15 Days in Oxyguno- Before and After Pics

  1. 15 Days in Oxyguno- Before and After Pics

    I started Oxyguno on the 29th of April.
    I know it takes about 14 days to get into your system, so i guess no results yet.

    I've been getting some slight strength gains.
    I'm trying to cut some fat, so im doing cardio 3-4 times a week and weighttraining 6 days a week with a high protein diet.

    before- april 29

    After- may 14

  2. Current

    I know it takes about 14 days to get into your system, and it stays in your system 14 days after you are off of it. I counted the amount of Oxyguno I have left, I have 2 weeks and one day of supply left......

    I will be taking pics of myself again in 3-4 weeks, thats after using my PCTs........ I'm just using 6 oxo as a post cycle therapy. Nolvadex on the way......

    I want to drop about 15 more lb of body fat.

    In feb i was at 256lb, higher body fat percentage, now im at 234lb. I want to hit about 215lb and i will be happy. I'm taking lipdrene w/ ephederine, glutamine,cell mass, amino acids and flax seed oil. I have a strict high protein diet. I noticed the past 2-3 days I've been retaining some extra water. I'm havintg to drink more to keep my urine color lighter.......

    I'm not that satifisfied yet. It is too early too see major progress.

  3. interesting

  4. Dude cheer up a little, lol. Good luck on your progress

  5. hahaha....
    i know for a fact its now in my system due to the water retention. Another intresting thing is the way my muscles felt EXTREMELY stiff during my workout. For example I did back/biceps today, and my biceps were very nice and stiff.
    I worked out my triceps 2 days ago, but when i straighten my arm it feel stiff like its wanting to cramp...

    and my hamstring cramped on me slightly early today when i was laying down.

  6. What is Oxyguno? You can tell a big difference in your pics! How long from now are you going to cycle it again?

  7. Quote Originally Posted by PumpYouUp View Post
    What is Oxyguno? You can tell a big difference in your pics! How long from now are you going to cycle it again?
    Yeah, a slight difference. I've got 2.5 weeks left of of it. I think i'm going to go towards the real deal around the end of july. Maybe some deca and test....

    I know the oxyguno is barely in my system, so i will wait and see if I get the results i want.

  8. Good luck with your goal, but i have a few suggestions/questions for ya.

    First, the weight loss is going to be based mostly on your diet and training regiment then anything you take. But it seems like you already know this, cuz you lost a pretty decent amount of weight in the first 2 weeks.

    2nd, I don't think oxyguno stays in your system for 14 days. It's half life is something around 8 hrs and probably will completely clear your system in a matter of days.

    It is a relatively light steroid.

    Good luck bro.

  9. Yeah, your probably right about the 14 day thing.
    I'm not really satisfied with Oxyguno. I expected better/more results. I'll be patient and stay on it since im half way, and ill see how it is when i begin my PCT... etc.

    After this I want to try 3-ad or 4-ad. I've heard REALLY good things about it.

  10. STOP TALKING ABOUT JUICE AND GET A COACH!!! Tough love time bro! Talk to Bobo or Grunt, they will set up your training and diet and get you better results than you will on your own with juice. From your pictures and what you have said so far you don't know nearly enough to be using steroids. You will get MUCH better results from good supplements with a good coach who gets you great diet and training!

    Honestly, I could care less about anyones health, yours or mine BUT you wont be happy with your cycles so this isn't a health thing this is bottom line results here.

  11. I noticed more peak in ur biceps, keep it up.


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