Yellow gold aka berb

    9:15 - 25g BCAA, 75g waxy maize, 2 servings poseiden

    10:00 - 30mcg X 2 - Upper chest

    12:00 - Meal - Egg whites, white bread X 2 sandwiches

    1:15 - Yellow g

    1:30 - 25g BCAA, 75g waxy maize, 2 servings poseiden

    2:15 - 30mcg x 2 in muscles being worked

    4:00 - Workout

    5:30/6:00 - Post WO shake

    7:00 - Meal TBD but low fat and egg white based

    9:30 - solid meal aka chicken

    11:45 - Yellow g

    12:00 - 25g BCAA, 75g waxy maize, 2 servings poseiden

    12:45 - 30mcg total sub q

    1am - bed

  2. Live entry here:

    At 7:20 - shot 31mcg into each upper pec.

    20 minutes later felt a grumble in my intestines nothing bad, then started feeling what I can only call intense hunger.

    By 25 minutes this intense hunger was baaaaad, like when you feel so hungry you are going to vomit. I took some multi symptom maylox and tried to ride it out.

    About 30 minute in my intesines are making more noise but it doesn't hurt, just like they are moving a bit but no pain but wow cant say the same for my stomach.

    40 minutes in HUNGRY, feeling like going to vomit all in upper stomach - Intestine are making a racket but no pain.

    45 minutes in - same stomach stuff, hold back vomit.

    50 minutes - feel like I finally have lost the battle, run to the bathrrom to dry heave but never end up needing to. Take a normal bathroom movement, nothing odd besides it is a bit more solid (wierd)

    60 minutes - Break down, I hope this stomach thing is just hunger from not eating all night - Go and get an apple (a huge one)

    65 minutes - Sitting here slowly eating this apple, not sure if it is helping yet.

  3. Waited 3 hours then had a pretty large meal of a cup of egg whites and one full egg on 4 pieces of bread. Been fine so far...

    Guess the next shots will be telling of if the side effects will kick in or not.

  4. Good god man thats crazy.... If i took something that made me dry heave i definatly wouldnt be taking it again. I have read up on PGCL and it seems like it has a ton of sides however the researchers are saying its very powerful. I look forward to seeing what your results are.

  5. did he die

  6. he had to of

  7. Wtf is PGCL???

  8. that new **** try the search button maybe

  9. :bruce2: :chick: :bruce1:

  10. Man those must've been some seriously bad-assed side-effects. He must still be on the john...

  11. Note to self... dont ever try that stuff justreading wanted to log


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