ALRI Evolution: Gettin' Leaner, Not weaker

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  1. ALRI Evolution: Gettin' Leaner, Not weaker

    Over the past 2 summers, I have had no problems dropping winter insulating fat for the summer cut. However, it has always been at the expense of hard earned muscle and strength. My supplement and workout plan are arranged to combat muscle and strength loss while cutting.


    27 years old, 5'10", 200lbs
    19% BF according to 3, 5, and 7 point skinfold tests

    10 years powerlifting, 3-4 years recreational bodybuilding

    Supplement History and my personal preference ratings:

    NO2 5/5
    Creatine Monohydrate 5/5
    TRAC 5/5
    Vitrix (Tribulus) 4/5
    E-form (Formastane) 4/5
    Lipo-6 (not 6x) 3/5
    6-oxo 3/5
    Creakic 3/5
    Anator p70 3/5
    Bulk Arginine 2/5
    Bulk CEE 1/5
    Ripped Fuel (pre-ban) 1/5
    ZMA -3,072/5
    No steroids or prohormones


    Beginner/cutting ALRI Evolution protocol as follows:
    Week 1-4: Jungle Warfare
    Week 5-8: Bad Ass Mass
    Week 9-12: Restore

    Low dose of bulk GABA at 1-1.5g per night to avoid sleep issues that others have reported on this stack. I will have melatonin tabs on hand "just in case."

    Bulk cissus will be for elbow tendonitis and bilateral shoulder pain from old sports injuries. Dosage will be 1.4g 2x/day.

    Typical Diet

    3260 calories
    282g protien, 400g carbs, 62g fat
    36/47/18 according to
    I won't list every day's diet but will briefly comment.
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  2. P/RR/S Workout

    Legs Power
    Olympic Squat 4 x 6
    Deadlift 3 x 6
    SLDL 2 x 6

    Shoulders Power
    Standing BB Press 4 x 6
    BB Upright Row 3 x 6
    BB Shrug 2 x 6

    Back/Bis Power
    Wide Grip Pull Up 4 x 6
    Wide Grip BB Row 3 x 6
    BB Curl 3 x 6
    Incline Curl 2 x 6

    Chest/Tris Power
    BB Bench 4 x 6
    BB Incline 3 x 6
    Close Grip BP 3 x 6
    French Press 2 x 6

    Legs Rep Range
    Narrow Squats 4 x 9
    BB Rev Lunges 3 x 12
    BB Cleans 2 x 15

    Shoulder Rep Range
    Arnold Press 4 x 9
    DB Lateral 3 x 12
    Bent Over Posterior Delts 2 x 15

    Back and Bis
    Neutral Pullups 4 x 9
    Underhand BB Row 3 x 12
    BO Reverse Flies 2 x 15
    DB Hammers 3 x 12
    Rev BB Curl 2 x 15

    Chest & Tris Rep Range
    Decline BB Press 4 x 9
    BB Flat Bench 3 x 12
    Incline Flies 2 x 15
    DB Kickback 3 x 12
    DB Overhead 2 x 15

    Legs Shock
    Leg Extension 2 x 10
    SS Narrow Leg Press
    Leg Curl 2 x 10
    SS Wide Leg Press

    Shoulders Shock
    Cable Front Raise 2 x 10
    SS Neutral Grip Machine Shoulder Press
    Wide Grip Machine Shoulder Press 2 x 10
    SS Cable Upright Row
    Cable Shrugs 1 x 10
    Down the rack

    Back & Bis Shock
    BB Curl 2 x 8-10
    SS Underhand Chins
    Seated Supinating Curl 2 x 8-10
    SS body weight rows
    Concentration Curls 1 x 10
    Drop Set

    Chest & Tris Shock
    Incline DB Flies 2 x 8-10
    SS Incline DB Press
    DB Flat Bench 2 x 8-10
    DB Skull Crushers 1 x 8-10
    Drop Set

    *abs twice per week
    *calves once per week

  3. Workout

    Squat 255 x 6
    Deadlift 215 x 6
    SLDL 205 x 6

    *I haven't performed these lifts in 4-5 months so I kept it very light today. I also have never used the suggested 4/x/0 tempo so round one was practice. The tempo calls for explosive concentric, no pause, and 4 second negative. I can't wait to throw around some heavier weights next time power comes around.


    Very clean today and I stuck to the plan. I plan to drop carbs just a bit at a time over the next few weeks.


    JW: (3 caps/day) Day 4 for my supplements. I enjoy taking JW on an empty stomach because you can feel it sort of "searching" for nutrients. You have NO CHOICE but to eat cause it makes you so friggin hungry. I am concerned, however, that cutting down on the carbs is going to be difficult with JW.

    Also, muscles feel harder full body. No noticable pumps. No increased libido. No negative effects.

    GABA: 1g at night. Oderless and tasteless bulk gaba from NP. I take 3/8 tsp and chase it with water. I have to go to bed IMMEDIATELY cause it kicks in fast for me.

    Cissus: 1.4 g (1/2 tsp) twice per day. It's the bulk version from NP. I had analgesic effect on my first dose. No noticable effect since then.

    I swear they should make people on Fear Factor drink this stuff because it's the worst taste ever! I gotta get some caps!

  4. Im sure you will do well !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :bb:

  5. Thanks for the support FitnFirm.

    Day 5
    Tuesday, May 1, 2007

    I just did some outside cardio for day 5 because the weather was so nice out.

    I forgot to mention that I had splitting headaches on day 2 of JW. I significantly increased my water intake that day, popped a few ibuprofin, and was fine by day 3. I have had no headaches since then.

    I have had some mild lethargy. I don't want to blame JW just yet because it could also be from altered sleep cycles with the GABA.
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  6. Day 6

    Wednesday, May 2, 2007


    Shoulders Power
    Standing BB Shoulder Press 105 x 6
    BB Upright Row 85 x 6
    BB Shrug 365 x 6

    Shoulder pain significantly hindered my workout today. Oddly, shrugs seemed to help reduce pain at the end of my workout. Next shoulder routine will have to start off with shrugs and a much more elaborate warm-up.


    Nothing to note


    Gaba: What I was afraid of with a sleep aide happened. Crazy ass dreams woke me up yelling in my sleep! I think I was in a concentration camp or something. I NEVER dream at night except when taking sleep aides. I'm gonna have to think about this some more...

  7. Day 7

    Thursday, May 3, 2007


    Abs and light cardio. Nothing to journal here.


    If I had no other effects from the supplements, I notice that they seem to motivate me to stick to my diet. I usually have no problem getting lean in the summer, but being strict is helping so far.


    GABA: slept all night with no nightmares. Woo Hoo!

    JW: I take it with food now and don't feel the need to gorge on carbs any more. As of right now, I feel more confident that I'll be able to start lowering carbs with the JW.

    Cissus: Got my 0 caps! Nuff said.

  8. Day 8

    Friday, May 4, 2007


    Back and Bis Power
    Wide Grip Pull Ups 6, 5, 5, 5
    BB Row 175 x 6
    BB Curl 85 x 6
    Incline DB Curl 30 x 6

    The power tempo suggests a 4 second negative. Had to check my ego at the door cause I didn't realize how fast I usually do ALL these movements. I used to do 12 or 15 wide grip pullups but I guess I was really cheating.


    Consistant. Nothing to note.


    JW: gettin antsy with the JW. Not much to note other than it MAY be helping to get leaner slightly faster than expected.

    GABA: nothing to note

    Cissus: thank goodness for the caps.


    I feel that I hit a wall about 2/3 to 3/4 of the way through my workout. Then a song motivates me to just blast through my workout. I listen to The-X in Pittsburgh which plays modern rock and alternative.

    White Zombie: More Human Than Human

  9. nice job so far. im on day 15 on jw and the strength gains kinda crept up on me. around day 12 you should start noticing decent lift gains, good luck. btw some times i take jw 30 minutes before work out with 2 scoops waxy maize and a scoop of protein.

    use code THEBIGT for 25% off

  10. Quote Originally Posted by thebigt View Post
    nice job so far. im on day 15 on jw and the strength gains kinda crept up on me. around day 12 you should start noticing decent lift gains, good luck. btw some times i take jw 30 minutes before work out with 2 scoops waxy maize and a scoop of protein.
    Thanks for the tip on when to expect the strength gains. Are you running JW solo or stacking?

    I take my first JW about 15 minutes before breakfast. Second dose is immediately before working out and then I sip on a shake about 15 minutes into the workout. Third cap is 15 minutes before my last meal.

  11. Day 9

    Saturday, May 5, 2007


    Chest Power
    BB Flat Bench 185 x 5
    BB Incline 160 x 6
    CGBP 145 x 4
    BB Skull Crushers 65 x 6

    Shoulder pain really holds me back with pressing movements. But, the 4 second negative allowed me to really work hard with lighter weights. Also, I've never used BB for skull crushers before and, quite honestly, I didn't feel them at all. Lackluster workout today.


    Over the weekend, I'm doing some exact measuring of cals and carbs so that I can cut back just a bit this week. I'm already starting to lean out a bit so no drastic adjustments will be necessary.


    JW: I'm looking for effects of JW based on what I've read from other logs. Libido is up and down throughout the day. And energy levels and lethargy are up and down throughout the day.

  12. Day 10

    Sunday, May 6, 2007


    Off day. 1 hour walk in the sun.


    I just did my grocery shopping and I plan to be just a little more strict this week. My plan is 40/40/20 (pro/carb/fat). I started at 36/46/18. I want to keep my cals just about the same at around 3200.


    Cissus: sometimes I get an analgesic effect, sometimes I don't. Not sure why. Maybe it has something to do with how much time I give for digestion after my last meal. I'll pay closer attention this week. I am also considering to try double the dosage preworkout for shoulders and chest.

    GABA: I've skipped taking it the past 2 nights. I haven't needed it which means...

    JW: It's keeping me NOT interfering with sleep at all. Maybe it was another part of the stack that was keeping some of the testers awake? I guess I'll find out over the next few months.

    Also of note, I have not had to use the melatonin yet. I'll save it for an emergency "can't fall asleep" situation.

  13. just remember jw is a good glucose disposal agent. so when you take with your shake prework-out try to add some carbs. btw im on post cycle therapy right now so im taking a boat load of stuff, but i can tell a difference after i take jw. the stuff is working. im up 7lbs since starting post cycle therapy, and getting stronger!!!good luck.

    use code THEBIGT for 25% off

  14. Day 11

    Monday, May 7, 2007


    Legs Rep Range
    Narrow Stance Squats (a2g) 165 x 9
    BB Reverse Alternating Lunges 65 x 24 (12/side)
    BB Cleans (a2g) 65 x 11

    These tempo changes are totally screwing with my head and coordination. The one second pause at the bottom of lunges and cleans put my quads on fire. I had to lay down to drink my post workout shake because my legs were so fried.


    I'm up one pound and eating less than I have in about 5 months.


    JW: It's gotta be doing something because I'm getting leaner AND gaining weight. I'll get another skinfold done at the end of 4 weeks to see what effects JW had on my bf%.

    GABA: no new info

    Cissus: shoulder hurts worse even with double dose of the bulk cissus. When the bulk is finished, I have a bottle of Super Cissus Rx to compare.


    Finger Eleven: Paralyzed
    I rarely like new bands but this song is pretty decent. Mandatory Metallica at 6 o'clock every day is the best for liftin but that goes without being said.
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  15. great log! i'm a new member and this is helping me out because i was interested in seeing what the affects of this stack will be. i just started yesterday on the JW.

  16. Subsribed! I'm also doing a JW, Anabolic Pump stack I'm on day 8 and I feel lethargic as **** but lets see what happens.

  17. Quote Originally Posted by Camaroguy1 View Post
    great log! i'm a new member and this is helping me out because i was interested in seeing what the affects of this stack will be. i just started yesterday on the JW.
    I definately learned a lot from reading tons of logs over the past few months. I'm not sure if mine will offer you anything noteworthy, but it's cool that you're following.

    I hope the other members don't mind, but I want to mention a few exellent Evolution logs. Outsidebacker is the one that really got my attention. Also, KraZnuts is doing an incredible log that has tons of info in it. Good luck!

  18. Quote Originally Posted by brugalou View Post
    Subsribed! I'm also doing a JW, Anabolic Pump stack I'm on day 8 and I feel lethargic as **** but lets see what happens.
    Cool stack. I just saw that someone in the BN forums is doing the same stack. I read a post on here a while ago where someone was running AP, BAM, and powerful I believe. Lots of creative ideas going around.

  19. Day 12

    Tuesday, May 8, 2007


    Shoulder Rep Range
    Seated Arnold Press 40 x 9
    Standing DB Lateral 15 x 12
    Bent Over Posterior Delts 15 x 15

    Same old story. Shoulder pain is holdin me back. I wanted to go so much heavier today. I wonder if I'm gonna have to use P/RR/S for back, arms, legs and just do high reps/light weight all the time for shoulders and chest.


    I'm havin a tough time keepin the carbs and protein at 40%. Seems like I keep getting around 35p/45c/20f. I'm not worried though because I can see that I'm getting leaner in the mirror and all my bulking fatty pants are feelin looser


    JW: Is it kicking in? I have no idea. It's hard to tell because I'm using a routine that I've never done before, which may be what's accounting for my body comp changes so far. One thing is for sure, JW makes me drink water and pee... drink water and pee... even during the night.

    Cissus: Can't wait to finish off the bulk and get the USP bottle I have sittin in my cupboard. Oh and --->

    GABA: It works on very low dosage. Nuff said.


    Listened to Linkin Park Live today. Just to get me psyched a bit fo the new album next week.

  20. Hey Celc! Very nice Log! Loads of information and training tips, wow.

    Don't worry about the JW, I thought it was fairly suttle. I started noticing the strength gains in weeks 3 on up. I noticed the pumps right away though. I think the body composition change is the most important part and it seems that you are getting that.

    I have problems with tendonitis in both of my elbows. Is the cissus helping with that? I was thinking of trying some.

    I will answer your questions you posted later this week at the end of my log so that I can give it some good thought.

    Great log, you have lots of great tips and techniques for training, I'm gonna have to write some of that down for sure!

  21. Day 13

    Wednesday, May 9, 2007


    30 minutes of core. Skipped the cardio after a killer day at work.


    Olive Garden put a red flag on my diet for the first time since starting the stack. I don't feel super guilty though because I ordered from the low fat choices... AND JW was just screaming for more carbs. It's gotta be SIMPLE to bulk with this stuff.


    JW: Maybe a small pump? Everything is very subtle with JW just as KraZ said in the above post.

    GABA: I realized last night that I have a bit of paranoia every time I take my GABA. But, I fall asleep so quickly that I forget to mention it in my log the next day. I've been dreaming a lot and most dreams are very vivid, violent, and intense. It's definately from the GABA because I NEVER dream without taking night time supps.

    Cissus: Inconsistant results. After I whined like a baby yesterday about how bad my shoulder hurt, I felt as if I could have done a solid heavy shoulder workout today.


    Listened to David DeAngelo while doing abs today. My undergrad had a psych emphasis so his stuff really intrigues me.

  22. Day 14

    Thursday, May 10, 2007

    Took the day off to get my shoulder and elbow worked on by a massage therapist. Frictional massage felt good on my rotator cuff and triceps tendon. Unfortunately, I don't think it solved any of my problems.

    Jungle Warfare 14 Day Review

    Compared to other supplements at 14 days in:

    Pumps: I have mild pumps and vascularity so far from JW. Pumps/vascularity are waaaay better with NO2 at even a few days in. JW pumps are better than bulk A-AKG. I know most of you don't have much faith in NO2 but it delivers for me every time. It's definately my favorite supplement.

    Hardness: Mild increased muscle hardness with JW. 14 days in with trib I was much harder head to toe.

    Recomp: Much better leaning effect with e-form and lipo 6 (oops, I'll have to add that one to my supp history)

    Strength: I have not had the opportunity to fairly measure progress in the gym because the P/RR/S routine is new to me. The tempo changes are an eye opener for me and may have been a missing component to my workout routine over the past few years. I'm humbled to continue learning with this routine to say the least.

    Sexual: Over the past week, I have hooked up twice. With JW, I have noticed mild increased hardness and mild increased size. I have not noticed increased desire/libido, no increased sensitivity, and no increase in load size. E-form and vitrix rocked my socks off in this department

    JW Cons: Overall, very very little cons. The only glaring problem is having a full bladder in the middle of the night which interupts sleep. Very mild problems that faded quickly after I adjusted were ravenous hunger and headaches.

    So far, in terms of gains... I rate JW 2/5. In terms of sides, I rate it 5/5. I will review JW again at the end of the month as objectively as possible.

    So far I rate P/RR/S 5/5 because it is exciting and motivating to have variety. It alters my typical number of sets, tempo, rest periods, and superset strategies. I'm typically a volume lifter with all supersets/drop sets OR all power lifting. The weekly changes are fun as he11!

  23. Day 15

    Friday, May 11, 2007


    He11 ya!!! Had to tear the weights away from me today! He11 ya!!!

    Back and Bis Rep Range
    Neutral Grip Pullups 9, 8, 8, 7
    Underhand BB Rows 125 x 12
    BO Reverse Flies 30 x 13
    DB Hammer Curls 30 x 12, 40 x 6 (wish I had 35's for this one)
    Rev Grip BB Curls 45 x 13

    The pause at the top of the pullups is delicously painful at the end of the set! Gonna be sore for sure. PRRS is great!


    40/40/20 today. 2 scoops protein instead of 1 in each shake. Cut out lunch starch and added veggies.


    JW: I'm just gonna chill with the comments on JW for a while to give it a chance to kick in.

    GABA: I give GABA a "borderline 11 out of 10" for it's 2 week rating. Low dose and it still works.

    Cissus: My shoulder will put it to the test tomorrow with chest.

    TRAC: I cut grass for 2 hours before working out so I needed a quick boost. Kicked in immediately and lasted the whole workout. I almost felt like I could head butt the cement wall during my workout! I would use TRAC every day if it didn't have the mono in it. I'm staying away from that right now as I'm trying to get lean for summer. It's for emergencies only throughout this stack.


    Rush: Snakes and Arrows
    I'm a die-hard Rush fan and have to say this new album is definately in their top 3. Highly recommended!
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  24. great log. first time i heard live version of working man off all the worlds a stage, i became a fan.

    use code THEBIGT for 25% off

  25. Day 16

    Saturday, May 12, 2007


    Chest Rep Range
    Decline BB Bench 175 x 7
    Incline Cybex Press 70/side x 10
    Low CCO 20 x 15
    Straight Bar Pushdowns 80 x 10
    1 Arm DB Overhead 17 x 14

    I typically have a lot less shoulder pain with decline presses simply because of the mechanics of the movement are less stressful to the shoulder joint. I had discomfort but none more than usual on that movement. On the flip side, I have ZERO pain with the light crossovers and got a spectacular pump with that one! Another great workout from the PRRS tempo once again. Pausing at the top of compound movements is just sick!

    Slightly under so far with cals but that's because we have a family picnic later this afternoon. I'm sure that will more than make up for it.


    JW: nothing of note

    GABA/melatonin: I tried out the melatonin last night at 3mg. It did help me fall asleep quicly but it's not a natural feeling at all- almost out of body feeling or hallucinogenic. I woke up groggy and couldn't sleep in. GABA blows it out of the water, in my limited experience.

    Cissus: I got frustrated with the shoulder pain so I upped my dosage. I'm now taking about 3.5 grams of bulk cissus 2 times per day. The cissus plus the massage is surprisingly helping my triceps pain over the past 2-3 days. Not much improvement with the shoulder noted.

    The X is playing some tracks off of the new Linkin Park Album. I give it mixed reviews and seem to tolerate the new stuff better than some of my friends who are die-hard fans.


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