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    196.5 lbs. 200lbs. (+3.5)

    Chest 40.25" 40.25" (+0)

    Abdomin(navel) 36" 36" (+0)

    Arm 14.25" 14.75" (+.5")

    Thigh 23.125" 23.375" (+.25")

    Today I worked out my bi's and tri's and felt an amazing pump almost painful. I feel that this effect has finally kicked in this week, too bad it's my last week of this product. I thought my chest measurement would have gone up as I am noticing more definition in my chest and it just "feels" fuller.

    I guess my wife liking my arms more was justified. I did not expect that measurement to go up because I didn't train them that hard due to my trap. bothering me.

    I had expected an increase in libido from this product be I didn't, that stayed the same. Though the oily skin was a good sign test was up.

    My appetite has seemed to increase this week as well as the pumps. I am not starving constantly but I definitely eat more than normal without trying.

    The sleep or lack there of was the only negative I could say about this product. There were a few nights I could only get 3-4 hours. The melatonin has helped alot with this, though the dreams are odd.

    I am happy with the gains that I have made for me 3.5 lbs. in 30 days with little to no fat gained is pretty impressive for a natural product. I most definitely would use this product again. I would run it for 60 days though as I feel the effects would be alot more noticable especially if you were bulking.

    I really hope Matt reformulates this so that it is more cost effective, the $50 for 30 days is a little tough to sell with all the competition out there in the NHA market.

    It just dawned on me to mention that I bought this totally on my own based on Omega's rep. for putting out great products that work.

    Hope you enjoyed the log and thanks for reading it.

  3. Thumbs up

    Ether, nice job on the log.

    I think i'll try it when it comes out, (only if the price comes down alittle.)

  4. Mick92

    Thanks, this was my first complete log and I learned alot from it.

    Just to clarify the beta version of T-force is COMPLETELY different than the soon to be released version. The new version looks very promising as the logs will hopefully soon show.


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