ALRI Evolution: Gettin' Leaner, Not weaker

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  1. man you give great reviews. cant wait to see what next few weeks will bring. btw allman bros. rock-one way out and whipping post are great for cardio.

  2. Day 19


    FYI, don't waste your money on the new Linkin Park album. It totally blows goats!

    Day 20

    Wednesday May 16, 2007


    20 minutes moderate cardio

    Shoulders and Tris Shock

    Rotator Cuff Routine

    Cable Shrugs: Up to the rack to 155x20, down the rack
    Cable Straight Bar Front Raises 22.5 x 10
    ... SS Machine Neutral Grip Shoulder Press 70 x 10
    Cable Upright Row 40 x 10
    ... SS Machine Wide Grip Shoulder Press 70 x 10

    Reverse Grip Straight Bar Pushdowns 35 x 10
    ... SS Pushdows 35 x 10
    1 Arm Overhead Tricep Extensions 15 x 10

    For shock week, I take 3 deep breathes and move on to my next set. It's fun to move fast and I hate standing around. Since I'm pretty familiar with the volume training, I usually do about 3-4 working sets for each movement rather than the recommended 2 in the PRRS article.

    I have a feeling the next push/pull days will rock though. Shoulder hurt today and keeps the weights puny... next topic


    About $75/ week is going toward groceries and it's showing. I look and feel lean. I will hopefully get my skinfolds this weekend.


    Jungle Warfare: no comment

    BAM: Mild increase in libido. Noticable increase in hardness during sex. Improved ability to hold off on cumming for longer than usual when sex gets rough. Slightly smaller load size Weird, right? Slightly improved overall mood all day long.

    Cissus: I've noticed that my shoulder doesn't hurt during the day. It's still a major problem during workouts. Um, do I notice a slight pump from this stuff.. Thought my dosage was too low, but maybe it's enough.

    GABA: no sleep aides needed.


    Some old fart mentioned the Allman Brothers. So I had no choice but to dig out Live At the Fillmore East. I love playing my guitar along with the One Way Out solo!

  3. you dont get to be an old fart without learning a thing or two, cissus doses vary a lot from person to person, got to find your sweet spot. just found an alternative to reg spaghetti. spelt, its a complex carbo and tastes great. might have to go to health store to find it. glad to hear your getting good results.

  4. Day 21

    May 18, 2007


    Back and Bis Shock

    DB Rows (10 sets of 10 per side) x 45 pounds
    Bodyweight Rows (hanging from a power rack) 18, 15, 15
    Underhand Pull Ups (Rest Pause) 2+2+2+0... or something like that for 3 sets

    DB Hammers (up the rack x 10, down the rack to failuare each set) peaked at 40's
    Seated DB Supinating Curl 30x10
    ... SS Narrow Grip BB Curl (elbows in front of body) 55x10
    Concentration Curl (Drop Set) 30 x 9

    How about if EVERY DAY is back and bis? Everyone agree? I think I should do the rest pause for the pull ups first next time so I can get more reps. And, the 10 sets of 10 should be last because 45 was too light (I don't have any DB's that go higher than 45).


    I have stayed on track but I look a little soft today... sort of like a creatine bloat.


    JW: ???

    BAM: the effects in the gym aren't as noticable as the first few days, but they are still there. I feel very "balanced" and "aware" on BAM. For example, I feel cocky but in a funny and entertaining way. I haven't been over the top at all like on some other test boosters. Also, I notice an improved mind muscle connection today. I actually got my interscapulars to cramp today. Sweet!

    Cissus: I don't have pain on B&B day so there's no way to measure the cissus effectiveness today. Saturday's push day will test it again.

    GABA: I think I might save this for a stack that gets me wired or when life is more stressful.


    Foo Fighters have an acoustic version of Times Like These that just totally rocks. I was also digging Good Times, Bad Times by Zeppelin today. I have an eclectic rock genre taste which really keeps my workouts feeling fresh (ew, did that sound weird?).

  5. check out old neil young and crazy horse live-rust never sleeps. out of the blue into the black is killer.

  6. Day 22

    Friday, May 18, 2007

    Off day. 2 hours of cutting grass. Does that count as cardio? ...not really.


    JW/BAM: I'm noticing that I'm a little jittery. If I had to guess, I'd say it's from a slight increased test from the BAM. I love it! I want more! Wish I had another bottle of BAM to try ramping up the dosage to 3 or 4 caps/day. But, I'll just be patient and stick to the plan.

    Day 23

    Saturday, May 19, 2007


    Chest & Tris Shock
    Incline DB Flies 27.5 x 12
    ... SS Incline DB Press 55 x 10
    DB Flat Bench 70 x 7
    ... SS CGBP 50 x 21's (x-reps style)
    CCO 10 x 50, 20 x 30

    Triceps Cable Overhead
    ... SS Assisted Dips
    Lying Triceps DB Extension

    Calve Raise (leg press) 8 plates/side x 7
    ... SS BW calf raises 21's

    10 minutes of core

    I've honestly never done DB flies before. I hate to say it, but what a crappy exercise. CCO is so much better because the range is limited on the DB flies. Shock week was fun, but I don't think it was much of a shock to my body. I can't remember the weights I used for triceps cause I was about to throw up from how fast we were moving... ya, I miss workin out like that ALL THE TIME!


    Hmm, not lookin so lean today either. I've been hovering at 40/40/20 for the past few days. I can't imagine going to 45/35/20. That would be torture. Treadmill, here I come.


    JW: It is making me hungry. That is not very useful on a cut.

    BAM: I'm starting to think this is a good beginner test booster for someone who has never messed with trib, an AI, or any other estrogen blocker. It's very very mild but those who have experience with other supps that ram their way into your system might yawn at BAM. I'm diggin it with a mild increase in aggression in the gym, mild increases across the board sexually, and a pleasant cool affect/mood.

    Cissus: It helps with some movements but is no match for movements that are awkward on the shoulder. I'm almost out of bulk cissus and will be starting SuperCissusRx in about a week or 2. It'll be fun to compare the 2.

    GABA/melatonin: took em both last night because I was wired. Definately helped me fall asleep. A+. However, if you don't have time to sleep in, you feel weird in the morning. I get best results when I can definately dedicate 8-9 hours with the sleep aides.

    TRAC: It's become my saturday staple for motivation. A+. I need to find a PWO that doesn't have caffiene or any creatine. Any suggestions?


    Tool is slowly becoming one of my favorite bands in the gym. It sounds like they're playing their music for the sole purpose of making people deadlift more weight! He11 ya!!!

  7. incarnate/bulk citrulline malate. plus incarnate has cissus already in it. best endurance/recovery ive ever tried.

  8. Day 24

    Sunday, May 20, 2007

    Body Comp Update

    Off day today so it's an opportunity to discuss a few things. I took skinfold measurements to check my progress. According to the Jackson/Pollock 7 site method, I have lost fat AND gained muscle... the original plan was to get leaner but not weaker---> and heres some proof:

    Day 1 200 lbs at 19.5%
    Day 24 199 lbs at 17.14%

    That's 5 pounds fat loss and 4 pounds LBM gain!!! I suppose I do that in about 4-6 weeks time usually so JW and BAM have sped up the process a bit. I plan to take measurements again in about 2-3 weeks and again at the end of the stack.

    I found a killer website that calculates the measurements for you. I don't think I'll be able to post the link but feel free to email me at the same user name on yahoo.


    Since my music taste is so broad, I thought it would be fun to do a few lists to explain my tastes.

    Favorite Bands for listening and to just chill:
    1) Pink Floyd
    2) Led Zeppelin
    3) Red Hot Chilli Peppers

    Favorite Bands for the Gym
    1) Rage Against the Machine
    2) Tool
    3) Disturbed
    4) Velvet Revolver
    5) Metallica

    Favorites to Play on my guitar:
    1) Santana
    2) Audioslave
    3) Tom Petty
    4) Neil Young -see T, I know my classic rock

    Favorite Concerts (bands that I've seen 4-5 times each)
    1) Allman Brothers
    2) Yes
    3) Rush

  9. im turning green. you've seen the bros. live. man i wish i could have seen them back in the day, when duane was still alive. found a great supp with lots of good stuff cheap, also comes caffeine free version. ragnarok, for under 30 bucks cant be beat. i like this a lot.

  10. Day 25

    Monday, May 21, 2007


    Legs Power (2)
    Squat 295 x 6
    Deadlift 275 x 6
    SLDL 255 x 6

    It looks like an impressive gain in strength since my last power workout 2 weeks ago, but don't be fooled. I ease my way into new routines because of all my injuries. My PR for 4-6 reps is around 450 squat, 365 deads, and probably 365 SLDL. I will switch the order next time around as shoulder pain hindered holding the bar for squats. HOWEVER, the heavy pulls seem to activate my rotator cuff muscles and I had ZERO pain by the end of the workout. So, pulls first next time and then squats will be Huuuuge... for a scrawny little 200 pounder


    Going well.


    JW: I think it gives a mild boost if I take it 1 hour pre workout followed by a shake 1/2 hour pre workout. Someone suggested this earlier in my log but I haven't really noticed any effects until, well, today.

    BAM: Nice mild test boost.

    Cissus: Everything feels good but the shoulder. I'd like to run it again at a higher dosage sometime.

    GABA: Super low dose knocked me out cold last night. Would have loved to sleep in though


    Well, yesterday's list just killed anything I have to say about music. So, I'll talk movies. Spiderman 3 killed my libido I was afraid I was going to go into complete shutdown from how fruity that movie was. I'll go pick up a chick at the bar for post movie therapy to get my balls back


  12. Day 25

    Tuesday, May 22, 2007


    Abs and cardio

    I highly recommend straight leg raises hanging from the top of a slant board. I pre-exhaust my obliques first (on the slant board as well) and then SS with the SLRs. A trainer buddy of mine in grad school taught me that one. I swear it makes my abs grow somethin fierce! They are poppin out right now even though I'm a big fatty still


    Little bit higher with carbs today. I felt I needed the fuel after the legs powerlifting routine yesterday.


    JW: might be kickin in a little but I think that I'd need a much higher dosage to really get some results with this mild supp.

    BAM: It's been my buddy so far... BUT, I think I may have a little decreased libido, my boys are lookin a little skimpy. Maybe it's just in my head but my chest is lookin a little soft and my man boobs aren't keepin pace with the rest of my body's recomp. Any thoughts? I have an idea for a strategy to deal with this but I want to see if anyone has some ideas first.

    GABA: Hmm, this is a few nights in a row now that I needed a sleep aide. I don't wanna blame the supps for the trouble getting to sleep because I really do need to change my night time habits before bed.

    Off Topic

    I changed the last section because I'm pretty sure that I buried the music topic into the ground. My friend sent me a hilarious 2 minute Will Ferrel skit. If you're a fan, google "Will Ferrel Landlord"

  13. Quote Originally Posted by thebigt View Post
    im turning green. you've seen the bros. live. man i wish i could have seen them back in the day, when duane was still alive. found a great supp with lots of good stuff cheap, also comes caffeine free version. ragnarok, for under 30 bucks cant be beat. i like this a lot.
    Allman's usually play the concert that caps off the summer in August here in Pittsburgh. I've probably seen them 6 or 7 times- obviously AD (after Duane). If you like the Allman's, check out Government Mule (Warren Haynes' side project).

    Wasn't Ragnorak a character on Lord of the Rings? Anyways, it looks solid accept creatine is a No No for me during the summer. Might have to try it out for powerlifitng in the fall/winter though.

    Bulk Citruline Malate: do you cap it? or is the taste tolerable? I wanna find this out BEFORE i buy any bulk supps next time becuase I almost barfed my brains out with cissus

  14. i mix bulk cm in ragnarok or gatorade almost anything will do. it doesnt really have that much of a taste. bulk cm/beta-alanine= close to man body octane. look at reviews it is a great supp.

  15. Day 26

    Wednesday, May 23, 2007


    Shoulder Power ...modified
    Shrugs 395 x 6
    BB Shoulder Press 110 x 5
    DB Upright Row 40 x 12

    I made a few changes to my routine today to adjust for shoulder pain. I did a few nerve stretch techniques for my elbow/forearm and ALA-KAZAAM, no pain for upright rows! 40's are a PR for me


    Bought a scale yesterday at Target on sale for 30 bucks. It reads 198.6 and 17.1% bodyfat. The super accurate scale at work says 199 and caliper says 17.14% bf so this impulse buy may have turned out to be a steal


    Cissus: I take 1.5 grams twice per day. The second dose is 3g on workout days (preworkout of course). However, I've noticed that the 3g only kicks in at the end of my workout. This could mean that it takes approximately 1.5 hours for it to kick in for me? Isn't that a bit of a long time? I got IMMEDIATE relief for the first week or two.

    JW/BAM: Libido is still down a bit but I'm "functioning" just fine. And maybe even slightly enhanced performance. I've done some reading and some suggest that BAM may be the culprit. I dunno bout that cause I'm no expert. I hope this changes when restore comes into the picture in a few days.

    GABA: crashed yesterday after reading logs while strategizing for my next stack so I never took it

    Off Topic

    Gonna catch some South Park tonight while I do cardio. One of my favorite episodes is when Jimmy gets roid rage while training for the Special Olympics

    Edit: JW/BAM: I have read that others believe that BAM may be the culprit for a slightly lowered libido. I hope that adding restore clears up this problem.
    Last edited by celc5; 05-25-2007 at 08:54 PM. Reason: Clarify JW/BAM comment

  16. Day 27

    Thursday, May 24, 2007

    Off day. 2 rounds of sex. Does that count as cardio?

    I don't think I've mentioned this but I've been having nose bleeds throughout this entire stack. Just a little when I blew my nose. But last night, I woke up with my nose just GUSHING blood for about an hour. I've never had a nose bleed... well, not since I broke my face mask in HS football. Weird right?

    Day 28

    Friday, May 25


    Quasi cardio: 2 hours cutting grass with a dull blade

    Back and Bis Power
    Wide Grip Pullups 7,7,6,6
    Wide Grip Bent Over BB Row 205 x 4 PR?
    BB Curl 95 x 4
    DB Incline Curl 30 x 4

    An old buddy in undergrad taught me to try holding my elbows up just a hair on incline curls. Initially, I thought this would engage anterior delt. But actually, I found that it seems to put tension at the top of my biceps and allows for a much harder contraction. Although he may not have understood bio-mechanically why this worked, I'm sure he could feel it. Good advice from my pal.


    I was tracking on fit day and just about FREAKED when I realized I was eatin about 35 grams of sugar RIGHT BEFORE BED and yogurt was the culprit Yogurt found it's way into my post workout shake today where it belongs.


    JW/BAM: Looking forward to adding Restore

    Cissus: I will start SuperCissusRx on Sunday. At the end of the log, I hope to do a comparison.

    Off Topic

    I hate it when you feel a log brewing preworkout and it's just not quite ready. At the end of every set, squeezing out an extra rep is a reminder that it's time to produce real soon

  17. it beats the alternative-it could be ready during a set.

  18. Day 29

    Saturday, May 27, 2007


    Chest and Tris Power
    BB Flat Bench 190 x 5
    DB Inlcline Bench 75 x 5
    CGBP 150 x 4 PR?
    Miscellaneous Tris
    Calves (Leg Press) 8 plates x 8

    Swapped BB inlcline for DB because of the shoulder issues. Also, I had to go back down to 8 plates for calves as I was at a new gym with fat plates and couldn't fit any more onto the machine. Luckily, it was the exact same cybex leg press.


    Might have went a bit too low on carbs preworkout. Personally, a quality workout is priority for me over diet. For me, the psychological benefits of a carb-energized workout outweigh the benefits of matching my exact macro ratios.


    JW/BAM: I'm noticing that libido is up and down. I reread several logs on the EVO stack and this is VERY common. Not sure if this is necessarily a negative.

    Bulk Cissus: Last day of bulk cissus. In my opinion, it does help just slightly for pain issues and that's worth the $15 or 20 bucks I spent on the powder and caps. I will start SuperCissus Rx tomorrow.

    TRAC: Saturday staple also greatly enhances my mood, for about 8 hours! It has so many ingredients that it's hard to say exactly what is so effective in this PWO supp.

    Off Topic

    Before Limewire, there was BMG music service. BMG sold me a good 2 or 3 hundred cds that I keep on a homeade cd rack. That rack was made by my grandfather and is one of the coolest gifts that anyone could receive.

  19. Day 30

    Sunday, May 28, 2007

    Jungle Warfare 30 day Review

    Instead of simply diving head first into this review with opinions, I will compare claims made on the JW FAQ to my experience. Then I’ll give my opinion.

    Increased myotrophic activity:
    It’s unfair to try to rate this claim. NA

    Favorable Nutrient Repartitioning:
    JW did make me hungry when taken on an empty stomach. IMO this means that absorption of nutrients would be affected in a positive manner. 3/5

    HPTA modulation:
    I’d bet the bank that my HPTA is just fine. 5/5

    Estrogen management:
    ADED is much too mild. 1/5

    Significant Pro-hypertrophic activity:
    I gained muscle mass (4 pounds muscle gain). Decreasing my number of workouts per week played a role in this as well. 3/5

    Anti Catabolic:
    Again +4 pounds muscle and –5 pounds fat. My strict diet played a large role in this. 3/5

    The FAQ states that JW is NOT intended for post cycle therapy. I agree whole heartedly that depending on JW for any of the aforementioned claims in post cycle therapy would be a huge gamble.

    Side Effects
    -Very very mild headaches. Easily controlled with increased water intake.
    -Low to normal libido (although performance was normal to very slightly enhanced).
    -Increased urination was annoying at night. After the first 2 weeks, this was still a problem although to a lesser extent.

    My big Italian mouth gives JW 2 thumbs down. I had no enhanced pumps, no increased vascularity, and only very mild increased muscular hardness. I do not believe that it gave me any boost whatsoever in the gym. JW had no affect on mood.

    I have had satisfactory results in my recomp efforts so far. However, I strongly believe that my modified routine and less drastic dietary changes (as compared to my previous summer cuts) play a much larger role in recomp than JW did.

    Comparison to other supplements
    In comparison, bulk A-AKG increases intensity in the gym, enhances pumps, vascularity, and hardness within 3-5 days of consistent use even on a low carb diet. I also believe, although I may not be able to back this up in scientific terms, that the enhanced blood flow with arginine will enhance nutrient absorption. It costs about $30 for 2 months worth if you does 3g at 3 times/day for a 2 month supply. That’s more results at the price. And although opinions seem divided, I had even better experiences with NO2 than I did with bulk arginine. Both outman JW.

    As far as anti-estrogen effects go, my experience is that E-form and 6-oxo blow JW out of the water at the recommended dosage. That being said, JW’s estrogen “management” probably allows for a much higher dosage with less negative effects that result from the stronger anti-estrogens.

    Final thoughts: I won’t be using JW again. However, it would be interesting to see it’s effects in a 6-8 week run at 4-6 caps per day. That would be too expensive for me to try, but interesting to hear about none the less.

    I did not mention strength in the review because the PRRS routine is new to me. Only the power week was repeated while on JW. My strength gains were as I would expect without any supplementation. I feel as though I am not able to accurately and fairly assess whether or not JW would affect strength.

    ONWARD!!! Bring on the bigger weights and looser pants

  20. thank you for a fair and unbiased review. you bought your own supps and arent whoring for freebies. it is nice to read a review by someone with integrity, thank you.

  21. Quote Originally Posted by thebigt View Post
    thank you for a fair and unbiased review. you bought your own supps and arent whoring for freebies. it is nice to read a review by someone with integrity, thank you.
    I haven't seen too many negative reviews on this board. That made me wonder if it was against etiquette to rate JW poorly. I mean no disrespect to the product or the company as every one else seems to like it. Thanks for following T.

  22. Day 31

    Monday, May 28, 2007


    Legs Rep Range
    Narrow stance squat (a2g) 195 x 11 whoa!
    Reverse Alternating BB Lunge 70 x 12/side
    BB Cleans (a2g) 70 x 15

    I work my cleans more like a deep explosive front squat. The first 5 reps feel light. Then it hits you like a ton of bricks around rep 7 or 8. PANIC actually sets in around rep 11 and I get dizzy. Bring it on cleans!!!


    My sister's college graduation party and today's holiday are making it tough. My cals and quality of intake are reasonable. But, my ratios are off, but not out of control.


    Restore: Day 1 for restore. I had slight enhanced mood during the workout. Of course, being a holiday, who's mood wasn't enhanced today?

    BAM: very small cool test boost is still felt.

    SuperCissusRx: I have a feeling I'm gonna be liking this a lot more than bulk Cissus. I believe the Rx has a higher concentration of cissus and 1 bottle will allow for 3 doses per day.

    Off Topic

    I've been hittin the search button hard on this board and several others while planning for my next stack. This board provides un-measurable motivation for me. I feel like I did when my dad first introduced lifting to me in junior high.

  23. Quote Originally Posted by celc5 View Post
    I haven't seen too many negative reviews on this board. That made me wonder if it was against etiquette to rate JW poorly. I mean no disrespect to the product or the company as every one else seems to like it. Thanks for following T.
    all a company has to do is post a thread-testers wanted. if you post a bad review you may not get free supps any more. i rarely ask for samples and never sign up as a tester. my opinions are not biased.

  24. I agree that through the first four weeks of JW I kept wondering, "When is this going to kick in???". Well, it's too bad you stopped. I really started to love the stuff when I got into that 4th week and it got even better as I tapped into a second bottle.

    But fair review. You probably didn't get all that much from it in 4 weeks. But you also have to realize that gaining 4 pounds of muscle and losing 5 pounds of fat is still no easy thing to do, even if your diet was on point. My guess is that the combination of changes in diet, workout routine, and supplementation helped. JW is not going to blow you away by any means. Keep on, keepin it on tho. I'm not an ALRI rep or anything but I am looking forward to running my own Evo stack. Best of luck with this one.

  25. JJC, thanks for stopping by. I ran the 4 weeks because I was following ALRI's protocols. Initially I was running the beginner protocol. But, thankfully, I switched to the "advanced" stack to get the ball rolling. Good call on running a second bottle of JW. Stop back and post some results when you get a chance.

    I agree 100%... the combination of everything is the key to my recomp so far.

    When you plan to run your evo stack, PM me. I have some ideas that you may want to consider. Oh and by the way, Day 2 on restore and changes are already kicking in!!!

  26. Day 32

    Tuesday, May 29, 2007


    Cardio: 30 minutes light/moderate intervals

    Shoulders Rep Range (modified)
    BO DB Posterior Delts 30 x 15
    DB Lateral Raises 20 x 8
    Arnold Presses (modified) 40 x 11

    My rep ranges and weights were drastically different than last time I performed this routine. I did presses last which allowed for heavier weights in the isolation moves. I also modified my Arnold presses to have less rotation at the bottom and pressed into a neutral grip with my palms in. This kept shoulder pain to a moderate level.


    I'm dialing in really well. Had a TON of protein for the holiday. I'm sure fat was slightly higher but I really kept carbs under control. Kept it to just 1 beer too!!!


    BAM: no change, working well

    Restore: A few days back, I mentioned that libido was slightly down and that my boys were feeling just a tad small. Well, restore completely solved that problem literally overnight! I slept incredibly and woke up with wood like 3 times. I also look more toned today than I have over the past few days.

    SuperCissusRx: good stuff. I'll be able to tell in about a week or so if it's worth the extra cash compared to the bulk.

    Off Topic

    Pool just opened up in my community so that might allow for an extra session of light cardio today. I've done more cardio in the last 6 weeks than I have since HS. Do you people really do this crap all the time?

  27. Quote Originally Posted by celc5 View Post
    JJC, thanks for stopping by. I ran the 4 weeks because I was following ALRI's protocols. Initially I was running the beginner protocol. But, thankfully, I switched to the "advanced" stack to get the ball rolling. Good call on running a second bottle of JW. Stop back and post some results when you get a chance.

    I agree 100%... the combination of everything is the key to my recomp so far.

    When you plan to run your evo stack, PM me. I have some ideas that you may want to consider. Oh and by the way, Day 2 on restore and changes are already kicking in!!!
    Good thing you switched protocols. I feel like the beginner one would not be that much fun. I got lucky on running a second bottle because of some really good personal advice someone gave me at another board...and now I'm doing the same for anyone who thinks of running JW.

    I "logged" my two bottle run of JW:
    JJC's Jungle Warfare/Powerfull Log!

    I stopped the log short because I didn't think anyone was following and also it was my first time using any kind of natural anabolic. But I had great results while eating like a machine.

    I'm thinking of running a double Evo stack with Pro-Anabol over 3-4 months. But I will defintely hit you up before I begin.

    Also, it seems like you are experiencing exactly what I would expect from Restore. It's supposed to help control estrogen at the end of the leaning out and more full "boys" seem like sensible results.

  28. Day 33 & 34

    2 days rest

    Day 35

    Friday, June 1, 2007


    Back and Bis Rep Range
    Neutral Grip Pullups BW x 10
    Underhand BB Row 145 x 12
    BO Reverse DB Flies 30 x 15
    DB Hammer Curls 40 x 10
    Rev BB Curl 50 x 14

    In PRRS, I didn't see much progress in the power routine. That being said, the power week seems to prime me for the next two weeks. I increased in reps or weight in every exercise, even with lack luster concentration today.


    I've been short on cals the last 2 days due to stressful schedule at work. Today's diet was back on track.


    BAM: subtle aggression and mild increased vascularity (I might be too fat to tell if the vascularity would be better from BAM).

    Restore: I got a second wind at the end of my workout today. Maybe the 7-oxo analog is doing it's job when cortisol kicks in? If that's the case, holy crap that's cool!

    SuperCissusRx: WOW! If bulk cissus cut pain by 30 or 40%, this stuff knocks it down 50 or 60%! Unbelievable stuff.

    GABA: I've been stressed and woke up a few times over the past 2 nights. GABA is helping to get me back to sleep. It's not quite as effective as it was the first month, but that's to be expected. Still a great supplement for pennies.

    Off Topic

    A radio station was asking callers what their 3 "desert island" albums would be. I chose my 3 by picking albums that I like every single song:

    1) Led Zeppelin II
    2) Pink Floyd: Dark Side of the Moon
    3) Red Hot Chilli Peppers: Californication

  29. what no bee gee's. 1.allman's- eat a peach 2.aerosmith- get your wings 3. deep purple- machine head. honorable mention to rush- all the worlds a stage and neil young and crazy horse- rust never sleeps. music the best supplement of all time!

  30. Quote Originally Posted by thebigt View Post
    what no bee gee's.
    BigT jammin to the Bee Gees ----->


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