day 4&5 of IntraXcell

  1. day 4&5 of IntraXcell

    Saturday did 30 minutes on Tm at 8-10% 4.3mph @75-8-%HR.
    Shoulders superset with back

    Military press (DB 15lbs) 8-10 superset with wide grip front lat pull down (55lbs) {4 sets}

    Lateral raise (6lbs DB) til failure superset with seated row (50lbs) {4 sets}
    DB Front Raise til failure superset with 15lb DB's single upright rows. {4 sets}

    ABs ball crunch 3*25
    reverse crunch 3*10
    bicycle 3 *10

    Post workout:
    5:40am:whey shake and 5 gr SR MHP glutamine and 1350 fish oil 400 calcium 400iu Vit E multi and 1500 glucosamine.

    7:00am : 1.2c grapes, 1/2c all bran extra fiber, Lg bocca burger.

    10:00am: 6oz plain nonfat yogurt, scoop whey, tbsp wheat germ, 8 almonds

    12:30pm: 4oz chicken breast small banana

    3:30pm: optimum nutrition small protein bar and 3 egg whites

    6:00pm: scoop whey tbsp bee polleen, 8 almonds

    10pm: 1c cooked oats, scoop whey protein, tbsp Power butter

    Sunday 40 minutes cardio 30 on Elliptical and 10 on TM.
    Stability ball partial crunch 3 *10
    mushroom 3* 10

    Post workout Glutamine and 1/2c coffee
    6:45am lg bocca burger, 3/4c kashi go lean, tbsp bee pollen
    9:45 6oz nonfat plain yogurt, scoop wheyt , tbsp bee pollen, tbsp wheat germ
    12:15 3oz tuna, whole wheat english miffin and tbsp power butter
    3:15 scoop dessert BSN, 1/4c f/f cottage cheese
    5:45 5oz grilled cjicken, 1c strawberries
    9:00 1c cooked oats, sccop whey tbsp power butter

  2. Please help me with my diet...SOMEBODY

  3. Looks good, but can you "edit" your first post and make the title say "pacak514's IntraXCell log" ?

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