Official Oxyguno Log- Updated every two days!

  1. Official Oxyguno Log- Updated every two days!

    This is one of my first posts on this forum. I feel alot of members have lots of knowledge about supplements. Summer is coming, therefore I must get ready soon. I am going to order Oxyguno tonight. I've read some decent/good reviews on the product, I'm always open to try new things. About 7 weeks ago I started taking Hemadrol, also made by Spectra Force, and I took Novadex XT as the PCT for about 2-3 weeks. Now that I'm done with the PCT, I want to try Oxyguno to help me lean up and maybe build a little more muscle. I'm planning on using 6oxo as the PCT this time, due to the great reviews I've seen. I'm currently on a GREAT cutting diet. I've seen good and slow results from my current cutting diet. I'm taking protein,glutamine, amino acids, omega 3 and CLA fatty acids, and ephederine. When I start Oxyguno I will start using NO-Xplode and Cell Mass, both made by BSN again. I will use this thread as the official log regarding my gains with Oxyguno.

    Since I recently used Hemadrol, and just got off the PCT, is it safe to go ahead and start Oxyguno in about 4 days? Is the 6oxo a better alternative for Novadex XT? Honeslty, I didnt see the gains I wanted from Hemadrol. I never shut down, I never had sore nipples or anything that let me know that my body is shutting down.

    Note: I will up the dosage on Oxyguno. I think it is one pill in the morning and one at night, I will be taking one in the morning, one on the afternoon and one at night. I will use the PCT after about 2.5 weeks into the product......

    242 LB. Goal is to drop to 220LB.
    22 percent body fat. I want to drop to 14 percent.

    This Oxyguno log should start within 5 days, I will order it tonight. Please comment/critique on my plan...

    Thanks Again

  2. wow, too much to even comment on. first of all, no its not a good idea to run another cycle already. you just finished pct. give your body a break! second, 6-oxo isnt going to cut it for pct. third, your not going to drop 22lbs and 8% bodyfat in two weeks no matter what your taking.

    thats just the beginning of all that needs to be said, and i am too lazy right now to continue writing. pretty much, dont run another cycle yet and do some more research before you ever run another.

  3. i see....

    When would be be safe to run another cycle?
    What is wrong with 6oxo?
    I didn't say I want to drop 20lb in fat in two weeks, I know its going to take me at least 2 months........


  4. i would wait atleast 2 months AFTER pct to run another cycle. 6-OXO is just not sufficient by itself for PCT. you need a SERM
  5. Serm

    What exactly is a SERM?


  6. Just a few comments:

    1. Just because you don't have physical symptoms of gynecomastia, does not mean your body is not shut down. You would need bloodwork to truly tell.
    2. As a general rule, time on cycle + length of post cycle therapy = time off before running an additional cycle.
    3. A 20+ pound fat loss in 2.5 weeks is not very realistic, IMO.
    4. SERM is an acronym for Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator.

  7. I see... I'm going to hold a little bit on the Oxyguno cycle....
    Now with the SERM... do i need a PCT that has SERM in it or take a PCT and SERM?
    Yeah i know it will take me at least 2 months to do my 20lb of fat loss.......

  8. The SERM will be a part of your pct. PCT just means the period after a cycle where you try to bring your natural hormone functions back into play and normalize your hormone production.

  9. Rpen you said everything I was going to say. You know youre stuff, always have good reccommendations.

    Listen to Him!

  10. A pound a week is a realistic weightloss goal.

  11. so what would a good SERM supplement be? Would I start it whenever I start my PCT?


  12. nolva or torem. yes start the day after your cycle is over

  13. so i would take oxyguno, for 4 weeks, after being 3 weeks into it, start he pct and the SERM together right?


  14. good idea to use steroids and not know what ur doing....this is why everything is getting banned...there are a ton of thread on PCT...prolly stickied in the steroid forum...I would research then come back to us...

  15. Quote Originally Posted by bigbeasta4 View Post
    so i would take oxyguno, for 4 weeks, after being 3 weeks into it, start he post cycle therapy and the SERM together right?

    you start after you finish and ur PCT should be a SERM like clomid that plus a test booster

  16. so take 6 oxo as a pct, and after 3 weeks take SERM plus a test booster?

  17. A SERM is PART of your Post Cycle Therapy. I'm thinking we have different definitions of pct. What does your pct consist of?

  18. Big Beasta please do more research about what compounds you put into your body, what affects they have, and how to use them properly. This board is an invaluable place to learn how to properly cycle these types of compounds. There are "stickies" that are basically guidelines and offer a lot of information. Some useful stickies are at the top the steriod section and post cycle therapy section of this great forum. My advice to you is research here for awhile before you do this cycle so you understand what will be happening inside your body and i guarentee you will have a much better cycle if you are informed about it. Now a very basic PCT protocol will involve a serm like Clomid or Nolvadex which begins the day after you finish the cycle as the half lifes of most orals are very short and should clear your body within the next day or so. 6oxo is a good product but it will not suffice on its own.
  19. yeah

    ive read the stickys on the forums. After research I concluded that I will use oxyguno, after being 3 weeks into it, i will start 6 oxo and the SERM.The oxyguno should last about 4 weeks. I will take 6 oxo and the SERM for about 2-3 weeks after the cycle.....
    Is this a good idea?

  20. did you do the cycle?

  21. how can we tell how effective one supplement is if you're taking a whole bunch of other stuff with it ?

    you need to run it controlled - one product ONLY


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