Starting my Cr2 log. FIRST LOG EVER

  1. Starting my Cr2 log. FIRST LOG EVER

    Hey everyone I was really pumped to get my Cr2. My friend was holding out on giving it to me and I finally have it at my arsenal. Im hoping I gain about 5-10 pounds on my weight and go up in my lifts.


    161 lbs.
    24%bf (my doctor is messed up) it cant be that high
    15 years old in a week.

    Current Supplements

    FAST TWITCH (Cytosport)
    NOS (off-brand NO2 product)


    5-6 meals per day
    2500 calories
    180g. of protien
    (lots of turkey and chicken)

    I just want to run this log and see what Cr2 really is like.

    I will be taking only Cr2 and my protien during the log.

  2. Day 1


    Strength 9/10= I felt great strength on benching this morning and on my other chest exercises. I could do more than usual. Also my legs were feeling great.

    Endurance 10/10= Having short but intense workouts dont force me to have endurance as much but still could do more ses.

    "Pumps" 8/10= Today I had the best pumps I have ever had. My arms were bulging and my veins were popping out. I just wish it lasted longer.

    Focus 10/10= I dont know if this product is meant for increased focus but i was zoned in today.

    Overal= 9.5.10= Excellant workout today. Hope I get many more to come.

  3. Great start! Good luck, and enjoy!

  4. Hey guys I havn't logged in a very while because I have not had time with baseball and other High School stuff. So tommorow I will start my log again with a better plan and diet so I can show whats happening

  5. Yeah so this whole log idea of mine really didn't work. Baseball once again was taking up all my time and I needed my rest.

    I have been using Cr2 still through my season but i haven't had the time to lift as much.

    although the days I took it, My veins were coming out like crazy. i went to pick up a baseball and i saw 7 of them

    I like this product and will buy it again when I go on my 4 month run to become a Huge mo fo.

  6. What is Cr2? Sounds like a badass product to me!

  7. hahaha yea its a BAMF fo sho. lol

    nothing special its just CEE.

    but it gave me veins!! woo it was great.


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