This is officially my first sup log and I expect good gains to come with this stack. Last year I had planned on doing a standalone PP (still have PP and finigenX which i plan to use later) at 185 lbs but life hit hard and i took 10 months off. I've been back at the gym for about three months now with one week off due to injury but am healthy and focused. I've been training off and on since High School and training has gotten pretty intense in the last three years. Prior to my 10 month layoff I had dramatic gains going from 154.5 to 185 (about 1%-1.5% fat gain) in about 8 months with hard work and a lot of food. At that point I hit a titanium reinforced brick wall and couldnt push through 185 (prolly not enough food). At that point I was consuming about 5200 calories and YES I am a serious hard gainer. This past summer during my corporate fitness internship I had my RMR test @170 lbs and I was burning 2000 calories plus I have an active job. Ok enough with all that stuff.

I encourage any advice and or comments on the stack which I will be beginning in about three weeks. Im currently finishing up a stack of tribex/syntra ec/ce2/animal nitro that I have had sitting around for a while. Now im ready to get to the good stuff.

Age: 24
Weight: 177
Height 5'10" 1/2
BF: Have to calculate; guessing 12% (using 9 site test)

Week 1 Xfactor 4x N'G 8x
Week 2 Xfactor 4x N'G 8x
Week 3 Xfactor 4x N'G 8x
Week 4 Xfactor 4x N'G 8x
Week 5 Xfactor 4x JW 3x
Week 6 Xfactor 4x JW 3x
Week 7 Xfactor 4x JW 3x BAM 2x
Week 8 Xfactor 4x JW 3x BAM 2x
Week 9 BAM 2x Rest 3x
Week 10 BAM 2x Rest 3x
Week 11 Rest 3x N'G 8x
Week 12 Rest 3x N'G 8x
Week 14 N'G 8x
Week 15 N'G 8x

My goal for this stack is to get back to 185 and then run PP 6-8 weeks later and get to 195. Ill post my diet and workout later. Once again I welcome any advice on the stack.