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  1. May 12 2007

    No lift today
    woke up at 7 am, after 3 hours of sleep, to go with my friends from school to their Bodybuilding show

    The 2007 Liberty State Natural show at the Forum in Binghamton, NY.

    this was the first ever show I have seen in person. IT WAS AWESOME.
    my friends kicked butt! I was able to go backstage with them because I was their "trainer"....haha. There were 73 competitors in all, 7 from SUNY CORTLAND!!!

    My best friend Berg competed in Novice lightweight and Open Middleweight
    He placed 1st in his class for Novice and then won Novice overall!!!!!!! he beat both of the heavier classes to win it...the kid was sick looking. He placed 3rd in his open class
    My friend Scott competed in Novice Middleweight. He placed 3rd out of 4.
    My friend Andy was also in Novice Lightweight. He placed 4th out of 8 I believe.
    My friend Brendan competed in Junior Novice, Novice Middleweight and Open Middleweight. He placed in Junior (dont remember where) and Novice Middleweight, where he placed 4th of 4.
    My friends Erin and Mel competed in Figure novice tall and open tall. Erin placed 5th and Mel placed 4th for both out of 8.
    My friend Ashleigh competed in Figure novice short and open short. Ashleigh placed 1st for her Novice short, and then won Novice overall (just like berg). Then I believe she won her open class too, but i dont remember if she won open overall....berg said she I will go with that....

    I will make an update if i am wrong on anything, when i see the official placings on the website

    I cant wait to do a show now...I really wish I had done this one with them. We had a huge crowd of our friends in the audience.... they actually gave SUNY cortland a trophy for best team showing!

  2. May 13 2007

    well after a decent 8 hours of sleep for a change I decided to do Back/Bi...

    Exercise SET1 SET2 SET3 SET4
    Pull ups BW/12 BW/9 BW/8 BW/5
    Seated Rows (close grip) 160/9 170/8 180/6
    standing barbell curls 85/10 95/9 (105/4 85/4 65/6 45/6)
    Straight arm pushdown 90/15 110/10 130/4
    T-bar bent over row (underhand) 90/15 115/10 135/6
    double bi cable curl 40/10's 60/5's 60/5's
    Cybex Lat pulldown (wide/advanced) 150/12 170/9 190/6
    Cybex Seated Row 150/8 170/7 170/7

    Pump in my Bi's were intense throughout my workout. Back wasnt crazy pumped like usual but still pumped

  3. here are some pictures from the show on sunday....

    in order of appearance....andy, brendan, scott and berg

    Mel, Erin and Ashleigh

    some backstage craziness...

    "I wear my sunglasses at night" ...scott doing his best Corey Hart impersonation

    This is Andy, and yes he is eating a ricecake with peanut butter, hershey kisses and skittles...haha...

  4. here is berg hitting a side chest pose (this was the Novice lightweight class...which he won)

    here is Andy in the same class...he is in the blue trunks....haha j/k...he is the one on the left, doing front relaxed

    here is the whole novice lightweight class...picture isnt the greatest but you get to see everyone

    here is the novice middleweight class... there were 4, my buddy Scott is in the blue and my buddy Brendan is next to him....Scott got 3rd and Brendan their defense they both were going for the light weight...scott mised it by 1 lb and Brendan by 3..not trying to take anything away from the other 2, they were really cool guys

    side tricep pose for Scott and Brendan

  5. here are Berg and Brendan doing side relaxed for the Open Middleweight class

    here is the whole class doing side relaxed...the guy in the middle won the class and won open overall....he was in sick condition...the guy to the right of him got 2nd and berg got 3rd

    here is berg and the winner doing front lat spread...sickness!!

    here is one of my Fav pictures of the show, Berg and the Winner doing most muscular...sick definition on both of them....only difference is size

  6. ill post some pix of the girls tomorrow...i have to go to bed now...i have a final tomorrow and should prob get some sleep....
    if you cant wait for tomorrow then just follow this link and go through the pix yourself to find the girls...
    My Public Shoebox pictures from friends & fun photos on webshots

  7. Sick man! Awsome pics Ill be following along! Ill be looking at trying this product later this year! So how well do you notice this product on the 1st use? Has it become more effective with time or is still just as effective as the 1st time?

  8. Quote Originally Posted by PumpYouUp View Post
    Sick man! Awsome pics Ill be following along! Ill be looking at trying this product later this year! So how well do you notice this product on the 1st use? Has it become more effective with time or is still just as effective as the 1st time?
    thanks for following along. The first time I tried it, it took about 15 mins to kick in. The bottle says to take it 30-45 min prior to workout. I had been used to taking NoXplod, which you take 25-30 mins I took the WTF 30 mins prior....I cant say whether or not it didnt kick in right away because it was my first use or because i started lifting to soon....but what I can tell you is that now that I take it 45 mins prior that it kicks in during my first couple sets.

    I am noticing the same kind of pumps that I did when I first started using it too, which is amazing.

    Like I have said it previous posts, I really really like this product because the pump progressively goes along with the doesnt fade or anything. plus once the workout it is over, I dont feel jittery at all like I have noticed with other products either.

    Thanks for following along....

    Train Hard!
  9. May 14 2007

    did light legs today to see how they respond....

    Cybex Leg press 190/20 310/12 410/4 370/8
    Leg Curls 110/12 130/12 150/8
    Leg Ext 170/12 190/10 210/5
    Seated Claves 290/15 390/10 390/10
    Abduction 90/15 110/12 130/10
    Adduction 110/20 150/15 190/5
    torso rotation 110/10's 110/10's 110/10's

    legs felt good today. didnt feel to much of a pump. prob because I wasnt going as hard as possible. No pain in the groin any more so next leg session will be a little harder
  10. May 15 2007


    Decline Bench 135/15 205/6 215/4 215/4
    Flat Bench 135/12 155/5 155/6 135/10
    Cable fly
    high to low 50/10 60/6 60/6
    middle 40/8 40/10 40/10
    low to high 40/7 40/6 40/8
    Skull Crushers 55/10 65/8 65/8
    kickbacks 40/8 40/8 40/8

    Chest has a sick pump today. my right shoulder decided to annoy me a bit, so i limited my tricep exercises.
  11. May 18 2007

    Back/Bi today

    Exercise set1 set2 set3 set4
    pull ups bw/13 bw/ 8 bw/ 7 bw/5
    seated rows close grip 160/10 170/8 170/7
    standing barbell curls 85/10 95/5 45/20
    straight arm pushdown 100/15 120/8 140/3
    seated row wide grip 120/12 130/10 140/10
    bicep curl 30/7's 30/6's
    double bi cable curl 60/8+hold 60/8+hold
    cybex lat pulldown 170/10 190/9 210/5
    21's (platoons) 30/7's 30/7's

    biceps were sick pumped today. wish they looked like that all the time....
  12. May 22 2007

    Well I graduated on the 19th (still have to finish an internship, but I walked). spent the next day chillin with some friends that I might not see ever again. then dove home on the 21st.

    Got an internship working at Golds gym fishkill ny, which comes with a free membership....woohoo!

    so today i start my 1st day of work followed by chest/tri day

    exercise set1 set2 set3 set4
    decline bench 135/15 155/10 185/8 205/6
    flat bench 135/12 155/6 165/4
    pushdowns 80/14 90/10 100/9
    incline cable fly 60/10 70/8 70/8
    skullcrushers/press/skullcrushers 50/10-10-10 60/10-10 70/8-6
    standing cable fly 70/10 70/8 70/8
    reverse single arm pushdown 60/10's 70/8's 70/8's
    dips bw/12 bw/10 bw/8

    pretty good lift. lifted with my friend who talks alot so there was too long of rest periods in between...killed my pump
  13. May 23 2007


    Pull ups bw/16 bw/11 bw/8 (first time ever gettin my 30 in 3 sets...gonna have to bump it up to 50 now!!!!!)
    seated row close grip 160/12 170/10 180/8
    standing barbell curl 85/10 95/5 95/5
    straight arm pushdown 100/15 120/15 150/7
    dumbbell rows 80/8's 80/8's 85/8's
    double bi 50/13 60/8+hold 70/6
    freemotion row 90/15 110/12 130/8 (first time ive ever used this machine...i liked it)
    FM lat pulldown 120/8 120/8 120/8
    reverse preacher curl 50/10 55/8 65/5
    hanging leg lifts bw/8 bw/8 bw/6

    glad to finally have a normal daily life routine def helps my lifting. Today was a great lift. back was crazy pumped, I looked huge....made me push harder! so happy about being able to do those pull ups. i remember a few months ago i could barely do 3 or 4 at a time. going back to golds later today to do a rpm class for some cardio
  14. May 25 2007


    Leg Press (sled) 90/15 180/15 170/15 360/15 450/10 500/6
    Stiff leg Deadlift 135/12 225/8 245/7 265/5
    Barbell Step ups 135/10's 135/10's+squat 135/10's+squat
    Leg curls 120/15 140/12 170/10 200/8
    Leg Extensions 180/12 220/10 260/8 260/6
    calves on Smith machine w step 135/20 225/12 315/8
    seated calve raise 70/10 70/10 70/10

    workout was great. Legs felt awesome. could barely walk to car....then had to drive my car 20 mins to get home (i drive a standard). my leg shook everytime i had to shift gears...I love it!!!!
  15. May 29 2007

    changing it up a bit

    Flat bench press 95/20 135/15 155/10 175/6
    Incline bench press 135/10 145/7 155/5
    standing barbell curl 95/6 105/3 60/16
    seated cable fly 120/15 160/8 160/8
    cable double bi 45/145 60/8 70/5
    seated cable rear delt (yes i know this is shoulders!) 80/20 100/10 100/10
    Freemotion Chest fly 50/12 60/10 70/6
    FM Chest press 40/12 45/12 50/11
    drop set curls 30/7 30/3 25/4
    standing reverse barbell curl 50/10 50/10 60/8
    Dips BW/20 BW/16 BW/11
    Dumbell Pushups with arm raises 7.5/5's 7.5/5's

    switched it from chest/tri because I wanted to have 1 push and 1 pull exercise every day, as to not imbalance myself and to avoid shoulder instability. Also focused on form big time today as I have been noticing a large overcompensation by my shoulders on standing curls. Pump was sick as usual. the shirt i wore today was one of my tighter ones and was a mistake to wear because it was really uncomfortable while I was lifting because it got too tight...haha. Im sure all the ladies were loving it tho ;-)
  16. May 30 2007


    cable upright rows 100/20 150/12 150/12
    smith machine shrugs 135/15 185/15 225/10
    rear delt 20/18 25/13 30/8
    mil press 135/9 135/7 135/7
    Freemotion cable shrugs 150/15 200/10 200/10
    precor shoulder press 150/15 180/8 200/6
    rear delt fly
    high to low 25/13 30/8
    low to high 15/10 20/7

    pump was good....taste is starting to annoy me again tho
  17. May 31 2007


    Pull ups BW/11 BW/8 BW/6 BW/5
    tri Pushdowns 80/12 90/10 100/8
    srtaight arm pushdowns 100/15 130/8 150/5
    revers pushdowns 60/15 80/11 100/8
    standing cable row 80/20 150/18 150/15
    seated row 180/9 190/7 190/7 200/6
    hammer strength row (superset high and low handles)
    High handle 80/15's 90/12's 115/10's
    Low handle 80/12's 90/10's 115/8's
    overhead extension 70/12 90/6 90/6

    did a bodypump class that was a *****...haha
    had a great pump in my back. lifted with a friend i havent lifted with before...def a good workout
  18. June 4 2007


    well today I had fun....:-D

    Medicine ball squat/toss to self 25/12 25/12 25/12
    Leg press 45 degree sled 270/12 360/10 360/10
    Seated leg curl 140/12 (prone machine was taken)
    Prone leg curl 150/12 150/12
    Freemotion step ups 120/6's 12/8's
    Supersquat 360/12 540/12 720/8
    leg extension 180/12 180/12 180/12
    standing calve raises 500/12 500/12 500/12
    4 laps jogging around gym w/ 100lb heavy bag on shoulders

    WOW...I havent had a leg workout like that in I dont know how long. My legs were pumped hardcore. really like the supersquat machine too, had never done that before. The jog with the heavy bag was killer.
  19. June 5 2007

    decided just to hit mainly chest exercises today

    pushups 50 (warmup)
    Bench press 155/12 175/10 *135/10 135/12 135/10
    Incline press 115/10 115/12 115/12
    Decline press 135/11 135/11 135/10
    Freemotion seated fly
    back off pad 40/15 60/6
    back on pad 50/10 50/10
    Dips BW/10 BW/10
    pec dec fly 80/15 120/7 120/7

    *having personal trainers as friends who can spot you and give you free constructive criticism is always a plus....Ive been lifting for almost 3 years now and always wondered why my chest wasnt growing and why my shoulders were sore after a chest workout more than my friend gave me prob the best advice ever....pinch your shoulderblades before doing your chest did my chest burn after this workout..I could care less how much weight Im doing as long as I know its going up properly...thanks DAN!

    pump felt amazing today. like i said above, ive never really felt a burning in my chest, but today felt like i really worked it. I cant wait till my next chest my shoulders arent sore...yay for that...haha


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