i am going to be doing a cycle of decaplex 100
with anabolic pump
xngf a gh secratogue
but for decaplex 100

it contains the follwing ingredients

DECA-Plex 100 ™ Formula consists of:
5-MIG TM (Metabolic Interacting Groups)
1. A Facilitating Cofactor And Assimilator For The Other Groups:

Magnesium Gluconate - to produce energy, metabolize glucose, and synthesize nucleic acids and protein. Over all, an enzymatic pathway enhancer.

2. Insulin Regulators Group :

Chromium (Picolinate) - helps insulin regulate the sugar or glucose tolerance factor; it is a major compound that works to regulate insulin.

Vanadyl Sulfate - mimics the powerful effects of insulin; Insulin leads to higher levels of glycogen in the muscles.

3. Endogenous Testosterone Generator Group:

Tribulus Terrestris - increases luteinizing hormone (LH) levels; facilitates testosterone as well as sperm production and motility; additionally, has gonad tropic effects.

Muira Puama - Effective against a multitude of symptoms, including the treatment of disorders of the nervous system, impotency, and gastrointestinal and circulatory diseases. A powerful stimulator of the body’s testosterone.

4. Exogenous Pro-Hormone Substrates Matrix Group:

19-Nor 4-Androstene 3,17 Dione - converts into nor-testosterone in the liver.

4-Androstene 3,17 Diol - (4-AD) is metabolized in the liver to become testosterone via a different enzymatic pathway than the other pro hormones.

4-Androstene 3,17 Dione - Causes between a 211% and 237% increase in serum testosterone levels.

5. Estradiol Prohibiters Group:

Chrysin - minimizes the conversion or "aromatizing" of testosterone to estrogen; also elevates blood serum levels of testosterone by 40%.

Saw palmetto - which is a prostate protector, blocks the formation of estrogen and of dehyroxyepytestosterone (DHT).

i was just wondering since the following has chrysin
even though i have heard chrysin almost doesnt really do anything to block estrogen
should i be taking anything else
to block estrogen or will i be fine until the end of the cycle when i will be taking fareston for pct???