Official Devils Stack Test Log With Wtf, Evolution And Primed Ultra

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  1. Official Devils Stack Test Log With Wtf, Evolution And Primed Ultra

    I will be running and testing WTF Pump'd and stacking it with the
    Evolution stack and Primed Ultra for 8 weeks. I will be evaluating strength gains, size gains, focus that it delivers, and energy. I will be running my calories at 20 cals/lb. I will post beginning measurements along with 4 week measurements and final results.

    I would like to thank ALR Industries for this oppurtunity! Stay tuned for the journey that changes Hoopies overall body composition.....

  2. Can you hear it, its lucifer rattleing the cage wanting to be let loose! He wants the Devil stack to be let loose and run wild. Oh the counting ticks down to D-day when all HELL will be let loose....

  3. MONDAY 5-6-07 LEGS

    squat(ass 2 grass) 135x8wu 225x6 245x6 275x6,6(stronger than expected after 2 weeks off from legs)

    cybex seated leg press 350x6 365x6 380x6

    single leg ext 80x6,6,6

    lying leg curls 100x6 120x6 140x6

    sldl 225x6,6

    standing claf press 250x6 290x6 305x6,6
    ss with
    seated calf ext 270x6 310x6 330x6 350x6


    ARMS 15 1/2
    CHEST 43 1/4
    FLEX LAT SPREAD 42 1/2

    Took my WTF and PRIMED ULTRA 30 minutes prior to my w/o. Didnt notice it until a few minutes into my w/o kicking in. Also in was gradual not like a rush then gone. Really like the focus and recovery i obtained from it. Felt ready to go for my next set with in a couple minutes. Usually during power week its about 4-5 minutes before i feel ready for another heavy set. Today was like 2-3 minutes and i was ready. Man did i have weeble woble legs. ABSOLUTELY A GREAT LEG WOROUT AFTER 2 WEEKS OF NOT DOING THEM. My strength was way better than i had anticipated.

    STRENGTH:10/10-->The reason for 10/10 is i feel that i wouldnt have been close to those numbers after not doing legs for 2 weeks. Also it was fairly light feeling..

    FOCUS: 10/10-->Never felt out of focus through the whole workout and didnt want to stop. Just wanted to keep going, felt really good.

    PUMP: 7/10-->Power week i really never get a huge pump like i do with RR and Shock week. So i gauge my power week by the weeble wooble feeling. Which was there 10 fold. Dont get me wrong i did have a pump in my legs but for me i need higher reps to really gauge my legs and the pump.

    RECOVERY: 10/10 Recovery was AWESOME in my book. As stated above during power week i usually need a longer time for recovery and to feel ready. Today it was like 2-3 minutes and i was ready and wanted to do my next set, which i did. AWESOME!!!!

    STAMINA: 10/10--> For leg days usualy kick my ASS! Today i felt like i could keep going. Like the energizer bunny!!! To have the feeling of not wanting to stop and die during legs I give it a 10/10 on power leg day. i also felt i pushed it pretty hard for day one back at it for me to give it a 10/10 on stamina. I usually start fatiguing near the end of my leg w/o's and today there was NONE!

    Looking forward to chest and delts on Tuesday..

  4. Tuesday 5-8-07 Chest Shoulders

    cybex low cable press 62x6 67x6 72x6

    incline bench 225x6 235x6 245x6

    dips bw+25x6 bw+45x6

    milt press 165x6 185x6 205x6

    upright rows 135x6 155x6,6

    db side laterals 25x6 30x6

    WTF and Primed taken about 40 minutes prior workout. I could feel it coming on just as i started into my w/o. Same effect as legs, a nice gradual enrgy increase with awesome focus. Again the recovery was great, only about 2-3 minutes and i was ready to go for he next set.

    STRENGTH: 10/10 I am just reallyimpressed with where my strength is for power week. Never expected it to be where it is at.

    FOCUS: 10/10 Felt ready for the next set every time. Never had the feeling of not wanting to hit the next set. Felt a constant readiness.

    PUMP: 8/10 I tell you what i had a nice chest and shoulder pump for a power workout. Really felt tight. Very impressive...

    RECOVERY: 10/10 My recovery was just outstanding. For going heavy with each set and increasing the weight i was ready within minutes. Not the normal 4-5 minutes to feel ready both mentaly and physically. More like 2-3 minutes...

    STAMINA: 10/10 AWESOME!!!!! What can i say i felt like the energizer bunny. I could have kept working out.

    So far i am very impressed with this stack. I have noticed NO crash later in the day either. This stack really has me looking forward to rep range and shock weeks.. Power weeks usually reallykick my ass and i feel great. My tongue is usually dragging. thursday is power back...

  5. Thursday 5-10-07 ARMS

    ez curls 125x6x6

    preachers 130x6x6

    rg curls 85x5,6

    cg bench 225x6 245x6 255x6

    skulls 135x6 155x5

    single arm overhead ext 50x6,6

    Only put down working sets.

    10 by 10 across the board. This combo is freaking AWESOME. My strength is great in my opinion for the first week back. The PUMP in my arms was AWESOME. to have that kinda pump during power week was unreal. My arms would get a pump to them during power week but no tlike this. Mental focus, pump, strength and recovery where to notch. banging heavy working sets wiht only 2-3 minute breaks between sets.

  6. Friday 5-11-07 BACK

    standing cable pullovers 67x12,12,12
    ss with
    lat pulldowns 190x12,12,12

    rack deads 345x6,6,4(not bad i guess for the first time in a long time going heavy on these. I've done better)

    wg bent rows 175x6 185x6,6

    chins bwx6,6,5(my lats were just fried that i had trouble getting these)

    seated rows 220x6,5,5

    Awesome pump in my back/lats with this workout. Great recovery again. focus was ok i was more tired than anything today. Didnt want to get up when the alarm went off. The stack did give me some pep but not like the other days. Like i said i was tired and didnt want to get up. Still had great focus during my workout just the energy level was a little less than normal. Hey you'll have those days in my book and nothing will get you out of it. Still had a great w/o with strong numbers in my book. Stronger than i expected again....



    leg ext 110x10,10

    squat(ass 2 grass) 225x12 245x12 255x12(strong felt good)

    single leg press 130x15 150x15 170x15

    leg curls 130x8,8

    single leg curls 50x12 60x12

    calf press 190x20,20 210x20,20
    ss with
    seated calf ext 210x20,20,20,20

    Alarm went off at noon, took my wtf and primed and bam at 12:15p
    Hit the gym at 1pm and was freaking rocking ready. Energy, focus, and recovery, and strength was out of this world. Was banging sets with little rest. The PUMP in my quads and hams was OUTSTANDING!!! Usually have a tuff time getting a good pump in my hammies. Today the pump was rediculously insane. Great feeling in my legs and calves. Legs are still screaming tonight at work. Weights went up like nothing it seemed. NEVER got tired...OH HELL YEAH I LOVE THIS STACK!!!!!

  8. Tuesday 5-15-07 chest and delts

    low cable cybex incline press 57x8 62x8,8

    bench 225x10 235x10 245x10

    flyes 50x15,15

    milt. press 185x8 205x8

    bent laterals 30x10 35x10 40x10

    db side laterals 20x12 25x12

    AWESOME workout. Still trying to find my weight. Strength is much better than expected. Pumps are just AWESOME. Just a great supplement combo that gives you everything you need to get your workouts in.

  9. Thursday 5-17-06 BACK

    standing cable pullovers 72x12 77x12,12
    ss with
    front pulldowns 200x12,12,12

    pull ups bwx12,10,10(varied grip)

    uh bent bb rows 155x10 165x10 175x10

    one arm smith bent rows 60x8 70x8,8

    stiff arm pulls 62x12 67x12 72x12

    hypers 25x20,20

    abs->bashed heavy and hard

    Great workout!!! Back has a nice tight pumped feeling. Great energy and focus!!! ARMS tomorrow

  10. Friday 5-18-07 ARMS

    db curls 50x8,8

    cable curls 70x10,10,10

    concentration curls 35x14 40x14

    dips bwx15(severe pain in inner peck at insertion point of the sternum so i stopped during the 2nd set. Pain was horrible almost like it was tearing)

    pushdowns 135x14,14

    kickbacks 20x16,16

    INSANE PUMP in my arms!!! Almost to the point of painfull. GREAT feeling. Thats what i like to feel when done. took 1 1/2 scoops prior w/o just for curioustiy sake...


    Tuesday 5-22-07 LEGS

    leg ext 110x10,10
    ss with
    front squat 155x10,10

    leg ext 110x10,10
    ss with
    leg press 300x10,10

    lunges(drop set) 40x10 D, 35x10 D, 30x10(hoops fall over)

    leg curls 110x10,10
    ss with
    SLDL 185x10,10

    lying single leg curls(drops) 50x10 40x10 30x10

    abs->bashed heavy and hard

    The pump in my legs felt skin splitting. What a sick yet great feeling. Really put the wtf to the test along with the primed ultra today. I have to say it passed with flying colors. The pump was sick and the recovery was incredible. I had total focus and stamina the entire time. To have the recovery that i had, while doing non stop super sets and drop sets, just amazed me to know end. AWESOME JUST PLAIN AWESOME STACK!!!! 10/10 on all aspects!!!!!!!

  12. Wednesday 5-23-07 Chest & Delts

    x-overs 47x10,10(had a lot of trouble and had to lighten up the weight. Still having that severe pain at my insertion point to my sternum)
    ss with
    incline bench 205x10,10

    incline fly 50x12,12
    ss with
    dips 10,10 (had to use assist to lighten up my bw so the pain wasnt bad and i could get some reps in)

    cybex seated bench(drops & rest pause) 100x10 D, 95x10 D, 80x10
    restpause 15 seconds after last set 80x7, RP 15 sec 85x6, RP 15 85x3

    seated side laterals 20x10,10
    ss with
    milt press 135x10 145x10

    bent over laterals 30x10,10
    ss with
    wg upright rows 135x10,8

    cable side laterals(drops) 17x10 12x10 8x10(strict form)

    The pump was incredible. Even for having to modify my weight wiht my chest w/o it was still awesome.
    One thing that i have noticed with this stack is that how lean i still look for my weight being up to 185. Usually at 185 i have a pretty good spare tire. NOT THIS TIME! VERY LITTLE AND MY ABS STILL HAVE A NICE OUTLINE TO THEM...

    Also the hardness in the muscle belly seems like a constint now. Very tight all the time. Have gotten some compliments on my size from some folks, that makes me happy. The most impressive thing to me is how lean i still look at 185...

  13. Thursday 5-24-07 BACK

    standing cable pullovers 67x15 72x15
    ss with
    front pulldowns 190x15,15

    stiff arm oulls 72x10,10
    ss with
    pull ups bwx10,10(a hard ass 10 at that)

    cybex seated rows 170x10,10
    ss with
    wg/bb bent rows 135x10,10

    back ext 150x20,20
    ss with
    weighted hypers 25x20,20

    abs->heavy and hard and alot of them..trying to build mass to my abs

    pump in my back was one like no other. serious pump and tightness felt from my lats to my lower back. Just an all around great workout with awesome strength, focus and energy.
    WTF Pump'd is a great pre workout drink that when stacked with primed ultra it just takes it to the next level...

  14. Saturday 5-26-07 ARMS

    ez curl 105x10,10
    ss with
    lying cable curl 62x10 67x10

    preachers 70x10 80x10
    ss with
    rg curls 75x10,10

    incline db curl(drops & rp's=30 sec) 40x10 30x10 rp 30x7 rp 40x4

    pushdowns 135x10,10
    ss with
    cg bench 205x10 215x10 rp 215x5 rp 215x4

    rg tri ext 62x10 67x10
    ss with
    incline overhead ext 30x10 35x10

    bench dips 45x10 35x10 25x10 bwx9.5

    abs->hard and heavy

    My arms were so pumped it felt like they were going to explode out fo the skin. WOW what a great and fast w/o. non stop arm blasting fun..


    MONDAY 5-28-07 LEGS

    squat(saa 2 floor) 295x6,6 320x6PR

    single leg press 180x15 200x15 230x15

    leg ext 110x10,10
    ss with
    front squat 155x10,10

    SLDL 245x6 295x6,6

    lying leg curls 110x15 130x12 150x7

    standing calfe press 230x6 250x6 290x6,6
    ss with
    seated calf ext 200x20,20,20,17

    Awesome leg workout. Quads and hams were fried. the pump was skin splitting incredible and strenght way up. ASS to grass squat PR today...

  16. Tuesday 5-29-07 Chest

    bench 255x6 265x6,6

    cybex low cable flyes 42x15 52x12 62x7

    x-overs 47x10,10
    ss with
    incline bench 210x10,6+2

    Ran out of time for shoulders will hit them tomorrow.

  17. Wednesday 5-30-07 Shoulders

    Milt press 225x6,6,6

    cable side laterals 17x15 22x15 27x7

    seated side laterals 20x10 25x10
    ss with
    wg upright row 135x10,8

    Good shoulder w/o for not sleeping well this morning. Strength is up which is a plus. good pump in my shoulders also..

    tHURSDAY 5-31-07 BACK

    wg bent bb rows 185x6 195x6 205x6 rp 6 rp 5

    rack deads 315x10(didnt finish out due to we threw 70 more pounds on and the owner started bit*hing not to overload the smith rack. So to stave off the me flipping out on him i did heavy machine back ext. Not the best but something...)

    back ext 210x10 230x8,10

    stiff arm pulls 72x10 77x10,10

    standing cable pullovers 67x14,14 72x14
    front pulldowns 180x14,14,14
    cybex seated rows 150x14,14,14

    For not being able to hit rack deads hard i guess it was an ok w/o. Lats were still pumped and full. tried to do a pull up after the w/o and couldnt do one. So i would say my lats were fried hard...

    This weekend will be the end of the first 4 weeks. So i will be taking some measurements and hitting the scale and posting up my progress to this point.

  18. Friday 6-1-07 ARMS

    ez curls 125x6 130x6,6 rp 4,3

    concentraion curls 35x15 40x12 50x7(danm hard 7)

    preachers 80x10 85x10
    ss with
    rg curls 75x10,10

    skulls 145x6 155x6,6

    pushdowns 145x15 155x12 165x7

    rg tri ext 62x10,10
    ss with
    seated cybex tri ext 85x10,10

    Freaking awesome arm w/o! Arms feel like they are going to burst. Feel that this stack has taken me up a notch in strength and i hope size.

  19. [

    Monday 6-4-*07 LEGS

    squats 310x6 340x6 345x5(PR) (the only reason that i didnt go for the sixth rep was that when i was pushing the 5th i literally went black in my eyes. Never had that happen before. It was a tuff 5th rep but i think i could've goten the 6th but the blackout scared me. )

    leg press 380x6 405x6,8

    single leg ext 90x6,6,6

    leg curls 140x6,6,6

    calves standing 305x6,6,6,6
    ss with
    seated calf ext 350x6,6,6,6

    I am stoked with this w/o. The most i've ever gotten with squats was 365 but that was only going parallel. Now all my squats are ass to the floor and i PR'd them today with not only hitting 345 but getting 5 reps with it. The pump was outstanding and my strength is more than i ever expected it to be.

    Today starts the 5th week of my evo stack so i will be writing up a 4 week review of my thoughts so far. Also will be taking some measurements. My review i will post tonight from work. So stay tuned...

  20. Ok folks it is oficially the end of my 4th week of running the Evolution Stack as a whole. In other words i am taking all at once and not over a 3 month period. Also with this stack i have been taking WTF Pump'd with Primed Ultra pre w/o. My stats at the beginning of the stack are below:

    ARMS 15 1/2
    CHEST 43 1/4
    FLEX LAT SPREAD 42 1/2

    ARMS 16 1/4 +3/4
    CHEST 44 1/4 +1
    LAT SPREAD 43 1/2 +1
    QUADS 23
    WEIGHT 184

    Folks check it out, i have UNBELIEVABLE GAINS with this stack to this point. I had my wife remeasure just cause i couldnt believe what i was seeing. She got the same measurements the second time.
    I've had folks come up to me and make comments about how big I'm getting but always blew them off. Well proof is in the tape measure for me now!

    My diet was at 18-20 cals per pound daily. My diet was run 90% clean, hey even i like to have some pizza on occasion and ice cream.

    I am running this stack for another 4 weeks and will be doing measurements again.

    the Evo stack in my honest opinion is an incredible stack. My strength is up higher than i ever expected with PR/s coming weekly. The muscle bellies have a nice full look to them that seems constant and very hard.

    Mood swings have been nill/none! NO mood swings at all, no agressiveness.

    as far as labido, my wife will tell ya that they must have stamped constantly horny on my forhead when i was born. An while on the Evo stack its been uncontrollable it seems. She running for cover. My labido is threw the roof.

    Now on to WTF Pump'd and Primed Ultra Stack pre w/o. When i first started i took it 30 minutes prior on an empty stomach. didnt feel it kick in till i was 15-20 minutes into my w/o. So I increased to 45 minutes prior on an empty stomach which was perfect.

    ENERGY: Was a nice smooth feeling. Not like i wanted to jump out of my skin and beat my head off the wall feeling that i have gotten from other products. This was smooth and constant.

    FOCUS: Working steady nights and getting up early to hit the gym i would have trouble staying focused. I never had that feeling with this stack. Always had a good concentration and focus throughout the entire w/o. Which gives this product a big plus from me.

    PUMPS: These can be described with one word, SICK!!! I taken many pre w/o NO products and had some good pumps from them but none like this. They actually felt skin splitting tight...Just a great feeling that lasted.

    TWO THUMBS UP FOR THESE 5 PRODUCTS IN MY BOOK!!! The results speak for themselves with size gains and PR/s! The next 4 weeks should even be more promising with more PR/s i hope.

  21. Tuesday 6-5-07 chest & delts

    low cable cybex press 72x6 77x6 82x6

    incline press 245x6,6 255x6

    dips 45x6 70x6

    cybex single arm shoulder press 70x6 75x6 85x6

    upright rows 155x6,6 165x6

    db side laterals 30x6 35x6

    Abs->hard and heavy

    Good w/o, chest and shoulders have a nice pump to them. Strength increasing nicely.

  22. Wednesday 6-6-07 BACK

    standing cable pullovers 72x12 77x12,12
    ss with
    front pulldowns 200x12 210x12,12

    seated rows 230x6,6,6(rp)5, (rp)4

    wg bent rows 205x6 215x6,6,(rp)6, (rp) 4

    cg pulldowns(RP) 210x6,6,6 230x6,6,5.5

    back ext(RP) 200x15,15,15 215x10,10,9

    I'm in a pissed off bad mood so i took it out on my lats.


    MONDAY 6-11-07 LEGS

    leg ext 130x10,10

    squat 275x12,12,12(kicked my arse good but is also a PR for Rep Range)

    single leg press 180x15,15,15

    leg curls 140x8,8

    single leg curls 65x12,12

    calves press 220x20,20,20,20
    ss with
    calf ext 220x20,20,20,20(Oh the pain)

    Not a bad workout considering i did 20 miles on a bike yesterday which made this w/o a tough one. Legs were still spent from yesterday however i was still able to push pretty good. The WTF and PRIMED ULTRA proved its worth today in my book.

  24. WTF PUMP'D

    Well i just finished my tub of WTF Pump'd. I must say it did everything that i expected it would do and more. I've taken many pre w/o NO products and this one is up there with the best of them. The pumps that i obtained from this product were incredible. Literally felt like my skin was going to split, thats how tight i got from the pump. 10 out of 10 score for pump.

    Focus from this product is also very good and gets a 10 out 0f 10 from me. Never once did i not feel like i was not ready to hit it hard for my next set. There was a constant readiness the whole time i was lifting.

    Energy got a 9 out of 10. The reasone for this is that a 10 out of 10 in my book would be like a crazed uncontrolable energy. Like a jumpy jitterness. I never got that feeling, i always felt like i had a nice smooth energy that kept me going stronge. Even at the end of my workouts i could have kept going. But like i say it wasnt that crazed jittery feeling.

    The focus and energy is something i really need pre w/o for i only get 4-4.5 hours sleep in the mornings. So when i get up an hour before the gym and take my WTF it got me going and ready to w/o. Otherwise i would be trying to w/o half asleep. I took it on an empty stomach 45 minutes prior my workouts which for me i found out to be optimal time.

    WTF PUMP'd is definately a pre w/o supplement i would recommend to anyone looking for one. An AWESOME PRODUCT!!!!

  25. Tuesday 6-12-07 Chest and Delts

    incline cable press 62x8 67x8 72x8

    bench 250x10,10,10

    flyes(rest pause) 50x15,10,8

    milt press 210x8,8

    head braced bent laterals 40x10,10,1,0

    db side laterals 25x12,12

    Cardio 25 minutes 180 cals..

    Good w/o today. Shoulders seemed a little more fried going into my w/o but i was ablt to get through it. Now to catch up on some much needed sleep tomorrow morning..


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