Fat Burner Review

  1. Fat Burner Review

    Reviews of every fat burner I have ever taken.

    The old ephedrine/ mahuang extract formula:
    Remember Ripped Fuel? Diet Fuel? Original Hydroxycut? All those old, now banned ephedrine fat burners:

    I lost lots of fat with these compounds. Back in 1996 I was 17 years old. Weighed about 300 lbs. 40 in waist. Started taking ephedrine products and got down to 175 lbs. I walked 2 miles at night and lifted moderate amount of weights 3 X’s a week. Pros: Gave me fantastic energy. Appetite suppression. Motivation. Cons: Major major sleep issues. Increase heart rate to the point that I would sweat uncontrollably in a very cold room. Insomnia. 9.5/10

    Venom Hyperdrive 3.0
    An almost sick feeling my first week. Did not want to look at food. Smell food. Be around food. Talk about food. This obviously wears off, so cycling is important. I always keep a bottle of this in my cupboard, just incase I get the mad munchies. Ive had the same bottle for over 3 months, so small dosages work. Atleast for me they do. Nice energy supply. Moderate sleep issues arose my first few weeks. 7.5/10

    Similar feeling to Venom, but not as pronounced.

    Lipo 6
    Nice supply of energy throughout the day. Moderate appetite suppression. Increased alertness. Not a bad fat burner, but there are better ones available in my price range. 6/10

    Man Scorch
    Good appetite suppression. Helped with fatigue from working two jobs and helped me shed pounds while not exactly eating healthy. Increase in sweat. Felt “warmer” all day and night. Suppressed appetite in a good, moderate fashion without getting ill. 7/10

    Minor increase in all areas. Appetite suppression, alertness, energy. I feel I could have gotten same results with just caffeine.

    Stimulant X
    Very nice increase in energy/alertness. Made me sweat a lot more in the gym. Nice appetite suppression. Constant energy throughout the day. No sleep issues to speak of. No insomnia when taken 4 hours prior to bed. 7/10

    Melting Point
    This was interesting. Did not feel any increase in energy, alertness, appetite suppression, etc. , however, I did lose 1.5 inches on my waist with only moderate use of the elliptical, 3X a week. So, I guess it does work! Cons: Extremely painful cramps in calves. 7.5/10

    Red Acid Gen 2
    Not a single positive thing to say.

    Ergolean AMP
    Not a single positive thing to say, Maybe a bad batch?

    Ephedrine HCL products
    Did not recieve anywhere near the same result as the old mahuang products from the 90's. Nothing good to report.

  2. Thank you for the reviews. It's nice to read other peoples experiences.

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