Miilkbones DCP log

  1. Miilkbones DCP log

    Started my DCP officially.
    Took 2 caps, waited 1/2 hour....had 3 egg whites, 1 cup oatmeal, 1/2 banana, and 2 pieces dry wheat toast.
    Will workout around noon.
    Stay tuned, my scale needs batterys so I'll let you know about starting weight later today.

  2. 4/15

    Just did a heavy shoulder workout. (I love shoulders) After that, I hopped into weighted dips. It was kinda painful since I pushed so hard with shoulders, so I cut that short. Not much else to report. I 'll take my next 2 caps after my post w/o protein. Dinner will be at 5' ish. After that, I'll do a serious ab workout. Catch ya later!!
    p.s. I didn't take my caps before my workout, cause it was too close to the am dosage. Tomorrow, I'll time it so its right before the w/o.

  3. 4/16

    1st 2 caps : 6am
    breakfast- kashi cereal w nonfat milk, 1 apple, protein shake
    10am: peanut butter on wheat

    2nd 2 caps: 12:30
    canned tuna, celery

    2:30- protein shake

    3:00- WORKOUT (chest)

    Today was a great w/o. Felt strong as hell throughtout the entire workout.Flatbench
    DB flys
    Superset bench/flys
    Inclined bench drop sets
    Inclined flys
    ended with weighted dips

    Dinner will be (I have no friggin clue yet) lol

    note to remember: DCP closer to workout is a big difference from yesterdays workout.

  4. Hey you're here as well!

    Good to hear about the kickass workout!

  5. Quote Originally Posted by asianbabe View Post
    Hey you're here as well!

    Good to hear about the kickass workout!
    I'm everywhere my sweets....lol:donut:

  6. Heer's a start off pic, my scale is screwed up so I can't provide a weight righ now...lol:chick: AsainBabe and Terra got me goin....
    Attached Images Attached Images  

  7. who got you going, where?

    Looking good btw

  8. Quote Originally Posted by asianbabe View Post
    who got you going, where?

    Looking good btw
    LOL ok ASIANBABE did it.


    Sorry I never re-logged yesterday. I didn't w/o cause my 3 yr old had an earache. Imagine a lil 3yr old boy with an earache and not much to be able to do about it right away.

    Anyway , just worked out, and I'm definately gettin my scale fixed today. Maybe I'll just get a new one already...lol
    I felt way too much energy today so I ended up doin more than i planned on. I took DCP 30 minutes before my w/o. Not sure if that made the difference or not. But judging from the times before of when I took it in order of my workout, this was by far closer to my w/o, and the most energy I had yet.
    Diet has been excellent. Don't really know why its an appetite suppresent. I feel hungrier more of the time, since DCP. Luckily, I resist or I would be bulking for the summer. And we don't want that now...........

    In a few I'm gonna go on my weight vest jog and jumprope routine. I'll get atchya later.

  9. 4/20

    I don't know if it's the DCP itself. Or the fact that I'm including more cardio in my regimen. OR the DCP givin me reason to workout more and eat better. But I'm noticing alot more definition in alot less time that any other fat loss supp. Also, I'm not losing muscle in the process. If I am its proportioning well.

    Today I had :

    2caps- 8am
    Oatmeal, 4 egg whites, 1 cup of dried Kashi cereal in a sandwich bag on the way to school.
    10:30am 1 apple
    2caps- 12:40
    tuna from can on wheat bread plain
    3:00- Workout
    2caps- 5:30
    Dinner- 1 large chicken breast/ 2cups of broccoli (dry),1 cucumber
    7pm- 2 mile light jog (trot)
    TOTAL WATER INTAKE: 2 gallons

  10. Nice! How many cals is that you're taking, doesn't look like much at all? I think I might eat more than you haha

  11. Quote Originally Posted by asianbabe View Post
    Nice! How many cals is that you're taking, doesn't look like much at all? I think I might eat more than you haha
    he-he-ha-ha Its always in the range between 2000 and 2100.

  12. 4/23

    Yesterday, I upped the doses to 3 caps/ 3 x's a day. I definately feel more motivated. Not really the energetic type. But a constant "do more, all day" type of feeling. I been hittin the pavement with cardio like a motha'fka though. Today, detailed 3 cars by noon. Ate, then hit the weights about 2:30, immediately hit the park for my run. Started off w a few laps of trotting. Went into long sprints (full speed). After that hit the benches for pushups and ab work. Ended with a mile and a half jog. The sun was beating my ass, but I love it.
    Appetite has definately been suppressed. I had to fight myself to eat my punk ass 1700 calories today. I started this log at around 206, yesterday I clocked in at 200 even.(before cardio). DCP is definately doin its thing.

  13. 4/25

    Bi's and Tri's today. Excellent energy throughout the entire workout and even enough for my cardio afterwards. Supersets each set.(BI./tri,Bi/tri etc etc.)
    Starting to up my calories a lil since I added cardio back into my swing. I don't want all this to start takin a toll on my muscle building. I guess I'm tryin to do the "so-called" impossible. Build muscle and cut at the same time. I'm determined.
    After this DCP log, I plan on droppin the creatine for a few weeks. That cycle is long overdue. I already got "white flood" in the mail for my pre- w/o. Don't know how I'm gonna feel without creatine in my system. But I know I need to drop it, and restart it for the real effects again.

    DCP report card
    1.appetite control....................B
    2.workout energy/pumps...........A
    3.side effects....................... ..A (none at all)
    4.sleeping.................... ..........A
    5.sex drive......................... ....A+ (lol)
    6.would I recommend it............A+

  14. 4/28

    DCP is definately doing more than I thought it would. My midsection is getting leaner by the day. Also a problem area I always had is my lower back. Even that it dissolving slowly.
    I threw in "white flood" to my stack, and OMG. I never had so much energy before. It was scary and sick. I definately gotta lower the dosage to 1 scoop. Especially with DCP before workout too. Or maybe go back to 2 caps instead of 3. We'll see after I lower the scoops of WF.
    After my workout today, I ran twice as much as I normally do, and still wasn't tired. I loved it.

  15. 4/29

    Chest/Bi's AND Tris today. I was fully powered through the whole friggin workout. I ran about 3 miles afterwards.

    Midpoint DCP review:

    serving size-3 caps
    mood- good
    appetite- suppressing
    workout energy- good when taken shortly before W/O
    taste- N/A (except when the caps get caught 1/2 way down) YUK!
    sleep- normal
    side effects- none

    current stack:
    White Flood
    Whey Protein
    Alpha Lapoic Acid
    Vitamin C

  16. 4/05

    I havent taken days off, I just been too busy for this computer. Plus it seems not too many people are interested in either this log, or this product. I guess it sucks for them. I'm up in weight, and down in fat. Weight= 205, bf%=12.
    White Flood put the icing on the cake. I lift almost twice as much for twice as long. I got about 4 more days of DCP left.

  17. I just started a DCP/Leviathan reloaded stack so I am quite interested to see a stand alone DCP log. Keep up the work man.

  18. BTW....got a stat update?


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