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  1. I love the layout of this log. Subbing.
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  2. Quote Originally Posted by PumpYouUp View Post
    Awsome log! And the damn before/after workout pics!! :bb3:
    Thanks.. the difference is crazy!! N.O. is the sh*t!!
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  3. Quote Originally Posted by Robboe View Post
    I love the layout of this log. Subbing.
    Thanks and Welcome!!
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  4. Quote Originally Posted by BigAnabolic78 View Post
    Today's Thoughts

    I almost didn't make it this morning. After I ate my Pre-WO meal I felt sick. I sat around around for and extra hour, but decided I gotta get to the gym.. So I went.
    After the warm-ups I started feeling better.
    Pumps/Vascularity were off the charts, as they are every Arm day. My weight was at 219 this morning. Up 4 lbs from the beginning of this log. My bodyfat seems to be dropping slightly as well as the weeks have gone by. Im finally gettin my calipers. They will be here with my next order. So I can actually report the BF.

    Until next time, Everyone have a great day!!
    Gotta love days like this where you are all like, 'I'm not going to the gym today', but then end up knocking out a kickass workout!

    Awesome log so far man.


  5. Quote Originally Posted by stonecoldtruth View Post
    Gotta love days like this where you are all like, 'I'm not going to the gym today', but then end up knocking out a kickass workout!

    Awesome log so far man.


    Those are definitely the greatest WO's. Its just about as good as breaking PR's

    Sorry for the lack of Updates.. I was supposed to have a Post on Tuesday, but After Sunday I got pretty sick. Im gonna take probably the rest of the week off. No Supps at all. Unless for some reason i suddenly feel great again..
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  6. Back To It

    I have been cleared by the doc to get back in to the mix of things.. I have been off of all supplements since my last post.
    I will be making my "official" return to the gym tomorrow. Finally!

    I had two weak workouts on Sunday and Monday of this week. Since my diet has been horrible since I got sick I have lost 5lbs. and my strength is WAY down. I figure it's gonna take me a little while to get my diet and everything else back to normal.

    I will do my best to finish out the rest of my N.O. LIMITS so that I can finally get some final results and a final review up.. Thanks for the patience of DS with my lack of posts this past week!

    Have a great day and I'll be updating Thursday.
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  7. Sweet! Wish you well bro, Hit the gym so hard you leave 2 bricks left! lol Good luck!
  8. Cool Nice!

    Thursday ~ 5/17/2007

    The Work Out

    DB Bench:
    • 4x10x75, 1x5x90, 1x5x95

    Incline BB Bench:
    • 1x12x135, 1x10x155, 1x8x175, 1x10x135

    DB Bent Rows:
    • 1x10x100, 1x8x110, 1x8x120, 1x10x80

    WG Pull Down to Face:
    • 3x8x180

    Decline BB Press:
    • 1x12x155, 1x12x175, 1x10x185, 1x10x135(5 Sec Hold @ Bottom)

    • 4x5xBW+20

    Today's Thoughts


    Well, I definitely didn't expect to have as good of a workout as I did. I figured it would be an "ok" WO considering the past 2.. The difference was N.O. LIMITS! Same as been the trend thus far, I could feel the N.O. kick in. I could feel the blood start to pump throughout my muscles and then there is a focus factor that kicks in also! After this long using N.O. I have come to expect these two benefits every time. To my great surprise, after a week off, N.O. LIMITS has surprised me again. Both the pumps and the focus seemed to be twice what they normally are.. Everything was pumped to max today! My arms were pushed away from my sides from the swollen Lats. I could not change out of my shirt when I was ready to leave due to my arms being soo swollen. I could not bend them enough to grab my shirt to pull it off.. So like I said, when you think you know what to expect N.O. surprises you again..
    It was great to be back in the gym and great to be back on my N.O.!
    I'm gonna take off till probably Sunday just to make sure everything heals nice and next week I will jump full force back in to the routine of things.
    Have a great day everyone!!
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  9. Thumbs up Side Note..

    It has been about 4 hours since my WO and the pumps are still going strong..

    Updated measurements.

    • Weight: 215 lbs. (was up to 219 till I got sick )
    • BiCeps: 17.5" +1/2"
    • ForeArms: 14" +1/2"
    • Calves: 16" +1/4"
    • Thighs: 25" Same
    • Waist: 35.5" Same

    Some nice improvements IMO.

    Measurements are taken while flexed..

    I will list new measurements and pictures with final review.
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  10. Well, I didn't get to the gym yesterday.

    I did go on the walk though. I expected to have to stop and play at the parks we passed during the walk, but my son just wanted to ride. So I actually got a nice WO out of the walk. It was 4 miles around a 4-4.5mph pace.

    No weights today either. Just yard work.

    Everyone have a good day.

    p.s. Everything from my tests came back good. The doc says it shows I have been having allergies, or something to that nature, and that there is a good chance I have an ulcer. Which will explain that pain i've been having in my stomach. Otherwise everything is in check.
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  11. Smile

    Sunday ~ 5/20/2007

    The Work Out

    Dips SS with CG *EZ Curls*:
    • 3x8xBW+50, *3x12x70*

    CG Bench SS with *Incline Curls*:
    • 3x8x135, *3x8x35*

    Skull Crushers SS with *Rev EZ Curls*:
    • 3x8x60, *3x8x60*

    Tri Kickbacks SS with *Standing DB Curls*:
    • 3x8x20, *3x5x55*

    • 4x8xBW+25


    Today's Thoughts

    Today was my 2nd "official" WO since being sick. I took it easy today. No PR's.
    Pumps were off the charts again. My arms would feel like they were going to tear every time I would get near the end of each set. It was great!! Today was a shorter then normal WO so I decided to hit the treadmill.. I did 5 min @ 6mph and 5 min @ 10mph. This was the first time in a long time that i got up on the tredmill to run. It was tough.. I miss my C5..
    I'm gettin down to the end of my N.O.. I'll probably be rapping things up around wed. next week. Im sad to see this coming to the end. It has definitely been fun! Oh, well.. Have a great day everyone!!
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  12. Updates on today's workout coming tomorrow. Final review coming shortly after.. Sad to see this end..

    It was definitely a GREAT product though!!
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  13. Final review coming today in a couple hours.. Just getting the last of everything together.. thanks for the patience..
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  14. Final Review

    FinaL Review


    I would like to start out by saying thank you to Mike and the rest of the DS team for allowing me to test their new product N.O. LIMITS! This was my very first sponsored log. So thanks again!!

    My initial thoughts when I received the package was, oohh pretty. Then I quickly got over that and opened it to take my first dose..
    The claimed effects of N.O. LIMITS became apparent upon the very first dose for me. It was crazy to see myself growing right before my very eyes!

    Some of the effects I experienced every time I took N.O. LIMITS, included major increase in vascularity, decreased recovery time between sets + daily workouts.(N.O. Doms), and increased focus.
    The increased focus seemed to be a surprise to myself and a few of the others testing, but VERY welcomed! It was in fact one of the "extra" things that I looked forward to. With all of these in mind N.O. LIMITS became, for me, the best pre workout supplement I have tried thus far. The motivation I received from seeing myself get bigger during every single workout motivated me to not miss workouts and push as hard as I could every time!

    N.O. LIMITS seemed to be more effective on an empty stomach and with a higher water intake. I did notice even if taken close to a small meal or protein shake N.O. LIMITS still produced impressive pumps.

    The pumps from N.O. LIMITS would last an average of 4-6 hours after workouts for me. Which is always a good thing IMO..

    FinaL Thoughts:

    In my honest opinion I think N.O. LIMITS is a great product! I wouldn't have expected anything less coming from DS. There are many "pump junkies", including myself , that will definitely be able to appreciate the effects of N.O.! It has produced all of the claimed effects and then some.
    Some may frown upon the fact you have to swallow 6 pills. I personally do not mind taking pills because there are some products out there that taste like a$$ and I sometimes can not handle chugging those really nasty ones down. So that was a huge benefit for me and will be for many others who can't handle the nasty taste of some of the other NO products out there.
    N.O. LIMITS is also very cost effective, especially if used only on workout days. It can last anywhere up to two months.. If you look around you can find it VERY cheap..

    If you followed my log you already know how excited I was with the benefits of using N.O. LIMITS. I will without a doubt be keeping this great, IMO, designer supplements product in my supplement stash!

    Thank you again to DS and everyone who followed. I hope following was as good of an experience for you all as it was for me to log it.
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  15. Measurements + Photos


    • Weight: 215 lbs. (was up to 219 till I got sick )
    • BiCeps: 17.5" +1/2"
    • ForeArms: 14" +1/2"
    • Calves: 16" +1/4"
    • Thighs: 25" Same
    • Waist: 35.5" Same

    Measurements are taken while flexed..

    Before and After Photos:

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  16. Nice pics! I can see a difference in the before/after! Whats your next plans.

  17. Quote Originally Posted by PumpYouUp View Post
    Nice pics! I can see a difference in the before/after! Whats your next plans.
    thanks.. Next week comes something fun. I don't think I can set up the log on here though. The company is not on the list supplied by this website. I'll find out though..
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