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U4EA review

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    U4EA review

    'So I came across this supplement called U4EA from Pure Life. Anyways, in the write up it states it as a healthy alternative to alcohol. I decided to give it a try since I like to have a good time but I always feel bad about ingesting alcohol. Dave Palumbo sells it on his website, but I found it cheaper on another. Here are my results:
    -Last night, I took a serving, didn't feel anything, so I gave it another one. After that, NOTHING.
    -Woke up this morning all drunk like/drowsy.
    - I guess it worked, but not exactly when I wanted it to
    - My suggestion is to take it 4-6 hours before you want the effect
    - I actually got nauseated this morning and hurled, probably worse than actually drinking alcohol
    - I probably should have only experimented with one dose the first time
    - I'll try it again in one week with only one dose and I'll let you guys know

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    Crazy, a safe alternative to alcohol sounds like an oxymoron to me. Im still interested in what you find.
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    I bought U4EA a few times and actually like it a lot. I take it before I work legs as it really gives me more endurance and seems to take the edge of the burn. Also have used it with alcohol....I take a scoop of U4EA and then 1-2 beers and I'm set for the night. Saves me a ton of cash and calories!

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    I guess it contains phenibut...

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