Cordygen 5 – Millennium Sport Technologies

I actually ran this bottle a while ago. I never got around to formulating some of my thoughts and results from it. I have been pretty busy…

Cordyceps are definitely going to start to increase in popularity.

Cordygen5 is actually a blend of multiple strains (CS-4 the most studied) and some other more unique ones. It is not a product that you pop 15min before a workout and expect to get some kind of “energy” or benefit from. You need to ingest cordyceps on a consistent basis for at least a solid week before you will really notice anything. After about 1.5-2 weeks of consecutive use the product starts to shine.

I noticed an increase in overall endurance (both muscular and aerobic). The cardio endurance was the most noticeable while muscular endurance was less noticeable. When I was doing my daily cardio I noticed I became increasingly less fatigued and winded than normal. On a few occasions, I covered the timer w/ a towel and tried to judge how long I had been running based on how I felt. I was going much longer than I normally did and feeling less winded.

In terms of sheer muscle accrual, I don’t know how beneficial this product is. One would assume that improved muscle endurance would lead to better workouts which would lead to better gains. However, imo, this product is really ideal for true athletes and not just bodybuilders. If you play high school or college sports (especially track, swimming, soccer, etc.) this product could be AMAZING for you. It definitely increases endurance. I don’t know if it’s going to help anyone pack on muscle but it definitely works and serves a very unique niche that hasn’t really been filled with anything besides stimulants until now.

I thought I would add a little bit of interesting info I discovered about Cordyceps. The studies are sparse but there are a few positive and a few not so promising (one even showing no clear improvement in VO2 max). The verdict may still be out but I definitely seemed to notice improvement after a couple weeks of sustained use. One thing that reassured me a bit was the endorsement of cordyceps by Dr. Andrew Weil. He has become somewhat of a mainstream supplement “guru.” Anyone who has followed his rise knows he is VERY conservative in his recommendations and choices. He is very quick to debunk fads and reduce hype around new diet crazes or supplements. However, he has always been a huge fan of mushrooms and especially cordyceps. He has mentioned in numerous articles and books the benefits of cordyceps. He only takes a few of the more “fringe” supplements according to what he has published. Two of these are ALA and cordyceps. I found this very interesting considering Weil’s normally conservative nature.