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  1. Boz's ALRI WTF Pump'd Supplement Log

    I would like to take this time to thank ALRI and FitnFirm for choosing me in this WTF Pump’d supplement testing. This is my first ever supplement testing log, so I hope I don’t disappoint.

    I am…
    • Age: 23 (24 on May 3rd)
    • Sex: Male
    • Height: 69 in.
    • Weight: 185 lbs.
    • Body type: Meso
    • Est. BF% : 12%

    I have been lifting for about 3 years now. I had to take off about three months between June and August 2006 because of two surgeries ( tonsils removed and stapendectomy (a procedure that was supposed to fix my 50% hearing loss )). I have always been involved in athletics growing up…baseball, soccer, tae kwon do. I have been training for mass and strength so that I can compete in my first every amateur bodybuilding show on August 14th, 2007. I am currently 12 weeks out and will start to be cutting. I am a senior college student earning a degree in Kinesiology: Fitness Development. I will be doing an internship over the summer in the field of strength and conditioning.

    My current training schedule revolves around my classes. Usually 5-6 days a week. 90 mins per session. 3 day split. Back/Bi, Chest/Tri, Legs/delts.

    My cardio schedule is non-existent. I sometimes do a 5 min warm up before my lift to get my heart rate up.

    My nutritional info
    3000 cal/day average
    45% carb/35% pro/20% fats
    try to eat clean… salads, chicken breast, oatmeal, fish, lean beef. It is hard to do living with a campus meal plan. Supplement with protein shake but rarely, try to eat actual foods

    Now that I am cutting tho, I will be dropping down to 2500 cals a day.

    Current supplements (exact brand/product name):

    BSN NoXplod
    GNC Multi-vitamin
    Nature’s bounty Fish oil
    Protein Whey

    Now, of course, I will be using ALRI WTF Pump’d instead of the NoXplod.

    I plan on Doing a 30 day cycle of WTF Pump’d.

    I will eventually start to use some fat burners, any of which I will label here.

  2. DAY 1 - April 23, 2007

    Today was back/bi

    60 sec rest periods.

    Exercise SET1 SET2 SET3 SET4

    Seated Rows 150/10 170/8 180/6 140/12
    Lat Pull Down 100/12 120/8 120/8 90/14
    T-bar Row 90/12 115/7 115/8
    Cybex Dual-axis Pulldown 130/12 170/7 170/7 110/16
    Hammer curls with barbell 55/12 65/6 65/6 45/12
    Seated Curls 25/9 25/9 30/5 30/6
    Straight-arm pushdown 60/10 70/6 65/6
    Upright Row 100/13 140/10 140/11

    Calories - 2500

    Today my WTF arrived and had to try it. I am used to taking NoXplod 20 mins prior to my work out. WTF is suggested to take 30-45 mins prior. Me being the overeager one took it only 30 min prior. I felt that it kicked in 15 mins into my workout, so tomorrow I will be taking it 45 mins prior. Once it did kick in it felt like my back was going to explode! My biceps actually got a very good pump from my back exercises as well which did not happen as much with the NoXplod. I was very impressed with my pump to say the least. I can’t wait to do Chest/tri tomorrow!!!
    I will post Pre-WTF cycle pics later tonight.

  3. April 24th 2007

    yesterday was chest/tri
    60 sec rest periods.

    Exercise SET1 SET2 SET3 SET4

    elevated push ups BW/35 BW/25
    Decline Bench Press 115/15 165/8 165/9 185/4
    Stability Ball Bench Press 52.5/6 52.5/8 52.5/7
    Cybex fly/press superset (90/6 110/6) (90/4 110/4)
    Cable Fly (high to low) 50/10 60/8 70/5
    Skull Crushers 65/8 75/4
    Tricep pushdowns 100/9 120/5 120/5
    cable kickbacks 20/10 20/10 30/6

    Calories - 2500

    Sorry I didnt get to post this last night, didnt have access to my computer. As I said I would, I waited 45 mins to workout after taking the WTF this time. It kicked in right away. The best thing that I noticed though was that it seemed to be a progressive pump, as in it steadily grew with my workout and didnt die out. I have noticed before with my NoXplod that I would have short bursts when I was feeling a good pump. I really am enjoying this WTF! I did get pictures taken but they are on my girlfriends computer right now, so I will try and post them when I am at her place tonight.

    I also wouldnt mind some critiquing of my development as I go.

    Thanks again to ALRI for choosing me for this supplement review.
  4. April 25th 2007

    Today is a day off, which means no WTF for me today....

    cals - ~2000

    Tomorrow is LEGS!!!!! I cant wait for this!

  5. Good start !

  6. pictures

    so this is the first time ive ever tried posting pictures in a forum so hopefully this works.....and without further adu, my Before Wtf pictures... Ill try to take some leg pics tomorrow

  7. April 26th 2007

    Leg Day!
    60-90 sec rest

    Exercise SET1 SET2 SET3 SET4
    Squat 135/15 225/10 275/4 225/8
    Stiff Leg DL 135/10 185/8 205/8 245/6
    Leg Ext 170/10 210/8 230/5
    Leg Curl(prone) 130/10 150/4 150/6
    DB Step-Ups 50's/10-10 50's/10-10

    had to cut today short kinda, cuz I had to do my workout between classes. Tomorrow is going to be Delts/Calves/Abs/forearm?.

    The pump felt really good in my legs. today was the highest ive done for stiff leg deadlifts. intensity and focus were really good, which is a surprise because all day Ive been kinda out of it.

    I guess I should post some 1RM's (these were about a month ago)
    Squat - 315/1
    Bench - 225/1
    Deadlift - 455/2

    when i get someone to help take some measurements ill put them up too.
  8. April 27 2007


    Normally I incorporate shoulders on Leg day but I had to cut legs short because of time restrictions(class and stuff). So for the first time in over a year I had a primarily Shoulders workout.

    Exercise SET1 SET2 SET3 SET4
    Military Press 95/12 115/8 125/5
    Rear delt fly (cybex) 70/10 80/8 90/5
    Arnold Press 40/12 45/6 45/6
    Cybex rear delt row 50/12 70/8 80/6
    Deltoid Platoon 15/6's 15/6's
    Donkey Calves 180/20 180/20
    Cybex seated calves 250/15 310/10 310/10
    Hanging Leg raises BW/10 BW/10 BW/10

    Today felt good pump wise. I am being very careful with my shoulders because I am trying to balance the delt heads back out because I started getting some rotator cuff pain for a while. I went really light on Calves because my legs are still sore from the day before.
  9. April 28 2007


    Exercise SET1 SET2 SET3 SET4
    Deadlift 225/10 315/6 405/3 495/0(didnt get it all the way up)
    Seated Row 150/10 170/8 190/5 210/2(a new high for me)
    Lat Pulldown 110/10 130/6 130/7 150/3
    Dumbell Row 90/10's 100/6's
    Standing barbell curl 65/10 85/8 105/3
    Cable double bicep curl 60/10 70/6 80/4
    Reverse Preacher curl 65/10 75/7 85/4
    Seated Hammer curls 25/11's 30/8's

    Awesome Day! Back was pumping like crazy. Wish I had gotten the 495 but not dissapointed because that was the most workload i had done prior to attempting a max. Tomorrow is Chest/Tri, I cant wait. My chest is most definitely my weak point and I want to start pushing it for some development.
  10. April 30 2007

    Ended up having a day off yesterday
    so today was chest/tri....i hate chest day on monday cuz everyone and their mother does chest on monday...anyways...

    Decline Bench Press (wide grip) 115/20 155/14 185/8 205/3
    Decline Bench Press (close grip) 135/10 155/7 165/3
    Flat Dumbell bench press (wide) 60/8 60/7 60/5
    Flat close grip bench (hammer bar) 65/20 85/12 105/5
    Cable fly's
    High to Low 50/12 60/9 70/5
    Level 50/7 50/8 50/7
    Low to high 40/8 40/9 50/5
    Seated overhead extension 70/10 90/8 100/5
    seated dips 170/10 200/8 245/7
    Tricep Pushdowns 110/10 150/8 150/7

    Well lets just say I am in love with WTF. I get such a steady lasting pump, its just amazing. I dont know if its a placebo effect or because my pump is motivating me, but I am lifting heavier than I was. my strength gains are def going up.

    I also ended up going to the gym again 4 hours later and did 30 mins of cardio today (i know shocking, isnt it?). 10 min of interval training on the bike and 20 mins of low intensity treadmill work. followed that with some ab work.

    still eating ~2500 cals
    next week i think i will drop to 2000 and start taking a fat burner of sorts

    Just a little insight into my personal more g/f... so im gonna have to hire some fool off the street to take some pics now and help with measurements....that lovely stress along with college coming to an end for me is going to make these next couple weeks a little please bear with me....
  11. May 1 2007

    so i finally wrote a program out for myself....go me. maybe ill stick to it for a friggin change...

    todays workout:

    Smith Squats 135/12 225/8 275/3 275/3 225/8
    Straight Leg Deadlift 135/10 225/8 275/4 225/8 225/8
    ~Leg Extensions 170/10 190/10 210/7 210/6 150/8
    ~Leg Curls 130/10 150/10 190/5 190/4 110/10
    Cybex Rotary Calves 270/15 330/10 390/10 405/8
    Wall Jumps (calve work) BW/50 BW/50
    ~outer thigh (abd) 70/15 70/15 90/12 90/12
    ~inner thigh (add) 90/20 110/15 110/15 130/12
    Cybex leg Press (negatives) 210/4 (10sec) 210/4 (10sec)

    Arms bent Hanging leg raises BW/12 BW/10 BW/10

    Like the last time, I felt a pump in my legs which never used to happen to me. I will say one thing about leaves this residue on the bottle....I try to keep filling it with water to drink as much as I can but I can never get all of it....anyone figure anything out about fixing this? The taste is ok. not my favorite thing in the world but not so bad that I cant drink it.

    well tomorrow is Back/Bi which is by far my favorite day to work of all time because Ive been seeing alot of improvement on it lately.

  12. That is the GMS Glycerol Monosterate, its normal ! Its the fat content, just keep shaking it up and do the best you can.
  13. May 2 2007


    Exercise SET1 SET2 SET3 SET4
    Deadlift 225/12 315/4 315/3 (took it easy cuz lower back was sore)
    Seated Row 160/10 180/6 200/4
    Straight arm pulldown 120/15 150/6 150/6
    Cybex Lat Pull down (close grip) 190/12 250/8 290/4
    Cybex Lat Pull Down (wide grip advanced movement) 130/12 170/8 190/5
    Standing Barbell curl (wide grip) 65/12 75/10 95/4
    Standing Barbell Curl (close grip) 85/6 85/6 95/3
    Cable curl double bi 70/7 80/4 40/10+45 sec hold
    seated Hammer curls 30/10's 35/6's 35/5's
    Cybex Curl 90/6 90/6 90/6
  14. May 3 2007

    Happy 24th Birthday to ME!!!!!!!!!


    Exercise SET1 SET2 SET3
    Upright Rows 120/12 140/9 150/7
    Military Press 115/11 135/7 145/5
    Shrugs (hammerstrength) 192/15 282/12 372/6
    rear delt flys (cybex) 80/10 90/6 90/7
    Arnold Press 45/12 50/8 55/4
    reverse cable shrug 120/15 120/15 120/17
    Dumbell rear delt fly 20/10 25/8 30/6
  15. more pics

    here are some more pics my friends and I took....shows my legs

  16. I just bought WTF pumpd and primed ultra from NP and trying it on leg day - Saturday. This seems like the best preworkout stack. I'll let you know how it goes tomorrow.

  17. Quote Originally Posted by gymrat5713 View Post
    I just bought WTF pumpd and primed ultra from NP and trying it on leg day - Saturday. This seems like the best preworkout stack. I'll let you know how it goes tomorrow.
    nice...I really like WTF...havent tried primed ultra though...wasnt lucky enough to get it
  18. May 4 2007

    Chest/Tri day

    Decline bench press wide 185/9 205/5 215/3
    Decline Bench press close 155/6 155/6 155/6
    Incline Bench Press wide 135/8 155/5 135/8
    Incline Bench Press close 135/4 115/8 115/6
    Cable flys High to low 60/10 70/6 80/3
    Cable flys Midline 50/7 50/6 50/7
    Cable kickbacks 40/10's 50/6's 50/6's
    Dips BW/12 BW/11 BW/10
    single arm tri pushdown 50/7's 60/5's 60/7's
    Cybex fly 80/10 100/7 100/6

    well today was a bit rough considering I was hungover from partying for my birthday the night before....I actually was a little light headed prob from being dehydrated....I think I drank more water during my lift today then ever before....I was downing that stuff like crazy. I have to admit that the taste of the WTF is starting to get to me...maybe it was just my mood today but it was very grainy and a little rough going down.
  19. may 5/6 2007

    I didnt lift today... would have been leg day....but between the fact that I think i have a hernia and the fact that I wanted to party a bit my last weekend here at my college... I decided to go out on the town....first I went to a house party, it was good times, had some alcohol played some drinking games...then i went to my friends house and saw the end of the de la hoya v maywheather fight..... maywheather won no questions asked in my opinion....anyways....then I went out to the bars...first to this local place called was cool saw some people there i knew...they pretended they liked me, i did the same....then i went to this other bar... called the dark horse....saw some more people there....same deal...they pretended they like me,....i did the same.....then i decided to take a piss....and as im standing there at the urinal...I met someone....someone I hadnt seen in years.....someone who used to be totally loyal to me, used to be honest with me and made sure I never was was.....


    now that may sound weird to some of you...but out of my 3 years of being away at college(i was a my associates at a community college) I have not really met one person who cares how I make out after I leave this ****hole.....with the exception of maybe one person who actually helped me on my path to my current career....whose name is berg...I have not met anyone who wants to see me succeed...not even me..........and that is really really really sad....cuz I know what I want....and I know how to get family and my education have taught me all the things I need to know to get to where I really want to be....yet every now and then I do something really ****ing stupid to jeopardize that.....aka eat a whole ****ign pizza today, when I am training for a show in august......drinking my life away 2 nights ago...and then again tonight........

    but I am tired of it...and I want it to wheather or not I remember doing this little rant in the morning I will now have record of it, and hopefully it will help me remain focused...cuz as much as I would love to go out to the bars get drunk, hook up with some really hot chick, I know its really not going to happen, so I might at well not jeopardize the things that I really want...especially when sober and just stick ****ing too it....stop making excuses....get up and do that ****ing 30-45 mins of cardio and get into the shape that I need and want to....

    end rant!
  20. May 7 2007

    Ok back to the gym....

    Since I think I have a hernia or something along those lines I decided to skip Legs this week. I would have it checked out and all but my unlucky ass doesnt have health insurance, so I am just going to take it easy for a couple days....( I think the pain was due to a severe bought of coughing the other day, so i am thinking it isnt that big a deal) .... So on to Back/Bi...

    Pull Ups BW/11 BW/9 BW/6 BW/8(longer rest period..someone needed a spot)
    Seated Rows 170/7(close grip) 150/10 (wide grip) 150/10 (wide grip)
    *** I switched to wide grip because that was what I originally wanted to do but the bar was being used at the time...and I didnt want to wait***
    Cybex Lat pulldown (wide) 150/12 170/10 190/6
    Cybex Lay pulldown (close) 230/12 270/6 290/4
    Standing Barbell curl 75/12 85/7 85/6
    Double bi Cable curl 70/10 80/5 50/10+30sec hold
    standing Hammer curls 35/7's(cheat aka swung a little) 20/9's (Iso movement) 20/15(ISO)-15(cheat) (also had longer rest period before this set)
    reverse preacher curl 55/7 55/7 35/15
    Single arm cable curl 40/8's 50/5's 50/5's
    Hanging bent arm leg lift/extensions BW/12 BW/10

    Pump was very good today, no complaints there. Taste didnt bother me I was prob right about the whole being dehydrated thing. Kinda pissed about this hernia but what can you do...just gonna take it day to day.

  21. Hey everyone, my apologies for not posting recently but I was having computer issues, have been having a crazy hectic last week of classes and finals (not having a computer didnt help matters)...just because I have not had a computer does not mean that I have not been lifting with WTF. I have logged everything in my lifting journal and will post each day after this....

    I also should mention that I bit the bullet and visited a doctor about the "hernia". before i even went i figured out on my own it wasnt a hernia...the pain slowly was getting worse, then i felt a bump on my I freaked...hence the dr visit. needless to say the dr calmed my worries, checked me out, told me what it was, and it is no big deal. gave me some ibprufin for the pain (which i only actually needed to take a couple of) and the pain went away after a few days. She also told me to stay away from lifting with my legs for a week, which i havent done since my last leg day post.

    so without further log...
  22. May 8 2007

    today was traps/delts (aka my day off...haha)

    Exercise SET1 SET2 SET3
    Upright rows 120/15 150/10 150/10
    Military Press 115/12 135/8 145/4
    Shrugs 192/15 282/12 372/5
    Db rear delt 25/10 30/8 35/6
    Arnold Press 50/10 55/8 60/6
    reverse cable shrug 150/15 150/15 150/15
    Dual-Axis rear delt row 50/10 70/8 70/8

    Pump in my delts felt really good...havent really felt a pump like that in a while, partly because I was training my delts wrong...aka not doing enough rear delt...I never seem to get a pump or sore or anything in my traps...not sure why....maybe they are strong from helping hold my big, heavy, dumbass head on my neck...haha
  23. May 9 2007

    Went to the DR today.... she said no lifting for a couple days, then no leg exercise for a week.
  24. May 10 2007

    drove 3 and 1/2 hours to my parents house from my campus apartment today to bring some stuff home....
    didnt lift again
  25. May 11 2007

    Visited the local gym while I was home, in an attempt to secure and internship for the summer...
    did chest/tri while i was there....

    Exercise SET1 SET2 SET3
    Decline Bench Press 185/11 205/6 205/6
    tricep pusdowns (rope) 80/12 90/10 100/8
    Incline Bench Press 135/10 155/6 155/6
    cable rope kickbacks 30/10's 35/8's 40/8's
    cable fly (flat) 50/10 60/8 70/5
    seated overhead extensions 60/12 80/8 90/5
    Precor cable fly 100/10 120/10 140/8
    single arm reverse cable pushdowns 40/10's 50/7's
    Dips BW/12

    The lift was good. very good pump in my chest...after the lift i looked in the mirror and I was very looked like i actually had a chest...haha

    Drove back to my college that home at 1 fun


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