asianbabe gets down on red acid v2

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  1. hey tommy!

    Nelix.. kanga is pretty much one of the healthiest meats you can have.. but I am pretty biased.. check out the nutritional stats..

    per 100g ==> 22-23g protein, 1g fat, 1g carbs, high in iron, arachidonic acid/pufa, you've tried it before? Tastes kinda gamey but I prefer it over beef.. if you cook it right!

    More info here: Nutrition and heart health aspects of kangaroo meat

  2. Kill those kanga for me!!!!!!!!!!

    that's good meat right there!!!!!!!!!!

    I want all my burgers and hot dogs meat made using made using kanga meat!

    :burg: :hot:

  3. Yeah, I tried it raw even, I like the gamy taste, re minds me of liver haha.
    I may go pick some up if I find a good price.

  4. hmm.. you can get it for ~$6 a kilo at coles/woolies.. the steaks cost a bit more, the sausages are pretty tasty too, if you want a change.. uh.. raw?? hahah I am not sure I'm "game" enough for that.. har har har..

  5. As long as its fresh and not been frozen (and not chicken) I'll eat it.

    Ideal situations I would prefer it sealed... haha.

  6. Alrighty.. new pic taken today!

    Lil bit bloated though, twas the end of the day..

  7. Hey AB!

    Looking great

  8. Hey you!!!
    Thanks hun

  9. You look great! Do you wear those shoes to squat???

    Keep up the good work.

  10. now that you posted your new avatar.

    sexy! :chick:

    I posted my farang vs. twinky winky pics.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by Travis View Post
    You look great! Do you wear those shoes to squat???

    Keep up the good work.
    how did you know, are you stalking me?!!!!111

    Thanks Tommy, [email protected] your avatar

    Hey guess what my banner came back to life!!!!

    Friday - Cardio

    PM 20min light walk
    + 1 hour combat

    It is flooding, stormy and very very COLD!

    1) Oats, whey, mixed nuts
    2) Chicken, rice
    3) Oats, whey
    4) Tuna, noodles, tomato, mixed nuts
    Totals 1993cal 74f 249c 121p

    Not too crash hot with today's diet....
    Btw I have run out of the first bottle of redacid.. waiting for the new one to come, if it ever does.. ! I'm so tired, time to chill out homies..
    YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

  12. Do you cook your oats then add the whey? Or the other way around? When I do this mine gets all gluggy and yuk.

  13. your banner is back on!

    yay! I like the australia zoom in thingy. NICE!

  14. Eh, gotta thank Pu for the banner, he made it!

    Secrets? hahah I will let you in this time only..

    My breakfast takes literally two minutes to make.
    ..Boil water
    ..Blend oats/oatbran (I use a little magic bullet thing)
    ..Dump oats in a bowl, add in boiling water SLOWLY stirring, ..keep stirring/adding water until you like the consistency
    ..Add your whey, cinnamon, splenda, spices, (sometimes I throw in some chocomine) whatever and quick stir again. FOOLPROOF
    Lumps lumps.. I personally like mine lumpy, so it feels like I'm actually eating something (yeah I'm weird like that) BUT if you like it smooth, before you add hot water, add in some room temperature water (enough to mix it all) and then add hot water. This makes it smooth, try it and let me know


    Quick update.. keeping track of things again.. waist and ab measurements have gone down by 1cm since recommencing (~a weekish or a little more) weight is unchanged. Calipers tell me I've lost some bodyfat, but either they are or the measurer (aka me) sucks, I don't really trust it at all!

    So this week, I will most likely try to keep my training sessions as are, or maybe add a cardio in, and drop cals by roughly 100-200 a day.. Right now I am probably averaging around 2000 cals.. kinda kept high, but I'm doing a crap load of workouts too.. slow and steady wins right? I think I am taking the right approach, I don't really like to starve.

  15. can we request more pix? some with some lighting

  16. Sure, you can request whatever you want! Whether or not I succumb to them is another matter

  17. Ok summary of what I did this week:::

    Sunday - rest
    Monday - AM: shoulders/cardio; PM: legs
    Tuesday - rest
    Wednesday - AM cardio, PM cardio
    Thursday - AM Back
    Friday - PM Cardio
    this morn - AM - light chest

    I am pretty fatigued. This morning I did chest, but nothing really worthy of posting. My heart wasn't really into it and I was just going through the motions. I'm a little stressed out right now with school, the weather has been real ****ty on my mood as well.. the second half of this week really had me draggin'... and and and I can't stop thinking bout someone heh grrrrrrr maybe that is the main reason, buts I gotta keep focusing.. can't afford to fail my exams now.... arghh and I have been stress eating a bit as well.. that can't be good... um um what else.. time to stop procrastinating... how about a sappy song.. have a great weekend in the sun all.. no doubt I am so jealous!!
    YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

  18. Quote Originally Posted by asianbabe View Post
    Alrighty.. new pic taken today!

    Lil bit bloated though, twas the end of the day..

    Nice pic, your recomp is going very well I must say. I still do not know how women can wlak in those shoes but you will have some huge calves!

  19. Hey ddawg, nice to see ya here

    Hey guys and girls I think I strained sometnhing in my hamstring arghh..I was all ready to work legs.. but I guess they were not very warm when I tried the stiff leggeds.. trust me to be silly enough to wear shorts in 10degrees ... so leg workout did not eventuate much past a few squats.. then i got conned into doing a pump class.. haha it was kind of a joke. so yeah..i don't think i can count it as either cardio nor lifting.. more just a waste of time! Well I'm probably gonna write an essay for a bit, and when I get bored/stuck I'll try and go again this afternoon.. maybe for some shoulders and spin.... at least it will be something to look forward to today.. oh yeah.. apparently it's the queens birthday today. I have zero idea why anyone cares.. Even though I'm stuck at home all day and the gym and shopping hours are less than normal.. it is an extra public holiday, can't complain right? Dammit I am ranting more than usual.. I think I belong back in the female journalling section.. ahhh hehe
    YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

    oh yeahhhh random comment... "your calves are too big they're ugly!" haha Thanks mum! Just ruin my 1.5 years attempting to get my legs less chopstick like!!

  20. You are not the only one who wears shorts in the winter. I have a real hard time lifting in sweats or any type of pants.

    Sorry to hear about the hammy, make sure to ice and rest it! I'm too far away to offer a massage.

  21. I have adapted your oat secrets, mix my protein with water first so it does not cook into little lumps.

    What's your opinion on Milo? My post workout shake is Milo + Hydro Whey.

    (asking here because asianbabe is the only aussie I know here)

  22. hey ddawg, at least it is the thought that counts!

    nelix, uhh,. hmm.. what's in milo again? just sugar? How does hydro whey taste like.. Bearable? Do you notice much of a difference? I've have some bulk wpi pwo, and some flavoured stuff.. dymatize pre-wo, and syntrax nectar (tastes awful, never again.. the whole tub is still sitting here waiting to expire)

    I add cocoa powder sometimes, now I do chocamine, and a good slashing of sweetener... maybe you can check out diet swiss miss..Calories in Swiss Miss Diet With Calcium Hot Cocoa Mix - Nutrition Facts, and Healthy Alternatives - The Daily Plate Calorie Counter you can find them in coles/woolies.. probably has a better nutrient profile, tastes alright!.. though for post-workout milo probably won't matter so much

    oh yeah.. since my first bottle has run out (and waiting around for another to come.. damn shipping, damn weekend, damn public holiday!!) I have been ravenous!!

  23. Milo is a milk beverage with chocolate and malt, produced by Nestlé and originating from Australia.

    They say it is low gi, full of vitamins and minerals...

    When I mix milo with hydro whey (from myo), it tastes good, which is what is amazing, it does not even smell like vomit!

    Combined with Yellowgold or Anabolic Pump it's carbs might be nice?

    Although I mostly avoid carb drinks and try to eat real food...

  24. yeah, haha I know what milo is that's why I suggested that alternative..with a little less sugar

    Tuesday - shoulders, cardio

    Everything in supersets, little rest in between, here's what I can remember doing..

    db shoulder press: 10x17s, 10x17s, 6x22s, 6x22s, 10x17s
    cg bb press: 15x39, 15x39, 6x44, 10x44, 15x39
    upright rows: 15x25 (4 sets)
    db extensions 15x22s (4 sets)
    mp: 3 sets til fail
    db lat raises 3 sets
    dips: 3 sets: 6,4,4,5
    ab raises

    hamstring still hurts.. tested it out today and it was no good

  25. Quote Originally Posted by asianbabe View Post
    Alrighty.. new pic taken today!

    Lil bit bloated though, twas the end of the day..

    WHY do I always get a sore neck looking at your pics !!!!! C'mon have a heart ! HAHA I see a bicep there, Hmmmmm AB getting some beef huh ?


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