Syntrax Nectar? or CytoSport Muscle Milk?

  1. Syntrax Nectar? or CytoSport Muscle Milk?

    Hey everyone,

    I need your input on this one.

    What would you reccommend?

    Syntrax Nectar? or CytoSport Muscle Milk?

    I've tried Nectar, and it rocks. I usually use PVL Whey Gourmet.

    I've heard a lot about Muscle Milk.

    I'm going to need to reorder some protein soon.

    What would you reccommend?

    Nectar? or Muscle Milk?

    My goals are to loose 25 - 30 pounds in the next 14 weeks.


  2. muscle milk cutts me up reall good and taste great but it is not a whey they say it is for before bed but i use it pre workout post workout when i run out of my on whey.but like i say the pros or experts say its not good to much fat to much cals etc and that its not whey but it works to get me cutt ripped probally the fat burners it it just my 2 cents.

  3. different types of protein...Id go with a whey post workout...Muscle Milk before bed or breakfast

  4. I think I will use both.

    Muscle milk as a MRP and nectar throughout the day.



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