paravol-my experience

  1. paravol-my experience

    at age 49 my age, stress, and being married to same woman for over 20 years not to mention a epi cycle of 4ed for a month all contributed to a 'sagging' libido. the fire just wasnt there. after 3 months on paravol i can honestly say that my libido has become to intense. i have to cycle off for awhile. this stuff actually brought back memories of my libido at 16. paravol works. btw dont forget about the load increase, wow.

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  2. how many bottles adds up to 3 months?

  3. im on 4th bottle, wont finish it for awhile. went as high as 4 per day coming off cycle. 2 is good 3 every once in awhile is better, 4 is overkill. imo 2 per for first month is way to go. after the first month it kicks in real good and you can adjust to the dose you get best results with. not everyone will have results i had, but for me results were amazing.

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  4. I have had a low libido probally since age 28. Lately its just not there, nada, zilch, nothing. I tried cab at one point but too many sides...

  5. i think i'm gonna try some.... after my test/tren/anadrol cycle. i am not worried about it right now. It works pretty good anyways.



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