focus XT changed it's formula!

  1. focus XT changed it's formula!

    I started using focus XT after reading the indepth review here from another poster. I really loved it! The poster was completely right about it effects. It made think faster, have more energy. Absolutely NO COME DOWN like with Stims. Just an awesome product. BUT I have bought my second can of Focus XT and it tastes and feels completely different than the first can I bought. It seems like they put less of the active ingredients and added alot more sugar because it is quite sweeter then the first can I bought and less potent. DAMN IT!!! Why did you guys have to change the product!! It was awesome the way it was!!! I mean, it still works OK just not as powerful. I wil keep buying it but I have to put twice as much to get the same effect.

  2. i was thinking of trying this product. is this true?

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  3. Focus Xt

    To the poster that replied to me, You should still buy it because it is still a good product but it is less powerful than the first can I bought. BUT it still works and depending on your tolerance level it may be perfect for you or really not enough. Try it for sure. But I know they changed the formula. I just don't know exactly what they changed. They took some stuff out and added more sugar cause the new formula is super sweet where the original formula was more sour. BUt I think you should still try it.

  4. Did you actually compare the ingredients from the first can you got to the second? Did you consider the possibility that you developed a tolerance to the caffine in it so you felt less of an effect the second time around? Also, from to me it doesn't look like there is any sugar in it at all. In fact right on the front of the can it says "sugar free"

  5. I've not heard that Focus was changed. I'm pretty sure that isn't true.

    But - I can check.

  6. They changed the flavor but I believe the actives are identical.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by yeahright View Post
    They changed the flavor but I believe the actives are identical.
    Actives are the same.

  8. They don't use real sugar. They use an artificial sweetner. The product is alot sweeter than the first one I bought. The first one was very sour compared to this one. I know the taste difference between sour and sweet. And I know the difference between the caffeine and the nootropics they use in the formula. I have been various nootropics many years. chose this products because of the combination of nootropics they chose to use. Instead of having to buy each one seperately.


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