Anabolic Innovations- Chaos Review

  1. Anabolic Innovations- Chaos Review

    As promised, here is my review of Anabolic Innovation's Chaos.

    My Stats:
    Age: 26
    Height: 5'10"
    BF: 10%
    Experience: I have been seriously lifing for about 8 years straight. My workouts have always been focused towards Football performance, since i have stopped playing my workouts are still heavily influenced by controlled/explosive movements.

    Chaos- Lemonade Flavor (Caffeinated)
    My first dose of Chaos I mixed one scoop of Chaos with about 20 oz of water. At first sip my face immediately puckered like the guy from the bitter beer face commercials. This stuff tastes like lemon lime gatorade right after brushing your teeth. I added more water to dilute it a bit, but the taste wasn't much better. Oh well, I have had worse. To my delight as i kept drinking it the taste got better. By the end I even enjoyed it.

    I began sipping the Chaos about an hour before my workout. It was very gentle on my stomach and felt light. I began to notice increased awareness after about 20-30 min. At about 45 min i could feel the energy coming on. The energy surge came on nice and steady. By the time my workout started i felt FANTASTIC. Great awareness, great focus, energy elevated but no jitters whatsoever. I worked out for about an hour and a half, even after the steam room and a shower i felt great. I noticed that my recovery time seemed to be reduced in between sets, and I actually had to hold myself back to make sure I got adequate rest. All in All it was one of the best workouts i have had in a long time. I followed my workout with a protein shake, and a large dinner. I still felt great hours later. I was very interested to see if it woul keep me up all night. Sleeping wasn't a problem, I slept like a baby.

    Overall I am very impressed with Chaos!!! This is definetly one of the best if not "THE BEST" pre-workout drink i have tried.

    Great work Anabolic Innovations!!! I see this staying in my routing for a while. Awesome Product!!!

    *I am in no way affiliated with Anabolic Innovations*

  2. Thank you for the review. Chaos is a great preworkout cocktail, and I'm glad you like it!

  3. Thanks for the review Nesta.

  4. Great review my man!!

    Great points, and detail glad you are now able to experience the things I experience!

  5. I think I'll be buying some of this when my SMASH! runs out. Gonna get some bulk Beta Alanine too.



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