mass building phase/cutting

  1. mass building phase/cutting

    I just received my sample of IntaraXcell and began using it today.

    Awesome feeling. NIce itch and burn. My measurements are not done yet, but I can assure yhou that by 4-26-07, I will have them posted. I am female once again and trying to build muscle mass and so much over all weight . I want to weigh in at 100-102. I am now 97, but very loose. My workout and diet are below:

    4:15am 3 capsules of Intra XCell
    4:30am TM on 8-10% incline @ 4.3 mph for 20 minutes cooldown 2 minutes 3.7 on 4% grade.
    4:53am began strength workout:

    Back:seated row (50lbs) 4*8
    front wide grip pull down (50lbs) 4*8
    reverse flies (3lb DB) 4*failure

    Biceps: DB hammer curl (10lb) 4*8
    DB Concenteration curl (12lb) 4*8

    Tripceps: DB over head ext. (10lb) 3*10, 1 drop set w/ (10lb)*10 (8lb)*12 (6lb) til failure
    Bench dips (body weight only) 4*failure

    Abs: cable crunch 2*25
    Thera ball crunch 2*30
    Reverse curl 1*30
    Basic crunch 4*10

    Any suggestions to improve please email me.

    Diet is Post W/O: 5grams MHP Glutamine SR mixed with 1 scoop whey and 3 caps of IntraXCell.
    7AM 1/2c all bran xtra fiber, 1c cantaloupe, 1 Bocca burger (larger than normal) 15 grams protein, slice nonfat cheese, tsp of bee pollen.

    10am protopure protein bar(Vitamin worlds brand)
    12:30pm 1 small whole wheat pita, slcie nonfat cheese, 4oz low sodium turkey breast

    3:30 syntha 6 shake, tsp of bee pollen
    6:00 5oz grilled chicken breast, 1 c berries
    9:15pm 1/2c dry oats, 1 scoop whey, tbsp power butter.

    Water intake 18oz during workout and approximately 80 oz of water during the day.

  2. This is day 2 and I remebered to take my measurements:
    Chest: 34 in
    Waist: 24in
    Hips/buttocks: 33.5
    (R) upper thigh 19in
    (R) calf: 11
    Weight 96.4lbs.

    Pre workout 3 Intarxcell capsules
    Post 3 Intra xcell and 5grams of MHP SR glutamine, 1350 mg of fish oil, 400 gr calcium, multi vitamin, 400ius vitamin E 1500 glucosamine.

    7am: 3/4 kashi go lean 1tsp bee pollen
    1 slice nonfat cheese
    2tbsp veggies
    1/2c egg beaters
    10am: 1scoop dessert protein and 1 scoop whey

    12:30pm: apple
    3oz tuna albacore
    1 whole egg
    3:30pm: small proto pure bar (190 calories)

    6:00: 1c veggies & 5oz grilled chicken

    9:15pm: 1/2c dry oats (cooked) 1scoop whey and 1 tbsp power butter

    400 mg calcium
    Leg day: I need extreme help with these babies....

    leg ext: 1*12 (50lbs) 2*8 (60lbs) 1*6 (65lbs) rest 1 minutes in between all

    Dead lift: 4*15 (2 sets w/15lb DB, 2 setss w/20lbs)

    Alternate reversed lung:4*15 (15 lb DB)
    Donkey kicks: 4*12 (5lb ankle weights)
    Squats w/DB on sholder: 4 til failure (15-20lb DB)

    Cardio: jog 15 minuteson 0%-2% grade wand walk on 10% for 5 down 2minutes.

    Overall I felt good ...Felt the itching again and loved it. IT has only been 2 days, so I have a long way to go.

  3. Day 3....Still feeling the awesome effects of IntraXcell.
    PreW/O.3 caps of INtraXcell
    PostW/O 3 caps of Intra Xcell,, 5gr. SR MHP glutamine, 400mg Calcium, 400 IU's E, 1350mg Fish Oil, 1500mg glucosamine.

    5:40am 1 scoop whey protein
    7am 3/4c just whites
    3/4c Kashi go lean w/ tsp Bee pollen
    10am 1c skim Milk, scoop whey protein powder

    12:30 4oz grilled chicken

    3:30 sm. protopure bar (190 calories)

    5:30 1c cooked oats
    1scoop protein powder
    skim milk

    9:00 Lg. protopure bar (300 calories)
    20 minutes 8-10% 4.3mph TM
    Flat bench BB 4*12 60lbs
    Incline 4*6 (25lb DB)
    Flat bench flies 4 til failure (15lb DB)

    Abs: 3*25
    Cable crunch
    Reg crunch
    reversed crunch

    Please I need help in my workouts....

  4. damn, how tall are you? And you will love the intraXcell! If your not on it id grab some Steele Edge too! They work great together, and I mix 3/4th a scoop for preworkout and then 1/4 a scoop, along with 4 scoops of xtend into a large water bottle and drink that during my workout and its making it Hard to leave the gym!

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