My WTF Log is now offically over. I want to again thank the ALRI Staff, Author, and Fit for giving me the chance to use their product. Now to the nitty gritty.

WTF Pumped is overal an effective product, and can really put some insane pumps into your muscle bellies. Only draw back i really have against this formula is that it seems to be somewhat underdosed for myself. While 1 scoop seemed fair, i got most effective workouts and pumps at 1.5 -2 scoops preworkout. 2 Scoops was too much on some occasions so 1.5 scoops seems to be the bread and butter dose for me. My weight of 200 Pounds needs to be taken into consideration when thinking about dosing.

Mixablity. WTF pumped mixes fairly well given the ingredients in it. Of course we will always see some small crystals in the shake due to the GMS, but if u drink about 12 ounces of water with WTF it mixes fairly easy. Also the taste is rather nice. Its not an overbearing super sweet taste. I consider the taste to be most like a cold Tea.

Strength. I made some fairly good strength gains whlie on WTF Pumped. Despite me haveing a few setbacks of sickness and possible overtraining everything worked out well in the end and I am stronger on many exercises than i ever have been. This also leaves me to believe that WTF has some warrant for a recovery agent.

Energy. WTf delivers fair amounts of energy. The delievery system actually seemed alittle slower than i had expected, but none the less the energy kicked in rather well for me. One thing that i really like about WTF's energy effect is that its not a jittery feeling like you get with some other products.

Overall this is a very good product that I will rate an 8 out of 10. Only taking a few points off because it seems underdosed to me, and personally i like faster energy delivery from preworkout supplements.