Hey guys

Just wanted to finally give some feedback on the hodgepodge of stuff I have bought from nutra recently. It's worth noting that I have been on my first injectable cycle as well since mid february.

DCP- Was very impressed with this stuff once again. I really like the addition of the magnesium, as I had extreme cramping problems with other TTA products before without taking proper precautions. I ran the DCP for 8 weeks with no notable cramping. I am also very impressed with the PLCAR ingredient. I find it to be great for endurance with cardio. As mentioned, I ran the DCP for 8 weeks using a basic carb cycling diet. I'm up about 12 lbs. since starting, but this is obviously due to the muscle gain from my current cycle. I am notably leaner than when I began. As happened before, the results weren't really seen until a few days after stopping, due to the water gain from the TTA. Keep this in mind if you aren't impressed with your results while on any of these TTA products. Overall, an absolutely excellent product.

Clear edge- Another great product. Once again, theres more PLCAR, which is a product I really like for energy and endurance. Because of this, I actually use clear edge often before training/cardio. As far as cognitive effect, I feel a nice subtle clearheadedness. It isn't an adderall/ritalin type of focus, although I don't think it ever claimed to be. However, it provides a VERY good sense of clearheadedness. I oftentimes feel very foggy and out of it mentally, and this stuff has been great for helping with that to the point that I have been able to cut back on my Prescription ADD drugs. Definitely notice improved memory and focus. I have bought about 12 bottles of this stuff because of the price. To be completely honest, if you are buying any other cognitive enhancers while clear edge is at it's current price, you aren't thinking clearly. FWIW, dsade is marketing this to the wrong crowd, when you have it redesigned you should market it some to the poker/gaming etc. crowds.

Bulk Sesathin- Great stuff so far. I just started this about two weeks ago. I used sesathin oil once when it was relatively new and was impressed, have used gelcaps once since then and was not pleased. So far I am starting to look leaner and feel as if it's working.. Only thing I have noticed, which I noticed before with sesathin, is a somewhat "flatter" appearance, even while working out- i.e. less vascularity, separation (which I am very short on as is), etc. My last run I also noticed a moderate drop off in strength, although this hasn't been seen so far thanks to the androgens. As of right now I am down 4 lbs. since starting the bulk sesathin two weeks ago with basic cuts and camphbolic. Currently I am using 3-4 servings a day, once I get down to around where I want to be bodyfatwise, I plan to cut down to 2 servings a day. However, with the fat loss benefits and health benefits I do plan on running this at a moderate-low dose year round because it is such a great deal.

Nutraplanet ATD- Have been using this on cycle to keep the bloat down at 25 mg a day. Not much to say other than it has been working and I haven't had any libido problems at this dose. Obviously, nutra's version is the price leader for ATD products.

Bulk berberine- I have been using this stuff for awhile now and it's hard to tell what it's doing and what it isn't. Main thing I have noticed, which is great for me, is that I can eat a large amount of carbs and not get fat very quickly. I am usually rather carb sensitive and thus have to keep it at 300 grams or less, even while bulking (i'm currently 265ish). Hard to tell how well this will work for gaining muscle, it would likely be a better gauge if I had a higher carb diet. I will say I bought the largest size for 29.99 and I have been using it 2-3 times a day at ~500 mg and it has lasted for an eternity, so if you like berberine this is a great deal.

Geranamine- Really good stuff for energy. Definitely much more noticable if not used every day. Strong stuff, as I feel it quite a bit at 20-30 mg and I have pretty high stim tolerance, although this is stacked with basic cuts.

I have a bunch more brand name stuff I got that I will review later, I think this covers it for the nutraplanet bulk stuff that I am using now though. I got beta alanine tabs and green tea too that I am going to use at the end of my cycle which is the 1st of next month. Looking forward to trying the BA, as I haven't used it yet. I will make it a point to update this fairly regularly