Diesel Test 2040

  1. Diesel Test 2040

    Everytime I take it I feel like complete ****! Any input?

  2. describe this feeling..........

  3. I dunno I feel like it wants to come back up, I dont think I was drinking enough water with. I took 2 today exactly 15 mins before I ate with a big cup of water and it felt better. Thsi stuff is pretty sweet tho good product to say the least. Im running this with mass fx, retain and hyperdrol x2, and im lookin really good and this is post cycle!!

  4. I'm taking it now with no problems, stacked with nos precursor.

    so far so good

    just had complications with school cutting in to my gym time

    but so far I 've been feeling good, strength is still there while dropping a few lbs, which is nice.

  5. man your almost as crazy as me, sounds like a stack i might do. keep the water up and good luck.

    use code THEBIGT for 25% off

  6. Thanks!

  7. I'm taking the recommended dosage, while also take 6-OXO and retain. First 3-4 days was brutal...I thought my insides were blowing out through my backside.

    I just upped my water and that side seems to have gone away. But the pump I get from the workout is making it all worth it.


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