BigRicks's WTF Pumped Log

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  1. BigRicks's WTF Pumped Log

    Hello everyone, Rick Here. I will be logging my experience with WTF Pumped in this log. Thanks to Fnf and Author for allowing me to do so.. Im 19, about 192 pounds and do p/rr/s style training with a hybrid week.

  2. here is yesterdays workout

    triceps and shoulders

    OOOOOOMyyy,, i had some damn nice intensity and energy today, awsome pumps and my muscles looked very full. some kid asked me 2 times if i was on steroids haha. So first impression of WTF, its great. YOu know the energy lasted alot longer than i had anticipate das well.

    1/2 rep flat closegrip 225+ chains x8, 245+chainsx4, 225+chainsx7
    ( not sure how much teh chains weigh, id guess 40 pounds a piece tho.

    dips bw+135x8, 180x1, 90x10

    dbell shoulder press 60'sx6, 55'sx7, 45'sx8

    single arm behind back latearls 40x9, 30x15, 30x11

    dbell extension 30'sx6,
    ezy curl bar ext. 50x7, 40x8

    single arm pushdown 50x15, 50x8

    wide grip upright row 135x6, 135x4
    1 sec. pauses 95x10


    I was rather suprised today as to how easy i produced a pump. I started getting a pump on my last warmup and then trhoughout hte entire workout i had a really kickass pump. Good workout today.

    alt. hammer dbell curls 65'sx8, 55'sx8,
    both arm at same time 35'sx14

    bent over ezy bar curl( full pauses at top) +50x15, +15x12, +40x14

    overhead curl on lat pulldown 40x12, 20x19, 30x12

    behind back wrist curl full pauses at top 145x11, 135x12

  4. so im back after a 4 day layoff from the gym

    did a variety of excersises , really sweet pump,

    incline bench 230x9+1, 215x8, 205x9

    flat bbell 235x9, 185x11

    incline dbell press 70'sx12, 70'sx8

    butterfly machine 62.5x9, 37.5x15, 37.5x8

    decline bbell press with pauses at bottom 135x15

    I definatly had a really nice pump in the chest today, 2 compliments on my chest size today. I concentrated alot today on my form and tempo and not on the amount of weight being moved. ive had a stressful last few weeks so i have to take into acount of the cortisol that was prolly released. goodworkout.


    front shrugs 1sec. pauses at top415x10, 405x7, 315x16
    damn my veins looked huge in my shoulders

    Hs highrow 360x7, 320x9, 290x10

    neutral grip latpulldown 1 sec. pauses 120x14, 120x10, 100x13

    cable rows had to do this light i felt a very awkward pull and tensing sensation where my bicep ties into my shoulder.

    ehh wtf didnot produce anything too special today, except some extra vascularity.. however its extremely rare for me to get a pump in my lats

    Really good workout today, Triceps and Shoulders were pumped great. hell even got a pump on myfirst low rep set of closegrip

    closegrip bench press 255+chainsx5, x5

    dips bw+115x13, bw+100x7

    dbell press 65'sx8, x6, 45'sx13

    incline overhead ext. ezy curl bar + ( did these super slow) 40x8,40x7, 20x10, 10x15

    laying on stomach on incline bench laterals 20'sx15, x15

    incline laterals 30'sx 12, x10, 20'sx15, x13

    wide bbell lateral 95x10

  7. LEG DAY

    legs were super stiff and tight today, felt like i was going to pull something the entire time. I did achive a pump tho which is great. weights are down alot.. still not sure what is going on .

    squats 330x6,

    leg press unilaretrall 540x12,x8,x6,x5

    stiff deads 315x7

    i dunno why my weights are so low , its not ordinary of me..
    Muscles have seemed overly stiff and tight this week

  8. chest day.... and biceps
    really good workout, huge pumps, good strength. i used jsut over 3/4 of ascoop today of WTF and i didnto seem to get as stiff as i did last week. so maybe taht was part of my problem. good workout

    incline bench 235x9, 275x2, 225x7, 265x1.5

    smith flat bench to clavicle 225x8, 205x8.5

    smith incline bench to clavicle 155x12, 145x14

    butterfly machine 50x15, 62.5x8

    alt. hammer curls 70'sx6, 50'sx11,
    same time 40'sx10

    bent over ezy bar curls 40x13, 40x10

    preacher machine 75x5, 37.5x16, 37.5x10+2

  9. I'm getting really great pumps off this stuff... almost as soon as i start to lift... I like the way it helps you focus..

  10. Quote Originally Posted by dazilla View Post
    I'm getting really great pumps off this stuff... almost as soon as i start to lift... I like the way it helps you focus..
    i agree i def. helps on the focus, and gives very solid pumps

  11. good strength today and really good pump

    1/2 rep closegrip with big chains +265x5,+255x4

    dips bw+125x8, bw+95x10

    dbell shoulder press 70'sx6, 55'sx8, 45'sx11

    closegrip bench 135x18

    laterals on incline bench 35'sx9, 25'sx12, 20'sx18

    overhead ext. 40x8, 25x13

    overhead dbell ext. 20'sx12, x12

    wide upright rows 140x8, 135x6, 95x12

    pushdown 60x8+50x2+30x6

  12. BACK

    front bbell shrugs 425x7, 385x7, 315x4

    neutral grip pulldown 170x11, 170x8, 170x7

    rev. grip bbell rows pauses at contraction 155x9, 155x8, 135x12

    dbell rows pauses at top 120'sx11, 120'sx8

    neutral grip cable rows 200x6, 220x6

    Good pumps in lats today, decent workout

  13. LEGS. good pumps today, lower back was aching with a pump. as were quads

    deads.. ouch,, pulled my groin muscle again,, ok im serious no more wide deadlifts for a long time

    squats 315x14, 315x13, 335x7

    narrow stance deadlift on HS machine 540x4, 540x3 (raw)

    narrow Leg press 450x8x7... knees were bothering me horribly so i didnot go heavy or many reps

    seated calf raises 4 sets

    praticed squat form on bench, ( bench squats) i need to learn to explode with my hips more. i seem to of forgot that very important tip.

  14. rep range week

    Killer pumps today, really excellent focus and energy as well. I was totatly happy.

    incline bench 240x8.5, 230x6, 225x7

    flat bench 275x6, 275x5, 225x7

    incline dbells 1 sec. pauses at bottom 70'sx11, x8
    1/2 reps only bottom to half 50'sx18

    incline flys 45'sx9, 35'sx13

    alt hammer curls 65'sx9, 55'sx9 same time 40'sx9

    bent over curl, large ezy curl bar +40x8, +20x12

    concentration dbell curls 25'sx11, x8



    really good workout today, i realized i had some Primed ULtra left over, only one dose, so i stacked it with WTF.. Damn good energy throughtout workout, decent pump in traps and good strength in lats.

    behind back shrurgs 1 sec. pause at top 315x20, 315x15
    2 sec. pauses 225x18

    neutral grip lat pulldown 190x11, 190x9, 2 sec. pauses 140x10

    bent over rev. grip bbell row 160x13, 160x12

    single arm dbell rows 130'sx 10, x 8

    bent over rev. grip bbell row 135x20

    right arm dbell row 130x8

    right arm dbell shrugs 65'sx18

  16. Nice log Rick : ) Keep on pushing that IRON like you OWN it !

  17. Quote Originally Posted by FitnFirm View Post
    Nice log Rick : ) Keep on pushing that IRON like you OWN it !
    thanks Fit im giving it hell.


    REally good pump in the triceps today, and good shoulder pump as well. Im moving forward on dbell shoulder press, so thats good. Dips felt really nice

    dips bx+90x14, bw+90x12, bw+90x11

    shoulder dbell press 70'sx10, 70'sx5, 65'sx7, 55'sx10

    pushdown 130x14, 130x12, 150x7

    incline dbell ext. 35'sx7, 30'sx8, 25'sx11

    laterals 35'sx10, 35'sx7, 30'sx8 25'sx10,

    bent over laterals 40'sx8, 35'sx9


    leg strength is coming back, knees ruined workout tho

    Squats 335x14, x12

    HS deadlift machine narrow stance 450x9,x7

    Squats on some crazy looking free motion band explosion machine 2x

    lunges 2x

    my knees were absolutely killing me today, hence the super small amount of sets. my knees were grinding, and aching like there was no tommorow. Sorry for the weak as workout. on a good note, i did well on the sets i actually did. but knees were hurting to bad to have a productive workout.

  19. Shock Week...

    Chest. good pumps today , pretty hard workout with the supersets and drops. my endurance in uperbody still seems low.

    normal set. dbell press 110'sx8... i was shaky on these in the shoulder

    SS1. flat dbell flys 40'sx10, 40'sx11
    & flat dbell press 75'sx8, 60'sx9

    [email protected] incline dbell flys 25'sx13,x11
    incle dbell press 40'sx12, x10

    dropset one 1/2 reps incline press bottom portion 185x10+135x7
    , 135x11

    dropset cable crossover 70'sx9+50x11, 60x8+40x11

  20. Shock WEEK

    Good workout today,, good pumps, reallly really bad burning
    triceps, shoulders, traps

    SS1. rope pushdown 110x12, 110x8
    & closegrip bench 185x12, 185x10

    SS2. skullcrusher 65x12, 65x10
    dips x6, x5

    dropset dbell overhead ext. 25'x9+15'sx6, 20'sx12+10'sx9

    dropset 2 rev. grip pushdown


    SS1. standing laterals 35'sx10, 35'sx9
    & laternals on incline bench 25'sx12x10

    SS2. wide uprighrows, 145x7, 95x12
    & bent over laterals rear delts 45'sx7, 30'sx9

    dropset. one arm isolation laterals 20sx15+20sx8

    SS1. behind back upright row 95x9, 95x8
    & Dbell shrugs 55'sx9, x7 ( these were long pauses at top)


    Really good focus today, and really good pumps, even with light weight my knees were killing me but besides my knee pain it was good workout.
    SS1. Lunges 115x12, x7,x6
    & squats225x10x7x6

    SS2. deadlift machine 410x7, 320x8
    & unilatreal leg press 350x6, x5

    dropset leg ext. 100x12+80x7+60x5

    seated calf 90x15, 90x10, 90x8
    & standing calf

    glut raise hypers bw+75x9+bwx4, bw+45x9+bwx3

  22. Power WEek, chest

    fairly hapy with the strength on incline bench, good pumps as well
    incline bench 275x3, 255x5, 245x5, 225x7 ( pauses)

    flat bench with pauses at bottom 255x6x5

    butterfly machine 112.5x6, x4, 94x6x4

    Power Week.. Shoulders and Triceps

    good pumps considering a power low rep workout. muscles felt very hard and solid

    did really kickass on military press, had some PRS on it wohooo

    bbell military 185x7, 205x4x3 HLIfT# good sets

    closegrip press 245+chainsx3, 225+chainsx4, 225x7

    dips bw+135x3, bw+90x6, bw+90x4

    wide grip upright rows 145x7, x6, x5, x4

    skull crushers 95x4x4x4, did these really slow on negative

    laterals 40'sx7x6


    WOOO WOOO WOOO.. Im back in action for sure woot woot.

    I had pr's like mad today. Took a double scoop of wtf pumped as well. so im sure that helped.

    bbell shrugs( 1 sec. pauses at top) 460x5,x3, unch:
    3 sec. pauses at top365x5, x4

    neutral grip cable rows 1 sec. pauses 270x6, 300x4, 280x4 unch:

    single arm dbell rows ( pauses at contraction) 165x5, x4 HLIfT#

    lat pulldown 200x6, x5, 180x6


    Squats are climbing upwards wohoo. 395 is prolly the highest weight ive ever hit on squats. It seemed the weights felt better each set hence why i just kept adding weight. My stiff deads are still strong, so thats always good. Good strength today.

    squat 365x5, easy, 375x4, 385x4, 395x4HLIfT#

    stiff leg deadlift 405x1, 405x1, 315x5

    high pulls 195x2, 195x2

    unilateral leg press. ( hinge type ) 540x4, 630x3, 630x0 lol

    also did some light goodmornings and rev. hypers.. i dont like either of htose movements tho.


    preacher curl 75x5, x4, 65x5

    hammer curl, with neutral grip bar. ( i did 10 reps, with 15 second pauses between reps) with a 3 second negative . 110x1x1x1, 80x1x1x1x1x1x1x1

    cable curl single arm 70x6, x5, 60x6

    gripper machine 180x6x4

    seated calf raise 220x6, 220x4, 200x6, 180x7

    standing single leg calf raise with dbell 75+bwx6, x5


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