Time to tear some flesh with ALRI's WTF Pump'd!

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  1. Today was another chest/back day and I seem to notice that as my workouts progress I just get bigger and bigger. And I really feel like people notice as my workouts come to a close.

    I keep saying this, but it's a huge confidence booster to come into the gym looking athletic then leave the gym looking beastly.

    ALRI is not messing around when they say, "Make a scene when you train."

    Side note: I started supplementing with cissus(to help me make it through my summer baseball league...elbow problems since high school), AP, and DCP. Since I think the elbow is going to be a nuisance the whole summer(unless the cissus steps up), as of right now it looks like I will be in maintenace/recomp until the season is done.

  2. Leg day today...

    When I left the gym, my thighs were touching. hahaha I was looking nice and swole and I definitely felt like I was tearing down more muscle. Felt real good.

    I was doing split squats with my back foot on a bench and a db in each hand and I was getting a nice tear drop(not that I don't usually get that when squatting) and some ripples in the lower part of my quad(the part that hangs right above the knee). I've always had pretty cut knees/lower quads from soccer and baseball, but I haven't looked that defined down there since high school.

    And like I've said before, I've been looking nice and swole everywhere else even on leg days. Not sure if I actually was pumped everywhere since I don't remember feeling myself up anywhere...but I was lookin niiiice.

    BTDubs: Looking forward to this Pro-Anabol write-up, Fit. And possibly the opportunity to test...

  3. First of all, a big hells yeah to the release of Pro-Anabol. I can't wait to finish losing some fat so I can bulk again. I'm thinking of some insane stack of two bottles JW, two bottles BAM, one or two bottles of PA(depending on what info I gather), and then one bottle of Restore. That would be a nice little 3.5 month bulk! :donut:

    Then I have the Tri-Lean Stack plus Tx to trim down again.

    I think I've become a little ALRI whore...and honestly, I'm not trying to kiss ass here.

    So anyways, WTF Pump'd... Today I did 3 minutes of warm-up walking, then 15 minutes of HIIT, then two minutes of cool down walking at the speeds of 3.0 mph, 6.5 mph/9.5 mph, 3.0 mph, respectively. Then I did about 15 minutes of ab work.

    I wasn't really pumped today, but I did get the energy I needed. I actually was planning on only HIIT-ing for 12 minutes since I haven't ran in a while and just did legs the day before. But I went 15 minutes and felt I coulda went much longer.

    Tomorrow I am taking off cuz my friend who works at a trading company has tix to the Bulls/Pistons playoff game!

    But I will be back in the gym on Friday for what I bet will be a great shoulder/bicep/tricep workout.

  4. Have a great time at the game !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Great log! I'm awaiting mine own supply to arrive. Man just reading these logs I'm getting pumped just thinking about the sick pumps to come.
    I just had to try a supplement called WTF Pumped...What a name.. that, and I know ALRI is a quality product, and, just look at FnF:chick: I'd but anything from her..

  6. Thanks Fit! The game kinda sucked cuz the Bulls lost...but our seats were ridiculous. I've never been that close to the floor ever! So cool.

    Oh and NaturalFreak...I don't think you really need this stuff. Lookin pretty jacked as it is! ALRI puts out great products and this is just one of em. Brace yourself to look even bigger than you already do.

  7. I've been a bad boy...went to the Bulls game thursday night and nearly got drunk. Went out to my Mom's retirement dinner last night and ate poorly and had some drinks. I need to get back on track...

    But somehow I'm getting leaner(I think it's the DCP)? I'm also losing a little strength(poor eating).

    It's summer tho and WTF Pump'd is helping me keep my motivation up in the gym. I go in looking a little smaller than I think I am then I leave the gym and I am looking pumped and vascular. I think people who are in contest prep would really enjoy lifting while on this. In a lowered calorie state they may need more of an energy boost, but this will help them stay focused and will make them look damn good.

  8. Hmmm very odd events at the gym today.

    I thought I had lost weight because I have been starting to feel and see my abs again, yet somehow I weigh the same! Might be the DCP...

    Anyways, I had a game yesterday and my arm is pretty sore still. But I was focused enough to lift through the pain and have enough energy to last through my whole workout and even INCREASE the weights since last time. This I will give to the WTF Pump'd.

    I really like lifting with this stuff. It just makes me looks like I'm bulging out everywhere. And everyone takes notice.

    I think this is my last week of the log, so I will be summing it up after my workout on Friday night. Which is good for me, because I really really want to save those last servings of WTF Pump'd for myself in a few more weeks when I've dropped a few pounds of fat. I can just picture the veins traveling up and down my forearms...

  9. Ohhhhhhh abs perking up huh KOOL !!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Quote Originally Posted by FitnFirm View Post
    Ohhhhhhh abs perking up huh KOOL !!!!!!!!!!!
    Haha yeah that's kind of my plan right now. I've got about 2-3 weeks left of my AP+DCP+SesaGlow+cAmphibolic then I'm going to attempt the ECA stack for only a couple weeks then I've got some transdermal formestane. At this rate I will be pretty ripped by mid-summer. Can't wait!

    Anyways, I missed a posting on Tuesday. It was a leg day. Nothing too much to report from that day. I did some ATG squats for the first time in a month. I'm still sore today and its Thursday!

    What I do want to report about WTF Pump'd came from today's shoulder/biceps/triceps workout. In the car on the way back from the gym, I tried to pinch the skin on my bicep and shoulder and could barely grab the epidermis. Talk about a pump. Daaaaamn. Seriously, I am making a scene at the gym. I'm definitely not the biggest guy there nor do I have the lowest body fat %, but if I wear a tight enough shirt and am uber-pumped off this stuff I just look menacing...much bigger and more ripped than I do cold.
  11. Final Review

    Ok so I think I went over the 30 day mark, but I missed a post here or there so this should make up for that.

    Final summary:

    Strength: 7/8
    I didn't expect to see anything as far as strength goes. But when I think about how I've been trying to slowly eat less to try and cut down some body fat, my strength has not waned. Really good sign. Now, I'm not sure if that was because it was a physical reaction or a mental reaction because just looking at myself while/after lifting was great mental motivation.

    Pumps: 10
    I was definitely pumped during and after lifting. It made me look phenomenal. People were definitely looking at me like, "What the hell is he on?". It felt good and rarely got in the way of my ability to move weights around. The pumps might have decreased only a little bit as I progressed through usage, but they were always there. I have never been a person who cared about being pumped, but this was definitely something that gave me motivation.

    Recovery: 8
    This was another area that I didn't really expect to see anything from. But when I look back at the weeks, I realize that I didn't really burnout all that much and I was not that sore for very long. I was only sore when I picked up squatting again. But that doesn't count because usually leg soreness occurs for me anytime I switch exercises. Anyways, great recovery.

    Mood: 10
    I think this area ecompasses multiple things: focus, energy, and self-esteem. Focus was great. Energy was good enough. And self-esteem made up for what energy lacked(which really was not much to make up for). This is how it worked for me: I would get an initial rush of energy and focus which got me started into my workout. The initial energy boost decreased a little but that was good because I don't like to be too jacked up to lift. Focus is more important because I need to be in control of my body. If there is too much stim, I get shaky and I try to work too fast. So after my warm ups and first couple sets I became more focused and had good energy to work at a solid pace. As the workouts progressed my body would become more nicely shaped and pumped, so my own internal motivation would start to kick in as the effects of the supplement and my energy stores would decrease. I really could not have planned a better way for that to work out.

    Overall Assessment: 9
    If you're looking for pumps, focus, and motivation pick this up. If you're looking for a pure energy boost, this might not be what you want. This is a very solid product which I think so far is being overlooked because some people could care less about pumps (ironically, I am one of those people). But pumps apparently can be useful for more than how they feel.
    WTF Pump'd smells better than it tastes, but you will not gag on it and it should not turn you off from taking it altogether. If you really care that much about how a pre-w/o supp tastes then you're missing the point.
    If/when I decide to enter in a contest, I will definitely want to try using this during contest-prep. I can only imagine how much muscle definition/pump and vascularity would occur.

    If you've been reading this review, I hope this has been helpful. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me.

    Finally, if you're curious about trying this product out, give it a shot. You will not be disappointed. ALRI did not lie when they said:

    "Make a scene when you train."

  12. Cool review ! Im glad you liked it !


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