Midnight Lifter presents… Fillin’ the Tank at the WTF Pump’d!

  1. Midnight Lifter presents… Fillin’ the Tank at the WTF Pump’d!

    I was one of the group of folks FitnFirm picked as a tester for the new ALR Industries pre-workout product WTF Pump'd.
    I started my log over on the AnabolicBeast board and will copy over the first few posts here.
    It's my goal to keep this log synched with that one as far as my updates go, but I will answer any questions on the board they are asked. (Unless something freaky or outstanding comes up in one log, then I'll port it over to the others...)

    I hate for my first posts to be a sponsored log, but I'll find some time to introduce myself and give some background soon... maybe this weekend.

    Thanks for visiting my WTF Pump'd log

  2. ALR Industries Presents WTF Pump'd™

    WTF Pump'd™ is designed to provide short-term, hardcore energy with attitude, as well as painful muscle pumps with roadmap vascularity while supporting the anabolic window for overcompensation recovery.

    WTF Pump'd™ is for those high intensity workouts that make you want to get in, move some tonnage, and get out before you puke so you can start recovering and growing, now! Read on...
    Why Settle For Average?

    First let’s get the long acting NO2 mass production matrix together. WTF Pump’d™ contains the optimum perfect synergy matrix containing Arginine AKG 2:1, Histidine AKG 2:1, Citrulline Malate Ethyl Ester and Ng-Hydroxy-L-Arginine Ethyl Ester. Together these compounds provide the substrates for long acting elevation of NO2 you will realize for HOURS after leaving the gym.

    Off course we added just the right amount of Creatine Ethyl Ester, Tricreatine Malate to the matrix to support ATP regeneration.

    Make a Scene When You Train

    Define: in•ten•si•ty
    1: the quality or state of being intense ; especially : extreme degree of strength, force, energy, or feeling
    2: the magnitude of a quantity (as force or energy) per unit (as of area, charge, mass, or time)

    Fact is that your intensity level is the prime deciding factor for the results anyone can expect from training. It you train like a weenie, plan on looking like one. Train like an animal…every work-out…and look like a beast. The degree of activity in your neuron-systems decide how much weight you can move and in how short of a period of time.

    Intensity is a matter of having the attitude to never accept mediocrity. With WTF Pump’d™ we have provided the perfect short acting intensity with attitude matrix consisting of Cowpea, Caffeine and Schizandra. I know, does not sound like much, but making a scene when you train seems the only option left when you try it. No hype or sales BS needed. Nuff said.

    Muscle Cell Volumizing and Insulingenics

    Part of anabolism is volumization of muscle cells. This means that it is possible to force more nutrients “inside” the cell making them not only fuller, but supports a superior anabolic (growth) state. Naturally creatine compounds were one of the first to be noted for this use, but since we have learned that there is much more to the recipe than add creatine, sugar and water if you want growth to result.

    Several hormones and compounds have an affect upon cellular up-take of nutrients. One of the most powerful anabolic hormones is insulin. Insulin triggers a series of cellular events that results in a micro and macro nutrient (you know, like glycogen, and amino acids for energy and growth) feeding frenzy to build from and greater cell volume. So not only do you look bigger…you are REALLY growing as well.

    WTF Pump’d™ provides a state of the art insulingenic and cell volumizing matrix made up of Taurine, Tamarindus Indica, Corosolic Acid and Glycerol Monostearate.

    What Can You Expect From WTF Pump’d™?

    • Servere Pumps and Vascularity
    • Superior and Rapid Recovery
    • Focus and Attitude

    As for the Midnight Lifter part of it… you can read my initial application here and I will post up more about me and what I personally will be looking for from this killer new supplement from ALR Industries in future posts.

  3. 4/23/07

    Took my first chug-a-lug of WTF Pump’d! this evening around 9:30 and hit the weights a little after 10. (I figured I’d actually follow the directions the first time around and not only take it on an empty stomach, but also 30-45 min pre-workout…)

    Tonight was chest/shoulders/triceps which I hit with a focus I haven’t had in the recent past. Still had stuff swarming around in my head, but I found it easier to concentrate on the workout and not on everything else if I concentrated. (Some other pre-workout supps seem to support the scatter-brained approach, maybe too heavy on the stims?)

    I also had a reserve of energy to draw on when I needed to push out one more rep (after a few sets, too). I also added three sets of decline bb presses because I felt like it.

    As for the WTF Pump’d – It mixed up fairly well in a shaker bottle. Nice enough flavor, not sure what I was expecting but not bad… 10 oz water and a couple of ice cubes.
    Interestingly, the closed-lid shaker did not xplode or even seem to have that effervescent pfffsssshhh that many pre-workout energizers do.
    (This is nice because you can mix it in the shaker – no spoon required – and keep mixing/shaking it as you go.)

    I chugged it on down then immediately thought that might have been a bad idea, envisioning my workout time spent sitting on the ****ter. But I didn’t get that overdose reaction common to these products, nor did I get a rush or upset stomach.
    (If fact, I wrestled with the dog for a while, trying to wait the 30-45 minutes!)

    Smooth energy, no frenzied rush.

    Since I’m a fat ass right now, it was hard to define the vascularity, but I can say there was pumpage going on. Tri’s looked pretty good, chest looked bigger and I even had to throw in a muscle-man front double bi pose b/c those were feelin’ it too…

    All in all, day one was impressive enough for me to want to keep up with this log and not try to eBay my loot… (yeah, right! You can have any of my ALRI products when you pry them from my cold, dead fingers!)

    Even tho I sound like a cheerleader there, I’ll post up ongoing feedback and updates over the next 30 days. One thing I will be watching for is decreasing effect from the product, which I do not anticipate over the 30-day log… but who knows.

    As for now, I’ll catch you all tomorrow for another installment of the WTF log…
  4. 4/25/07 - am workout

    Tuesday was an off day so nothing to report (except for great DOMS in chest and shoulders... not painful, ****ty DOMS but those good ones that you know you worked the muscles deeper than they were last worked...)

    Kinda felt like an idiot squeezing chest and shoulder muscles and triceps all day (and no back DOMS to match... whaaa... oh well, they're coming -- BACK TONIGHT!!!)

    OK, so… I was also one of the lucky ones who received Primed Ultra. I’m going to try this out in a few ways to report how it works and to get a better feel for how I might work it in as an ongoing part of my supplement arsenal.

    This morning I took one cap (recommended dose is two… I wanted to test the waters a bit) on an empty stomach just after waking up. In order to wait the 30 minutes or so, I took the garbage to the street (driveway, remember?) and then had to do it again because I forgot one bag in the garage.
    Nice little warm up while things kicked in…

    I rowed for only 15 minutes, which I decided to cut short to fit in a new abs workout (Abs of Steel – go ahead, laugh at me all you want… I figure my library has tons of cardio and abs videos that maybe I’ll swap them in and out after rowing two or three times per week to kick things up a bit).

    Note to self – preview video and queue up the routine you want to use first. I ended up doing the warm ups and having to bag on the abs portion…

    How’d the Primed Ultra work out? Fairly well, even at only one cap. Good energy, no upset stomach or swirling head crap you might get with some other stims, and no crazy craziness to report. I’ll bump it up to 2 caps next time and let you know how it goes… tho I expect much better energy and focus.

    I also plan on taking two Primed Ultra along with my WTF Pump’d tonight for my back workout… and maybe pop in some Dio (Lock up the Wolves) or Queensryche (Operation: MindCrime) – so watch out!

  5. Great workout tonight – ended up doing back and biceps after all, just as planned!

    Took two Primed Ultra and one scoop WTF Pump’d about 40 minutes before I actually hit the weights. I have to say I wasn’t feeling it up to about halfway into my warmups, then I started to get a little energy/focus boost.
    Then about halfway through the workout the effects started kicking in a bit – a little extra gas in the tank and I could feel the pumps in my arms… especially when doing alternating db curls. It was kind of more in my forearms than in my biceps tho.
    Also kicked in at about the 8th rep (of 12) on db rows… nice feeling those pumps!

    I was going for form and full range of motion, trying to pause and squeeze on contraction. I tried visualizing the muscles filling with blood, working hard, and getting stronger. I know – a little weird and all, but just looking to really feel it. Before too long I’ll be like the old Lee Haney shows on TV – “Squeeze!” LOL…

    As far as rating a few things for WTF and Primed Ultra, for the combo today:
    • Strength – 8/10 – Not sure how much this is kicking in yet, and besides – I’m a weak-assed mofo to start with!
    • Pumps – 9/10 – Good pumps, looking for better! I’m sure they’ll hit.
    • Recovery – 9/10 – Although I went to failure on each set, I was rearing to go for the next one. When all I had written out on my workout was done, I wanted to do more…
    • Mood – 8/10 – Not sure how much of my good mood is from the supps and my naturally perky self…
    • Mixability – The Primed Ultra mixed nicely as two little orange caps swigged down with a mouthful of saliva. I tried mixing the WTF Pump’d in a cup with a spoon tonight. It took a little stirring to get it all dissolved, but probably under 30 seconds before it looked like something I’d gulp down. (I used a shaker bottle before and it mixed up great.)

    I’ll do 2 caps of Primed Ultra for tomorrow AM’s cardio and get back to y’all…
    So far, I’m liking the stuff…!

  6. Catch-up post…

    Did legs Thursday night and took Friday night off to catch up on sleep. Did not take Primed Ultra or WTF on Friday as I am going to keep these for workouts (duh!).

    So, I haven’t done a great leg workout in some time, but I went thorough with this one. I was really focused, which I hope is the PU/WTF realY starting to kick in. Squats, SLDL, leg extensions, curls, calves you name it – I pushed HARD and really went for form, good contractions, and the burn.

    I was not let down… if it’s the WTF and/or Primed Ultra, I can say I’m impressed. Other than squats (ATG, but I’m trying to find my weight after being away from heavy squatting for a while), I did everything with a warm up set then the rest to failure.
    Recovery was quick not only DURING the workout, but after as well. After about 30-40 seconds, I was rearing and ready to go, even at the end of my workout… great feeling, great focus.

    Pumps were pretty good, especially on my last set of leg extensions.

    I was afraid I was going to have some bad-ass DOMS to deal with (as in, hard to even sit on the potty the next day DOMS!) but they’ve been mild. GOOD FEELING, but mild… is that part of the WTF at work? (recovery-wise?)

    Good sweat too, which is similar to when I first started taking Hyperdrive pre-cardio last year.

    I also got a nice gift for myself… I needed to order my wife more Hyperdrive, and that’s not enough for a shipment (need BIG boxes…) so I added Lemonade Xtend and Sustain chocolate peanut butter bars (to stave off the monster when I’m traveling for the day, just in case…). I also added a watermelon Substance and I’m hoping I made a good choice with that one… lol…

    I’m liking the combo so far. I might try two scoops of WTF to see how that goes, and I might skip them for a workout to see if there is a big difference. Other than that, this first week’s been great, and it’s not even over yet.
    I’m surviving the weekend so far diet-wise, even if I did have like a double helping of ground turkey for lunch (but it was all I had except for a cup of broccoli…, and breakfast was spot on with apple, natty PB, and whey. Snack was a sample size Strawberry Kiwi Nectar… mmm, that was good (but not enough food!).

    More to follow, gonna go throw some rocks around for the rock walls now (cardio!)

  7. Chest day! (Everyone loves chest day, right?)

    Went to bed early last night and promised myself I’d make up the workout in the morning NO MATTER WHAT. I’m glad I did b/c it was one of the better chest workouts I’ve had in some time.

    Downed two Primed Ultra with my WTF Pump’d and checked a few messages while I waited the half-hour I’m supposed to… (I generally miss out because I gulp the pre-workout just before lifting… granted, what I use most is MetRx Amped which you’re supposed to also sip during your workout, but I also rarely give it time to kick in before I hit the weights)

    Since I am logging for feedback as well as to get great results from these products, I figure I’ll follow the rules and not get my ass kicked into next week by FitnFirm lol…

    As is becoming expected with this combo, strength is up from last workout, recovery is quick between sets, and my head is definitely in the game – very focused. I’m not yet sure how much of this to attribute to WTF or Primed Ultra, or just a general shift in attitude, but I like it. (I’m one of those that tries to handle everything all the time, so when I can clear my head and actually focus, it’s noticible…)

    Good pumps somewhat, but I don’t really notice chest pumps outside of the mirror as much as smaller muscles (bi’s, tri’s, calves, forearms). This is probably normal and I would not say is a problem… just that maybe I can work the chest harder, deeper, longer in the future.

    Another thing I am doing now is actually plowing through the supersets in my routine. In the past I would peter out or just bail on supersets, preferring to run them as two separate sets. I was looking at humbling myself and dropping the weight to get them in, and build back up to the heavier weights, but I feel that with this combo, I am able to go go go right through them… and I’m liking it!

    Music was a crapshoot today… I started off with the radio for variety, which is good because I rarely listen to radio other than talk radio, so I don’t usually get to hear the new releases. Not sure if I really like the new Ozzy song (I Don’t Want to Stop), but it might grow on me… might have to check out the new album. Had to kill it after a while (too much Poison and ads… lol…) ann popped in some old Aerosmith.

    Today’s ratings:
    Strength: 9.5/10 – (Saving ‘10’ for when it’s outstanding!) Just keep going up, pushing through the sets
    Pumps: 8/10 – As I said, nothing against the products, just not pumped…
    Recovery: 9.5/10 Recovery between sets continues to be great… and ready to go after the workout as well…
    Mood: 10/10 – Today is definitely a good day!
    Comments: see above!

  8. Catch-up post

    Monday I did my first full arms workout (biceps and triceps) on WTF Pump’d and Primed Ultra. Holy sh*t… now I know what y’all have been ranting and raving about!

    Let me say that I am a borderline non-responder with most stims (unless I od them and get that sick to your stomach, gotta go eat two sausage McMuffins with Egg just to feel better reaction, which is usually counter productive to the fat burners… lol…) and to the NO ‘pump’ type products.
    Although I’ve felt some good results so far with this combo, I have not been feeling the insane pumps others have been raving about – until tonight.
    It was like one of those ‘so THAT’S what they’re talkling about’ moments… only better because it was workout-related and PAIN! (but a good pain…)

    Workout was simple but effective:
    Skull crushers: 12, 10, 6, 6
    Tricep Kickbacks: (right/left) 12/12, 12/12, 12/12 (gotta up the weight next time)
    Barbell curls: 12, 5, 4 (couldn’t get the fifth one on that last set…)
    Superset alternating db curls and concentration curls: 10/10 /2/3 (tried a heavier weight than I should have), 7/7 3/5, 7/7 5,5 -- I felt as if I was really drawing on the extra push and speedy recovery here…
    Wrapped up with 3 sets of 12 on db pullovers…

    … and still wanted to keep going.

    I need to set up some kind of dip station or something. I tried between two saw horses (too short) and milkcrates (hilarious to watch when they shot out on the first set… not funny when I almost broke my mirror!)

    Today’s ratings:
    Strength: 9/10 – Definitely increasing the weights
    Pumps: 10/10 – WTF? (lol…)
    Recovery: 9/10 – Quick recovery between sets… good recovery between workouts
    Mood: 10/10 – Another good, focused workout

    Tuesday I just dicked around with some leg exercises, no WTF/PU, went to bed early (unscheduled pseudo off day).

  9. Shoulders/Traps workout

    Took 1 scoop WTF Pump’d and 2 Primed Ultra ~45 minutes before workout.
    When it came time to head down to the basement for the workout, I had a mind full of all the stuff I need to do tonight, prepping for conference calls tomorrow, etc. kinda fighting for my attention.
    When I started my warmup, it all started melting away… not like magic or anything, but it was easier than ever to put aside trying to make a list of stuff or otherwise not concentrate on the workout. Nice result, if it’s the WTF/Primed Ultra at work.

    Tonight’s workout:
    DB press: 12/7/5/4/4 Good range of motion, nice feeling in the lifts
    Side laterals: 8/7/8/7 Felt great, somewhat weak form on the last couple in the last set
    Bent-over rear laterals: 10/10/10/10 Gotta up these next time…
    Upright rows: 12/12/12 These too…
    Farmer’s Walk: 4 sets of ~50’ back and forth walking with dumbbells
    DB Shrugs: 12/12/12/12 Started to feel it on the last set, bump these up next time, too.

    I did not feel the pumps as pronounced as with the arms workout, but I could feel the muscles working. Really felt the pumps in my forearms during the farmer’s walk, and in my triceps a couple of times. Also in my mid-back during the db press sets… go figure.

    Today’s ratings… pretty much a carbon copy – good feedback.

    Everyone’s logs look pretty good so far. I’ll try to post up some additional thoughts and keep up the frequency of the log. Post up any comments or questions… I’m glad to help, and give comparisons based on personal experience with other products (if I’ve used them…)

  10. Thursday May 3 – Anabolic Sleep!
    So, Thursday was scheduled to be a killer chest day. I’d also been running late nights and working hard over the past week or so… and doing some screwing around with a pseudo South Beach diet (lower or no carbs) in an attempt to come in strong for the first set of picture updates… so I was really looking to put WTF Pump’d /Primed Ultra to the test.

    So… I psyched myself up, planning my first lifts in my head as I mixed up a scoop and a half of WTF to wash down the two Primed Ultra. Gulped them down and went upstairs to wait ~30 minutes or so… (still trying to follow the rules!).
    Well, the good news for us late lifters is that I was able to PROMPTLY FALL ASLEEP and not wake up til the next morning – well rested and hyooge lol…
    Conclusion/thoughts for the day – It’s good to see even with an increased serving of WTF, I would not likely be wired all night long. I haven’t had “supplement-induced insomnia” on this combo and most of my lifting has been at 10:30 or later.

    • Strength: 0/10 – Didn’t even lift my head off the pillow!
    • Pumps: 10/10 – In anticipation of hitting the weights and trying to stay awake, I did some of those forearm exercises where you squeeze the little foam gripper. Felt like Popeye all night long!!!
    • Recovery: 10/10 – Felt totally renewed moments after I was done with the first set.
    • Mood: 10/10 – Great focus on dreams and mood was 100% relaxed.

    Friday, May 4 – Carbs are good for you!
    I noticed earlier that the pumps are much greater with carbs.
    Since I was trying to drop a few quick lbs in a way that had worked for me in the past (South Beach diet or Atkins-type low-carb), I have been relatively low-carb for the past few days. Well… I decided to break that Friday night.
    I made a run to the local Mexican joint and grabbed some not-so-good-for-cutting fare (nachos – had to get them to share, taco salad for the missus, and a fiery fajita for me). The Fiery Fajita is a fairly healthy option – chicken, jalapenos, onions in a flour tortilla.
    I ended up convincing myself to save the fajita for breakfast or lunch on the road for Saturday and ended up eating most of the nachos.
    Let me tell you, the guys who run the place must have sprinkled some good stuff on those nachos b/c the energy and pumps were really fairly good! One of the better chest workouts I’ve had in a while… only problem is that I did not have the WTF or Primed Ultra, so I can’t really report on them this time around.

    Saturday and Sunday – Weekend in the Bronx
    The weekend was workout-free, and therefore WTF/Primed Ultra free. Started Sat AM at 4:00 am and ended Sunday at 11:45 pm. Back and forth to the Bronx for basketball tournaments. Other than the travel schedule, it was a great weekend.
    A little Frisbee on campus was all that I was able to manage for exercise… and I didn’t completely kill my diet options. Although the food was not what it had been all week, or should have been, it was still pretty ok – more carb heavy with rice, beans (yes, leftovers from the Mexican… can’t call it leftovers if this was actually the first time I dug in, can I?), ww pasta with white beans, pesto, and spinach and the fiery fajita. I had a couple of Clif bars and a couple of Sustain bars, a couple of MetRx shakes, some whey, the usual compliment of multi vitamins, fish oil, etc.

    Monday – May 7 – Back to Work
    Coming later tonight – the missed back workout and more updates
  11. quick catch-up post

    Quick catch-up post again… the rest of the week should be better!

    Monday – May 7 – Back to Work
    Monday’s back workout was pretty good… got it in a little late, but still pushed hard.
    I had the customary WTF/Primed Ultra pre-workout. Not too much to report on other than thinking that I might add an extra half-scoop WTF next time around to see if that boosts the pump in the larger muscle groups, or if I just need to work harder… (most likely the latter… I think I might add another set to each exercise group next time around and see where that might get me)
    Focus, energy, and mood were all good still.

    Tuesday – May 8 – Legs
    Tuesday threw my schedule for a loop and I ended up just messing around with some squats, hammie curls, and leg extensions topped off with three sets of calf raises.
    One scoop of WTF and two Primed Ultra pre-workout didn’t seem to do much today, but it was late and I was ready for bed before I even started.
    I also didn’t push it hard, but I didn’t want to miss the workout.

    Wednesday – May 9 – Very light chest
    Another hurried workout (and abbreviated) as everything was running late tonight and I wanted to get this log updated (so I can keep in on track and more involved updates than the catch-up posts allow for).

    I gotta say, tho – I felt like I was tearing **** up even though I really only did some warm ups, db presses and db flyes… Broke a good sweat, stayed fairly focused, and am now regretting cutting everything short.
    I can feel an OK pump in my triceps and my chest feels pretty good.
    I’d give mood, focus, and energy 9’s and pumps 8-9.

  12. Thursday – May 10 – Delts, brought to you by ALR Industries… WTF?!

    Tonight was planned to be arms… I wanted to blast the crap out of those biceps and torture these triceps, but instead I decided to hit delts because I can work ‘em hard in less time than all those concentration curls and kickbacks one arm at a time.

    …and I’m glad I did. Anyone who's been watching my IMPC log these past few weeks knows I’ve really slacked off since last year when I had some definition and a little bit of something to look at in the mirror (at least in the basement where the lighting is from above and harsh!).
    I have not been happy with the extra weight (fat) I’ve put on over the holidays, but haven’t had the discipline to do regular cardio lately, so everything has been looking small and soft. My IMPC photos really underscored that fact this month. In addition to working hard to drop the extra fat, I need to recover size and work on symmetry. Muscle memory will hopefully make the initial ‘recovery’ quicker, but I’ve been given such a great opportunity with being able to log WTF Pump’d and Primed Ultra, that I’ve decided to ratchet this log up and really take full advantage of it.
    Looking back at my thoughts the past couple of weeks, I’ve been pushing myself somewhat, but still making excuses (late night workouts or ‘It’s ok to miss that day, make it up tomorrow’ kind of talk) – and there is no place for that here. I’ve been seeing some good results with the combo, but I feel some of the weaker days may be due to lack of pushing harder with every rep and every set.

    Tonight, I tried what some others have tried – two scoops WTF along with the Primed Ultra. After an agonizing half-hour wait to be sure this concoction was coursing through my veins, ready to be put to good use, I tore into some warm-ups.
    Trading curls for Arnold Presses and kickbacks for lateral raises was a good decision. Looking in the mirror, my shoulders and upper chest were noticeable and felt pretty full tonight. Recovery between sets was great, even so much so that I had to hold myself back to be sure I had enough rest to pound out the next set.
    I’m not sure I need two scoops, and I certainly wouldn’t want to waste either the WTF or Primed Ultra, so I will drop back down to 1 scoop next workout… but not because of any reactions or overload effect. It’s a smooth energy and strong focus that I notice if I try to ‘feel’ it, and I was not surprised to not feel a rush or extreme reaction. It’s more like the energy is there when you need to draw upon it to hit the last two reps. (And it’s at those times that I’ve started saying WTF! to push them out… think Lee Haney and “squeeze!”)

    • Strength: 9.10 - I’m too weak in my lifts to say there’s any strength, much less a ‘10’
    • Pumps: 10/10 - If you can see your muscle thru fat, it’s all good, right?
    • Recovery: 9/10 - Good recovery between sets, DOMS continue to be minimal (guess I gotta push harder and get ‘em back!)
    • Mood: 9/10 - Great mood, even though it’s late and I’ve got a lot to think about, I’m happy lifting and that’s all that counts!

  13. Today was off day. Going to bed now...

  14. Weekend from the depths – A couple of days off, catch-up sleep, and happy mother’s day!

    The weekend turned into two off days but good ‘catch-up’ sleep. Nice mother’s day weekend squeezed in between four basketball games. Needless to say… no WTF or Primed Ultra to log for these days.

    Monday – May 14 – Chest pumps… I need a lifting cage!

    Took a scoop and a half plus two Primed Ultra about 25 min before my workout…
    Turned into a pretty good free-form night with a good pump and good strength all around. Definitely felt some added fuel pushing some of the last reps up.

    It seems that, for me, the pump is a little more pronounced after I’ve had more carbs the day or the night before. Does this make sense, or has anyone else noticed this in their lifting?
    Even though I’m finding I’m somewhat of a non-responder to “pump” products in general, WTF Pump’d is giving me some results I can feel. I feel ‘fuller’ and can notice extra definition or “presence” or “beastliness” of a sort when everything kicks in.
    (…this was one of those times!)

    Tuesday – May 15 – blah
    Turned into an overflow work day… no log update.
    Leaving extra early for business presentations in the morning, back after hours to tear **** up again…

  15. Thursday – May 17 – Cardio ain’t so bad!

    I took Fit’s advice and finally returned to morning cardio.
    Took two primed ultra (no WTF) and about 30 minutes later started rowing. I don’t know if it’s the Primed Ultra or just getting back into the swing of things cardio-wise, but I forgot how great it is to a) do cardio and b) do it in the morning!

    I’m going to watch for these times to get better, but I was happy with where I came in (for me). My typical rowing session is 20 minutes. I plan to increase this to 30 minutes and potentially to 45 minutes at some point as I improve.
    I’m not an expert when it comes to the sport, but I will be learning more as I go. I don’t think these number are too bad, tho…
    20 min – 4776 m
    Took me 20:54 to hit 5000m this morning.
    Split time between 1:56 and 2:27 I think… I tried to make sure I got some rest period in!

    Feeling good about this and will keep it up. Fit’s gonna kick my ass if I don’t.
    No lifting tonight but I did have a great homemade pizza carb-a-thon tonight. Whole wheat crust, broccoli, orange peppers, and a few black olives. All home-made sauce, too so no crappy crap in there.

    I have just a little to go on the WTF, so – any requests? I have to say it’s been a great supplement to run, good results and no “sides” or upsets with it whatsoever. I may run one remaining workout with the WTF solo just to see how it goes… and one more double dose (arms most likely as that’s where I’ve been able to feel the pumps the most).

  16. Great log NIGHTLIFTER, I am awaiting the arrival of my own WTFP'd, this looks promising. Can't wait to try it out for my self.

  17. You're gonna like it... I'll watch for your feedback!

  18. Friday – May 18 – More Cardio! More Cardio! (WTF?!)

    Wow! ME oohing and aahhing about cardio? Must be the Primed Ultra and WTF Pump’d talking…

    I had to take the car into the shop Friday morning and missed my AM cardio session… not a problem I thought as I knew I was going to hit it hard after work.
    So… 5:30 comes, I down a couple of Primed Ultra and WTF Pump’d and wrap up a few last emails. I finished letting the stuff kick in while I weed whacked along the fences and the yard and fired up the mower.
    Some of you who followed some of my antics last year know my yard is very hilly (17-20% incline in many spots, 10-12% average or greater overall) and only half of it is downhill. (You have to get UP the hill to go down…)
    From 6:00 to a little after 9:00, I took care of all four areas of the lawn, worked up a mofo of a sweat, and burned off the dietary sins of the week. It’s a bigger lawn and a smaller mower – and that’s a great combo for sweating my ass off.

    It was such a good workout that I forgot I didn’t eat dinner and just gulped down 4 scoops of Xtend.

    I really don’t think I would have finished the job if I didn’t have the drive and focus from WTF/Primed Ultra tonight (and maybe a little of the guilt of missing the AM workout and having nothing to report).

    For today, focus and energy were definitely a ten, strength could be measured as a 9-10 but more as endurance, and pumps didn’t really come into play…

    Saturday – May 19 – Off day (including big burger!)

    Traveling for basketball tournaments all day. We took the team out for lunch and I ended up having a killer burger. Could have done without the other junk and maybe even w/o the bun… but what the hey, right?

    Gonna hit the weights tonight. Looks like I’ll be wrapping up the last of the WTF Pump’d and this log sometime this week. It’ll be sad to see it go, but it also looks like I might pick up another tub of this later this year…

  19. Sunday – May 20 – Chest day (WTF?!?! PUMP’D, MAN!!!)

    I started a new routine this week which hit my pecs pretty good. Although the workout itself was fairly simple (incline presses, supine presses, flyes, push ups) I really pushed hard and actually felt pumped, like I had boobies or something… lol…
    Took the usual 2 Primed Ultra and scoop and a half of WTF about 40 min prior to lifting. Same great results, though my brain was a little scattered tonight. Although I don’t have raging energy as a result of the supps, I do feel a well of energy that I can draw into to keep pushing into the next set and the next one…
    It’s mainly in the recovery between sets that I’m impressed. It certainly gives me the ability to continue with the workout and push out the next set and the next one…

    Mood – 8
    Strength – 9
    Recovery – 10
    Focus – 7

    Monday – May 21 – Morning cardio, baby!

    I hit the clear waters this morning (yeah, I wish – just the rowing machine in the guest/workout room!) about a half hour after popping a couple Primed Ultra.
    Rowing went pretty well – I think the Primed Ultra has me sweating more that Hyperdrive did (on the treadmill), which is a GOOD thing. Since I’m only rowing ~ 20 min, I don’t think it matters that it’s fasted cardio or that I take the PU on an empty stomach, but it sure feels good for a couple of hours afterwards.

    I didn’t check my last times and was worried I wasn’t gonna beat them this time around. No worries – I sure did, and handily at that: Beat my 5000m time by 13 sec and hit an extra 56 m at 20:00… (not sure how much credit to give to Primed Ultra on this one… but it’s good to see!).

    Tuesday will be an off day, but I’ll catch up again on Wednesday. It looks like I have one and half or two days left of WTF, so I’ll be wrapping this log up shortly.

    Thanks for following along… can’t wait to write up the summary.

  20. My last workout with WTF was nothing short of stellar. No kidding… I had just under two scoops left in the tub and gulped it down with two Primed Ultra caps. It was hard waiting to go lift, but I managed to hold off 20 minutes or so before blasting my arms something fierce. At first, it was like a regular arm day, but I decided to add an extra set of everything. Man, I wish I actually measured my arms before I went down to lift.
    Besides my bi’s and tri’s, I was really feeling it in my upper chest and shoulders… quite the nice little workout!

    I’ll have to take measurements and before/after pics when I buy my next tub of WTF Pump’d!

    I started my fianl review but will have to finish it up tomororw. I'm beat, and I think my sentences aren't making much sense anymore...

  21. OK, so... it's been about a week since I wrapped up the WTF Pump'd trial run. I figured I'd buy myself some time (LOL) and have a few workuts without WTF for comparison...

    Full reviewe/notes to follow, probably this weekend, but I can say the two main areas I notice are the lack of a kick-ass pump and the recovery, especially between sets.

    I can still feel a pump and some fullness, but not quite like it felt while taking the WTF Pump'd, that's for sure.
    Obviously, I recover between sets, but it's 'back to normal' now... lol... (don't know what you got til it's gone?) WTF gave me a rejuvination and recovery that really helped push on, even on the 'late nights.'

    Just a quick reflection. Definately great results with this product, and stacked with Primed Ultra was even better... if you're at all curious, do yourself the favor and pick up a tub as your next pre-wo supp.


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