asianbabe gets down on red acid v2

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  1. Cardio

    Good day. Did some cardio bright and early in the morning, it made my day

    Warmup - easy 5mins
    Incline walk 15mins
    Jog 10mins @10km/hr
    Cooldown - 10mins

    1) Oats, whey, efas
    2) Rye bread, cottage cheese
    3) Kanga, broc
    4) Chickpeas, chicken breast, broc
    5) Chickpeas, chicken breast, broc
    .. + small hot choc

    Totals 1640cal 45f 163c 154p

    Thanks for dropping by everyone!!

    Good motivation::

  2. Shoulders/abs

    MP 3 sets: 5x55
    Shoulder machine 3 sets: 10, 7, 8 x 88
    Cable side raises: 2 sets x 10
    Hanging raises 5 sets: 10
    Decline abs 3 sets: x 15

    It was "ok".

  3. Nice to see you back on track. Do you eat before morning cardio?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Travis View Post
    Nice to see you back on track. Do you eat before morning cardio?
    Not that day. Actually I plan not to if I'm doing it at 6am.. because I don't want to wait an hour and then I'll be late for school or else wake up at 5am which is a no-no!
  5. Smile Round #2 for the day


    So I found out today that there are two ways to get warm..
    1. Turn up the heater
    2. Do a leg workout Let's just say I was Freezing my socks off today!!!

    Squats: 3sets 4x110
    Leg Press: 3 sets 8,7,7 x 363 (inadvertant PR)
    DB Lunges: 2 sets: 12x33s
    Good mornings: 3 sets: 10x66, 2x12x44
    Standing calf raises: 3 sets 15 (bar+44) + 15 unweighted (burnieee)

    This workout was better than "ok". First time I've done legs in maybe a fortnight.. squats were a bit shaky and I have lost some core strength possibly.. maybe abs this morning? I don't know.. but leg press I mistakenly put a 25kg instead of 20kg, and because I'm not so great at math, I only figured I got a pr afterwards.. dammit! Good mornings meh, couldn't feel the stretch properly, so took it lighter. Pretty good sweat happening..once I got into it, which took a while I couldn't feel my toes until I got to lunges, but I was warm everywhere else? Otherwise, yeah budday!

  6. Cardio

    + 2 red acid

    + 20mins of skipping until tired or trip (1min) jog (1min) repeat repeat, threw in a few sets of jump squats as well. Legs and calves are almighty sore from yesterday!

    School time!!
  7. Smile Back again


    + 3 hour break at school, why not visit the gym?

    ** bb rows [email protected], [email protected]
    ...close grip pulldown, few easy sets
    ** chins 2,2,2,1,1,1.. gah!
    ...hyperextensions 3x12
    ** latpulldown 3 sets: 8wide + 8 closegrip
    **db curls 3 sets: 10x11s
    **ez bb curl 3 sets: 12x39

    ++ incline walk 20mins

    Good workout!
    well that break was quick.. .nother 4 hours of school to go and then it is the weekend!

  8. O hai AB.

  9. oh hai hai~~



    AM: 45mins RPM

    <== sweaty mess!

    Ps.. Rpm is the bike class.. not the supplement in case you're wondering.. !
    About RPM - Les Mills Global

  10. Chest/tris/abs

    .. db flat 3 sets: 10, 8, 7 x 33s
    .. dips 4 sets x 5
    ..... hanging raises 3 sets x 12
    .. cable flyes 3 sets: 15, 12, 12 x 55
    ..... decline abs 15xbw, 2 sets 12x11
    .. tricep extensions 3 sets: 15, 12, 12 x 33
    .. cable pushdowns 3 sets: 10, 8, 7 x 13 plates, plus some dropsets

    + 20min slight incline walk

    I can barely move my legs.. they have not recovered from leg day (thursday!) this morning's bike I can't feel the effects of yet.. but I'm sure the walk did not help. Oh well hope I don't trip in my heels and the club tonight, that would suck!


    Finally got to bed at about 5am.. then the electrician came bright and early in the morning.. about 8am.. yes there was a racket. Yes I was I am always up early, except for the only day of the week where I actually needed to sleep. << GRUMPY GRUMPY >>

    Today = off. I am so sore from head (ache) to my toes.
    Red acid supply is quickly running out!! Hope the new bottle comes soonn..

    Summary of this week: (officially restarted on Wednesday)

    Wed: Cardio - treadmill (AM)
    Thur: Shoulders (AM); Legs (PM)
    Fri: Cardio - skipping/gpp (AM); Back/Bis (PM)
    Sat: Cardio - spin (AM); Chest/tris (PM)
    SUN: OFFFFffffffzzzzZZZZZzzzzz ~~~

    I think I did well this week, My mood is a lot better and I feel motivated again.

    .... side note
    Update on my (broken possessions)
    2 x casio digital cameras
    1 x motorola phone
    1 x skipping rope
    1 x weight gloves (these were made out of mouse pad material.. they looked so trendy when I bought them... and they ripped .. time to say hello to calluses!! )

    Update on Newest possession..

    Canon digital cameraaaaaaaaa ixus70!!! It is sexy. I don't want to touch it coz knowing me I'll break it by the end of the week. Battery was stolen last night coz my friend used it.. GRrrrr.. good news is that I will be able to take piccies again soon, when he gives it back to me.

    YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

    HAPPY WEEKEND everyone!

  12. Where did my banners goooooooooo???????
  13. Angry



    ...Db shoulder press: 3 sets: 9,8,7 x 20s
    ...Upright rows 3 sets: 12x30
    ...Shoulder machine 3 sets: 15x44, 15x66, 13x88 (rep pr I think.)
    ...Cable side raises: 2 sets x 12
    ...Decline abs 3 sets: x 15
    ...Cardio: 1 hour bodystep

    Shoulders felt sooo soooo weak today, but step class was awesome!
    YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

  14. Just post some more pics of yourself instead.

  15. Quote Originally Posted by yeahright View Post
    Just post some more pics of yourself instead.
    I might just have to soon!




    First of all.. pre/during workout took some whiteflood.. and I gotta say, I felt Fcuking invincible. And yes even though I already did shoulders and cardio this morning. The gym was packed during peak time, I ask myself why I went during then when I had the whole day to myself yes bb curls in MY SQUAT rack, legpress machine taken... people sharing benches. WTF. Never fear, I grabbed some dumbbells.

    .. db lunges 3 sets: 12x39s (PR!! PR!!)
    .. squats 3 sets: 8x99; 3,4x110
    .. leg press 3 sets: 15x something, 6,10 x I don't what weight
    .. good mornings: 3 sets: 15x44, 12x55, 8x66
    .. hypers: 3 sets x 12
    .. seated calves: 2 sets x 12+hybrid (about 120 all up)
    ...Cardio: 15min slowish, slight incline tready

    I think legs got fatigued a bit come squat time, but but.. lunges were actually not that bad! I think if I started with those on leg day, I could easily do 20kgs provided they don't fall out of my fingers. I was kinda saving myself for squats.. which I finally managed to hog the rack. Pressing I was going to count the weight after I finished and unpacked the weights, but some dude was waiting on it. BUTTTT he had to take some off, so me =

    Diet.. carbs high once again.. I swear they make me happy. And the fact that I actually feel leaner and better on carbs is even more amazing. I think they are here to stay.. sure I ate the same thing.. but hey, what can I say I'm addicted to oats..

    1) Oats/whey
    2) Oats/whey
    3) White rice, chicken, tomato
    4) Oats/whey
    5) Oats whey
    threw in some efas in there as well.
    Totals 1744cal 34f 276c 141p

    Busy the next couple of days,, with some early starts.. not sure if I can lift, I'll try and at least get in some cardizzle.

  16. I am assuming your hypers are only with bw but nonetheless 3x12 is pretty impressive. You must have some strong hammys. Keep it up.

  17. Ha I wish my hammies were strong! Which reminds me, I should ditch those pansy good mornings and practice some GHRs instead.. haven't done them for ages, but when I did I could only manage partial ones, and they crippled me for at least 3 days, haha

    .............................. .........


    ---- AM - CARDIO

    25min elliptical - random intervals..
    .. light (level 5-9)
    .. heav(ier) - (level 10-16)

    ..warmup + cooldown -- 15mins.. took ages coz it was sooo damn cold. Winter sucks already
    .. stretching 10mins.. these made a rare appearance today.. when I have to resort to stretching.. it means I am feeling like a 95 year old. I really should do some more, heh

    ---- PM - CARDIO

    ok I chickened out. Was planning to do back, but work kept me late and meh meh meh yes excuses I tried.. but wasn't into it..

    Back.. meh
    2 sets cable rows
    2 sets wide pulldowns
    2 sets narrow pulldowns
    2 sets lat activation stuff

    then CARDIO.. 1 hour combat class

    I'll do back again next workout coz this one was not very good!


    yesterday I ate badly.. all it was was grub food - bars, cottage cheese, nuts, more bars.. and some broc for dinner ..

    Today was also very busy but I prepared a little in advance, so not as bad as yesterday:

    1) Oats/whey
    2) Kidney beans, chicken, brocolli
    3) Kidney beans, roo, brocolli
    4) Oats/whey
    5) Curry chicken, rice, pumpkin soup.. Mmm
    Totals 1919cal 46f 263c 153p

    YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

  18. Thursday - AM - BACK

    ...widegrip pulldowns ~ 5 sets working up to 6x88
    ...narrowgrip pulldowns ~ 5 sets, working up to 6x99
    ...seated machine rows 3 sets: 30x33
    ...narrowgrip pulldowns (again) ~5 more sets, working up to 3x110 (PR!)
    ...straight arm pulldowns 3 sets: 10x10plates
    ...reverse pushups 4 sets x 5
    ...db hammer curls 3 sets x 10 (17s x 6reps, 15s x 4) curl: 3 sets x 15 (39x6, 33x9)

    ok had enough.. still not too happy that I can barely do more than two chins, so I'm gonna work on fixing that, hence all the similar exercises..

    Energy today = crap.


    1) Oats, whey
    2) Oats, whey
    3) Chicken & corn soup, green veggies, cottage cheese
    4) Oats, whey, walnuts, cashews

    Totals 1682cal 64 f 189 c 135p

    YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

  19. Opinion on the Roo and other Australian meat.
    I like the taste, but hows the nutrient break down?
  20. Thumbs up baby got back!

    hey Ab got back!

  21. hey tommy!

    Nelix.. kanga is pretty much one of the healthiest meats you can have.. but I am pretty biased.. check out the nutritional stats..

    per 100g ==> 22-23g protein, 1g fat, 1g carbs, high in iron, arachidonic acid/pufa, you've tried it before? Tastes kinda gamey but I prefer it over beef.. if you cook it right!

    More info here: Nutrition and heart health aspects of kangaroo meat
  22. Kill those kanga for me!!!!!!!!!!

    that's good meat right there!!!!!!!!!!

    I want all my burgers and hot dogs meat made using made using kanga meat!

    :burg: :hot:

  23. Yeah, I tried it raw even, I like the gamy taste, re minds me of liver haha.
    I may go pick some up if I find a good price.

  24. hmm.. you can get it for ~$6 a kilo at coles/woolies.. the steaks cost a bit more, the sausages are pretty tasty too, if you want a change.. uh.. raw?? hahah I am not sure I'm "game" enough for that.. har har har..

  25. As long as its fresh and not been frozen (and not chicken) I'll eat it.

    Ideal situations I would prefer it sealed... haha.

  26. Alrighty.. new pic taken today!

    Lil bit bloated though, twas the end of the day..

  27. Hey AB!

    Looking great

  28. Hey you!!!
    Thanks hun

  29. You look great! Do you wear those shoes to squat???

    Keep up the good work.

  30. now that you posted your new avatar.

    sexy! :chick:

    I posted my farang vs. twinky winky pics.


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