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  1. Omega's T-Force log

    Today is my second day on T-Force, Omega's Beta version, I am taking 2 pills 3 times a day as suggested on the bottle. After reading the ingredients this product sure looks to be solid.

    I train for strength mostly and do lower reps. generally in the 4-6 ranges for work sets, though I like drop sets also. I train 4 days a weeks and do virtually no cardio, just free weights.

    My other supplements I use are:

    Flax Seed 4000mg ED
    Anti oxidant complex
    Whey protein
    Ergo Pharm 1-NO preworkout
    Isatori CE-XL preworkout
    Avant labs HEAT 2 servings daily
    Extend 4 servings daily

    I take the HEAT stack for the because of the smooth energy it gives me all day, I can't take a third serving as it keeps me up at night.

    The 1-NO and CE-XL were cheap and I have been on them for awhile so I will keep using them to keep this log accurate.

    My workout schedule is;

    Sunday Legs
    Monday Chest
    Tuesday Back/Bi's
    Wednesday OFF
    Thursday Shoulders/Tri's
    Friday Off
    Saturday Off

    Depending on my work schedule I will sometimes take Tues. off and workout on Wednes.

    My diet is pretty consistent with dinner varying depending on what my wife cooks. I haven't counted calories in a long time, I just eat every 3 hours hungry or not and stop eating when my body sighs. Sounds a little wierd but it works great for me. Here is a general days meals for me.

    6 a.m.

    2 servings whey protein at least 40g.
    1/2 grapefruit or 1 serving Fiber One
    Handful of Almonds 10 maybe

    7:30 a.m.
    1 small apple

    9:30 - 10 a.m.
    1 serv. low fat cottage cheese
    1 Fiber One bar
    Snack on Almonds til lunch 30 maybe

    12 p.m.
    1 sandwich normally 1 can of Tuna w/mayo
    1 serv. chips or pretzels
    Protein pudding I make myself 20g prot.
    Subway sometimes 6" chicken sub

    2:30- 3 p.m.
    2 serv. whey protien
    2 cheese sticks or beef sticks

    5 - 5:30 p.m.
    preworkout concoction
    1 serv 1 NO
    1 serv CE-XL

    7:30 p.m.
    1 serv. whey protien

    8 p.m.
    Dinner, this varies quite a bit but I keep it high protien regardless of what my wife makes

    That's it in a nutshell.

    So far nothing to report after only 2 days.

  2. I forgot my measurements and weight. All taken first thing in the morning relaxed.

    196.5 lbs.

    Chest 40.25"

    Abdomin(navel) 36"

    Arm 14.25"

    Thigh 23.125"

  3. what is t-force? care to share for everyone? at least a little info on the product being tested.....

  4. is it a Test booster?

  5. Thanks for the reminder on product info. This is from Custom Nutrition Warehouse's site.

    This working formula for T-Force was designed to be the strongest all-natural, herbal testosterone amplifier ever. Period. Never before has any one product used such powerful extracts and in amounts this high.

    T-Force contains the following in each 2 capsule dose:

    200mg 6,7 divanillyltetrahydrofuran
    200mg 3,4 divanillyltetrahydrofuran
    200mg Horny Goat Weed (50% icariin)
    133mg Long Jack (200:1)
    75mg Avena Extract (95% extract)

    This ingeniously designed formula is specifically engineered to raise testosterone levels through the roof; naturally.

    Get T-Force today and experience all the benefits of being an amplified male!

    The 3,4 divan and the 6,7 divan is what got me curious about this product.

  6. looks like a good log to come, keep it updated ill be watching.

    on another note. How do you like the H.e.a.t stack do you notice fat burning with it or just energy?

  7. Sweet! I saw this being logged over at another site and am excited to see more feedback. Subscribed!

    Just wondering, how tall are you Ether?
    RcB Since 09-06-2011 20:55 EST, Post 49

  8. I am 5' 11", probably 14% bodyfat, I wear 32" waist pants the 36" measurement is around the fattest part of my abdomin.

    The HEAT I have been taking for about a month now and have noticed my pants fitting looser but haven't dropped any on the scale. The energy I get from it is very smooth, slightly euphoric. I puts me in a great mood, I do notice feeler warmer after taking it but either I adjust to it or the effect wears off shortly after.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Ether View Post
    I am 5' 11", probably 14% bodyfat, I wear 32" waist pants the 36" measurement is around the fattest part of my abdomin...
    I was just wondering because most of our measurments are similar, but you weigh more than I do...the height explains have a few inches on me
    RcB Since 09-06-2011 20:55 EST, Post 49

  10. Day 3

    Weight 196.5 lbs. this morning.

    Took 2 caps 3x today of T-Force. After my lunch dose I had a slight annoying headache for a couple of hours but it went away and did not come back after my evening dose.

    I tried a sample of Gasparis Size On tonight before I started working out instead of my normal 1NO and CEXL. The pumps seemed about the same but I didn't feel as focused while working out.

    My workout was Tri's and shoulders.

    Skull crushers
    55 lbs. on an EZ curl bar 10,6,5 with 3 slow negs. after failure.

    1 arm cable pushdown
    40 lbs. 6,6,5 with 2 forced reps.

    DB mil. press
    35 lbs. 6,6,6

    Straight arm side raise DB
    12 lbs. 8
    15 lbs. 6,5

    Rear lat. raise DB
    12 lbs. 8,8,8

    Cable side raise
    20 lbs. 7,7,7

    I feel weak after seeing fitnfirm post her shoulder workout in her log, she is one strong lady.

    I concentrate on strict form and full muscle contraction when I workout so I keep the weight a little lighter to avoid cheating.


    1 whole grapefruit
    1 serv. whey 30g. protien
    1 handful almonds

    1 large apple on my way to work, I have a hour drive.

    AM snack
    1 serv. cottage cheese
    2 cheese sticks
    Snacked on more Almonds

    1/2 subway pizza It tasted pretty bad.
    1 bag jalepeno chips part of subway "meal deal"
    1 serv. pudding 20g. protien

    PM snack
    2 serv. whey protien 46g.

    1 serv.Size on preworkout
    1 serv. whey protein postworkout

    mix of shrimp chicken and rice with some cheese melted on it. Serving size was about the size of my fist. No clue on macros.

    I felt very hungry this AM but after the headache and bad lunch I wasn't that hungry tonight.

    Nothing else to report as of yet.

  11. Day 4

    195 lbs. this AM

    Today is a rest day for me as my gym is closed friday and saturday. I noticed my appetite is starting to increase and I was a little more aggressive than usual on my drive home.

    The only change in my diet today was steak fajitas for lunch, man were they good!

  12. Day 6


    Today is another off day of training for me. I had a chiropractic appointment this morning as my right trap and neck have been bothering me. I have been twice in the past month to get my neck adjusted, this time I saw one of the other chiropractors. He asked some questions and pushed on my right trap and seems to think I have minor tear in it that is causing the pain. He recommended ibuprofen and no trap or shoulder work for the next week plus some icing to help with the inflamation. So my workout will change slightly this next week.


    I am definitely feeling "it" today. My appetite is up and I notice that "Alpha Male" attitude. I am not talking about rage or mood swings but I definitely am more ascertive. I noticed my thighs felt pumped after push mowing my lawn.

    Me and my wife went to dinner, I had steak fajitas we split a desert. This is the one day I eat sweets and the apple pie ice cream was pretty good.

    More tomorrow after a leg workout.

  13. im assuming it will take a few weeks before effects start to present themselves. Herbals usually take a while.

  14. Day 7

    Forgot to weigh myself.

    I woke up 2 hours later than normal, stayed up watching UFC 70. I always train legs on an empty stomach, puking just isn't any fun anymore. The 2 extra sleep felt good but didn't help my workout any, I felt light head and weak. I probably should of have something other than Extend.

    Warm up sets not included

    BB Squats performed with a pause at the bottom

    225x 4,4,4

    Good mornings

    155x 8,7,7

    Single leg extensions

    90x 5,6,6

    Superset of

    Seated calf raises
    130x 12,12,13

    Single leg curl
    50x 8,6,5

    I skipped DB lunges due to my right trap injury, which felt fine until I got home then it stiffened up so I iced it down and it was fine after that.


    My diet was way off today I didn't eat enough at all.

    My patience are shorter I have noticed, no anger just less tolerance today. It could be because I was disappointed in my workout or that I just hate stupid people.?

    Nothing else new to report.

  15. Quote Originally Posted by pistonpump View Post
    im assuming it will take a few weeks before effects start to present themselves. Herbals usually take a while.
    I think you are correct for any strength or performance increases. So far I "feel" more ascertive in that I am less willing to put up with BS. Other than that no increase in libido and the appetite increase could have just been that day as I didn't notice it as much today as I did last friday.

  16. Day 8

    195lbs. this morning

    Today was a pretty stressful day at work, stuff thrown at me and cussed out. I was surprised how calm I remained though the anger was VERY hard to hold back, I haven't felt like that in a long time. Note to self find a new damn job this isn't worth it.

    Today was chest day I was a little apprehensive as I really don't want to injure my trap any worse. It is purely a mental thing now that the doc planted the seed it's there in the back of my mind. Anyway I had a good chest pump going.

    BB flat bench I concentrated on the neg. and strict form

    155x 10,10,9

    DB incline

    50x 6,6,7

    Pec. Deck Drop set 2 sets
    90x 6
    60x 11

    Low cable flyes

    The low flyes bothered my trap so I called it quits on the weights and hit the eliptical for 10mins. first cardio in months.


    2 egg omelet with brocoli and 2 strips bacon
    1 serving whey protien 22g.

    AM snack
    Fiber one bar
    1 serving cottage cheese

    6" chicken sub from Subway

    PM Snack
    2 slim jims
    handful of Almonds
    2 servings whey protien

    Pre workout
    1 serving 1NO
    1 serving CE-XL

    1 serving whey protien

    Roast beef, yummy!

    I noticed my gallon of water/Extend was gone about an hour earlier than normal today, probably due to the warmer weather just thought I would mention it.

    Nothing else to report, bad day at work so I am going to go relax.

  17. Day 10

    197.5 lbs.

    I took yesterday off and just rested when I got home from work.

    Today I noticed my skin was oily this morning and I have some acne on my back starting. My attitude is still ascertive almost aggressive at times, no anger issues just shorter patience with people.

    My appetite has not been increased like it was last friday, I would say it is normal.

    No increase in libido as of yet either.

    My sleep was deeper than normal last night.

    Today I worked out my back. Good workout, muscles felt very full and pumped more than usual.

    Seated cable row

    170x 7,6,6

    DB bench row

    75x 7,7,6

    Lat pulldown(felt some pain in my trap so I went easy on these)

    120x 10,10,8

    Straight pulldown

    60x 8,8,8

    Low cable pull

    150x 10

    170x 7,6

    The Seated rows I was up 5lbs. more than normal and the DB rows I was up 10lbs. more than normal. This could be due to me taking Tues. off as I normally don't.

    My diet was as normal.

  18. Day 11

    I worked bis/tris today. I hit the tris first as I had more options for exercises that did not involve my trap.

    Close grip bench

    155x 10
    175x 4,6,6

    EZ bar skull crusher

    70(on bar weight)x 4,3,3 w/3 extra neg. reps.

    Cable pushdown

    60x 15,15,15

    Hammer curls

    45 5x5

    I decided the hammers were enough as I felt my trap tightening up.

    My workout was okay, that is the heaviest I ever remember going on skull crushers. I spent alot of time talking to my best friend while I was at the gym that's why my volume was down.

  19. Day 12

    196.5 lbs.

    Today was an off day, but it was my wife's birthday so I was busy trying to get out of work early to take her and my daughter to dinner.

    I have noticed my skin is getting really oil in the morning and I have a blemish on my face now.

    My attitude is strong/ascertive still but I was in a great mood all day today for no apparent reason.

    My sleep is deeper but normal in that I only sleep 6 hours a night.

    No change in sex drive as of yet.



    1 bowl of Fiber one cereal
    2 serving whey protien
    Handful of Almonds

    Small apple on my way into work

    9 a.m
    1 serving cottage cheese
    1 yogurt

    6" steak sub

    PM snack
    2 cheese sticks
    1 serv. whey
    Snack crackers (I was hungry)

    Bison Bacon Cheeseburger w/fries YummOOOO!

    I drank my usual 3 servings of Xtend in 1 gallon of water.

    My wife had a great birthday and yes she is very spoiled.

  20. Day 13


    My face is like an oil slick today, must be all that grease from that great cheeseburger last night.LOL

    Today was another off day. I went shopping with the wife.

    I have been in a great mood all day today, with lots of energy.

    Sleep was normal at 6 hours last night.



    Brocoli and cheese omelette

    10:30 am
    2 serving whey protien

    Cheese burger no fries (I LOVE cheeseburgers)

    3 pm
    2 serving whey
    Hand full of almonds


    Home made chili

    I must confess cheeseburgers are a huge weakness for me. I don't care much about sweets but burgers, I just can't so no.

    I went to the chiropractor again today and she said things look better but still be gentle with shoulder trap execises next week.

    My trap hasn't been as sore/stiff upon waking as it had been the previous week.
    Last edited by Ether; 05-01-2007 at 07:49 PM. Reason: wrong day

  21. Day 16

    198 lbs.

    I was a busy weekend and I did not get much sleep so I didn't make time to update this.

    Today though was a decent day, the sun was actually shining today dispite the rain.

    My skin is really oily in the morning now, though acne has not gotten any worse.

    My attitude is still alpha male, still not tolerating as much BS as I was b4.

    Sleep sucks. I had trouble falling a sleep and it doesn't seem like I am sleeping as deep.

    No change in libido.

    I trained chest today.

    BB flat bench press
    185x 6,6,6

    Incline BB bench press
    135x 6,5,5

    Incline DB bench press
    55x 6,5,5

    Peck deck drop set 2sets
    90x 6
    50x 10

    It felt good to bench 185 for reps. It's a small number compared to some but that was a heavy set for me as benching never has been a strong exercise for me.

  22. Day 18

    198.5 lbs

    I have had a stuffed up nose for the past 2 days, I am not sure if this is from allergies or what as I don't feel sick.

    My skin is still quite oily in the morning, though acne has gotten better.

    Attitude still is the same.

    Appetite is still the same.

    Sleep still sucks I have been having trouble falling asleep I will be trying melatonin to see if that helps.

    No change in libido.

    I took yesterday off from weight training due to be tired from not sleeping the night before.

    Today was I trained my back.

    Seated cable rows
    170x 7,7,6

    One are DB rows
    75x 10,10

    85x 6 (PR)

    Lat pulldown
    200x 5 (form sucked)

    170x 7,5

    Straight arm pulldown
    60x 10

    65x 7,7

    Low cable pull

    180x 7,7

    Cable preacher curls
    50x 8,8,8

    DB hammer curls
    40x 6,5

    Incline DB curls
    25x 8,6,6 (very slow and controled major burn)

    This was a pretty good workout. I felt strong on my back exercises but my right trap is still sore and started hurting on my bicep exercises. I have been icing it which seems to help.

  23. Day 24

    198.5 lbs.

    Wow 6 days went by real quick. I have been still dosing 2 caps 3x's a day on an empty stomach. My sinus seem to plug everynight for some reason, I have never experienced this before and will see if it stops after I am done with T-force.

    I had a great leg workout squatted 245 lbs. for 4 reps. and my chest workout I benched 180 lbs. for 2 sets of 5 reps. I felt very strong on the bench press which I don't really enjoy doing anyway.

    My sleep still sucks though melatonin has helped me fall asleep. I just don't feel as well rested.

    Libido is still the same.

    Appetite is still the same.

    Judging by the mirror my muscles look fuller to me and the pumps in the gym have been better than normal.

    Skin is still an oil slick with some minor acne.

    Diet has been normal for me, trying to stay away from the cheeseburgers.

    All other supplements are still the same.

  24. Tonight I worked my back.

    Seated rows
    170x 7,5,5

    One arm DB row
    85x 6,6,5

    Lat pulldown
    170x 5,5,5
    120x 8 (no rest)

    Straight arm pulldown
    60x 10,10,10

    Low cable pull
    180x 5,5,4

    I had a good workout I felt really strong. The 85 DB's seemed light.

  25. So far you have gained two pounds on a natural proudct, not bad (Nettle acts as a minor diuretic so you might have gained even more than that).

    You said that you look more full; how's the definition in comparison as to when first started?
    RcB Since 09-06-2011 20:55 EST, Post 49


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