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    thanks to controlled labs for selecting me to try out their new and improved purple wraath product.

    My current workout log is over here:
    My log

    Current stats:
    Sex: Male
    Height: 6'
    Weight: 197

    I'm in a recomp phase, altho I was trying to cut previously. My body decided it wanted to lose bodyfat and grow muscles.

    The only supplements I'm on besides PW, are fish oil. I discovered trader joe's buffalo burgers (43g protein per patty) and am off of any protein bars/powders.

    About Purple Wraath (from their website):

    Discover the "Holy Grail" of bodybuilding and athletic performance enhancement: maximizing lean gains and fat loss while enhancing recovery and increasing strength, endurance, and energy. Purple Wraath was created to be the most complete EAA/BCAA product on the market; keeping your body in a constant anabolic state and keeping you training hard with its added super endurance complex.

    To read the rest about the product:
    Controlled Labs

    Day 1

    Today was my cardio day, which I've trying out HIIT. I poured 1 scoop into 12oz of water, shook a few seconds. The foaminess went away pretty fast. I was taking xtend for the past 2 weeks, the foaminess of xtend lasts way longer then PW. I poured 6oz into cup and drank a 1/2 hr before workout. Within 10mins I felt a tingling sensation. As I write this, I'm still tingling. I went to my local 24hr fitness, hop'd on the stationary bike and warmed up for 4mins before blasting away at 10mins of HIIT. I do 30s bursts of normal and 90% of max speed. My legs were giving out near the end. I finished up with a 4min cooldown and finished the other 6oz of PW. The big test is tomorrow for my legs/shoulders day.

    I tried the previous version of PW (v2) before. It worked great the one time I did use it, but the taste was foul. That's what led me to try xtend.
    xtend isn't the best tasting grape either but it's more acceptable then PW(v2). The new PW(v3) is vastly improved and tastes better then xtend. PW leaves a lot less residual, not much at all compared to xtend. I would pour more water into my cup just to get the rest of the xtend residual! While the test isn't that grapey tasting, it's very sweet and the after taste is sorta like grape cotton candy. It's very easy to drink down.
    I look forward to tomorrow's workout

  2. good start to your log!
    i'll follow along to see if you get similar results to me.

  3. sweet, thanks
    I'll be following your log as well

    Quote Originally Posted by Hank Vangut View Post
    good start to your log!
    i'll follow along to see if you get similar results to me.

  4. purple wraath is one of the best supps out there. Honestly, people dont understand the importance of BCAA's. Nice log man!

  5. Day 2

    I mixed 1 scoop in 12oz of water, drank 1/2 30mins before workout and 1/2 right after.

    I gave it my all on the squat press today, I managed to finish thru that and lunges where as last week I couldn't. When I sweat, I feel tingling, almost like tingling sweat, a really weird sensation. My triceps are still sore from monday, I guess I overdid em on the dips. My shoulder press was pretty lame today. I feel worn out yet alive, a good feeling, surviving today's workout along with 5mins of HIIT.

    I'm thinking of upping the dose to 2 scoops, 1/2 before workout, 1/2 after. I was dosing 3 scoops of xtend before.

    plate loaded squat press 180x6,200x4(warmups), 320x10,340x8,360x6
    db lunges 40x10,50x8,60x6
    rear delt machine 10sx6,15sx4,20sx10,25sx8,30sx6
    lateral raises 15sx10x3
    shoulder press 45sx10,8,3(triceps gave up, still sore from monday)
    5mins HIIT on bike 30s/on/off

  6. Quote Originally Posted by dalvare1 View Post
    purple wraath is one of the best supps out there. Honestly, people dont understand the importance of BCAA's. Nice log man!
    Thanks! It's even better that it's drinkable

  7. Day 3

    Today I poured 2 scoops into 16oz of water. I drank 1/2 at 11:10am, then the rest PWO. Drinking that much water before I work out, I have to go pee right before.

    Today is chest/tri day.
    incline db press 35sx6,45sx4 (warmups), 60sx10,65sx8,70sx6
    decline hammer strength 90x10,110x8,130x6
    cable xover 60x10,70x8,80x6
    2 handed cable pullover 50x6(warmup) 60x10,70x8,80x1,75x2,50x6
    5mins HIIT on bike

    I was really pumped after doing tri's
    I'm still feeling the tingling

  8. Day 4 on Purple Wraath
    Back/Bi's day

    bbell rows 45x7,95x10x10x8
    wide grip pullups (assisted) 8(100),6(90),4(80)
    wide grip pulldowns 120x10,130x8,140x6
    cable row 100x10 slow,110x10 slow, 120x8
    1 arm preacher preacher 25x10,30x8,35x6
    shrugs 40sx7,80sx10,85sx8,95sx6
    cable curls 50x10,60x8,70x5
    5mins HIIT bike

    Still tingling along, I feel able to push myself a little more. I feel tired but in a good way, not run down at all. So far so good, this stuff rox!

  9. Day 5 on Purple Wraath

    scoops into 17oz of water, 1/2 PRE, 1/2 PWO
    10mins HIIT on bike, 10min warmup/cooldown
    super tingly afterwards today, almost a needles feeling...
    i feel tired but great, doms set in from yesterday, not too bad, I was expecting worse

  10. Day 6 on Purple Wraath

    2 scoops, 1/2 PRE, 1/2 PWO
    What can I say but wow....I made it to 380 on the squat press, my legs were wobbly when done with all the leg exercises, I felt pretty worn out.
    I didn't expect to do much with the shoulder today, everytime I thought I couldn't finish a set, I was able to push on. It's like hidden strength/endurance just coming alive. I'm at the point I can barely raise the db's up just to be able to do the shoulder presses

    plate loaded squat press 180x6,270x4(warmups), 340x10,360x8,380x6
    leg press 2708x6x6
    db lunges 50x10,60x8x6
    rear delt machine 10sx6,15sx4,20sx10,25sx8,35sx6
    shoulder press 45sx6(warmup), 60sx10,65sx8,70sx6
    lateral raises 10sx10,20sx8,25sx6
    front raises 10sx10,15sx8,20x6

  11. Day 7 on PW

    As I get higher and higher with the db weights, I'm finding my hands are tiring out too fast. If I wasn't taking PW today, I don't think I would've even managed 75x4 today. I don't much the tingles doing my workout anymore, or maybe I don't notice. I'm tingling as I eat my turkey sandwich. My legs are still sore from friday's killer session on em.
    Last Th I noticed some soreness from back, yet in an area I never felt behind. Then I realized, I'm finally growing some wings back there

    incline db press 45x6,50x4 (warmups), 65x10,70x8,75x4 (almost got to 6)
    db press 50x6x3 (hands were tired of holding db's)
    cable xover 60x10,70x8,50x6,80x2
    2 handed cable pullover 35x6(warmup) 55x10,65x8,75x4,60x4
    5mins HIIT on bike

  12. Day 8 on Purple Wraath
    Back/Bi's day

    2 scoops, 16oz water, 1/2 PRE/POST
    bbell rows 45x6,65x4,95x10,105x8,115x6
    wide grip pulldowns 130x10,140x8,150x6
    cable row 130x10x8x6
    wide grip pullups (assisted) 4(90),4(100)
    alt. incline db curls 30x10x6x6
    1 arm preacher db curl 30x6
    standing db curls 35x5
    shrugs 45sx6,65sx4,85sx10,90sx8,95sx6
    10mins HIIT bike 1min alternates

    I blasted my back today, so much I had nothing left when I tried pullups. I normally do pullups before lat downs etc, but someone was using the pullup station. My arms seem to run out of gas too fast and am not really doing too well on the 10,8,6 routine. Anyone have other ideas? I know they're beat up doing back exercises, they do get sore the next day. My biceps are 16" cold flexed. My chest is still hecka sore from monday.

    So far I've noticed more energy/ability to do more, the recovery, I'm not sure, I still get pretty strong soreness/doms.

  13. Day 9 on Purple Wraath

    The usual 2 scoop dosage. My biceps are pretty sore yet they also feel swollen almost in a pumped way. I kinda like this feeling. Friday I go for 400lbs on the squat press machine.

    10mins HIIT

  14. Day 10 on Purple Wraath
    I'm gone til the 7th...I'll be getting tan in hawaii

    2 scoops, 1/2 PRE, 1/2 PWO
    wow again....I made it to 410 on the squat press, i don't think my back problems would allow me to do regular squats.

    plate loaded squat press 200x6,290x4(warmups), 360x10,380x8,410x6
    leg press 2708x6x6
    db lunges 20s(40)x10,25s(50)x8,30s(60x6)
    db deadlift 30s(60)x5
    rear delt machine 15s(30)x6,20s(40)x4,25s(50)x10 ,30s(60)x8,35s(70)x6
    shoulder press 35sx6(warmup), 65s(130)x8
    plate loaded shoulder press 70s(140)x8,80s(160)x6
    lateral raises 20s(40)x10,25s(50)x6,20s(40)x8
    front raises 15s(30)x10,20s(40)x6,15s(30)x1 0)

  15. Day 11 on Purple Wraath
    Back/Bi's day
    weight 194lbs

    I took a week off to chill out in hawaii. I ended up doing a lot of hiking and lost some weight there. I'm still recovering some a cold, energy levels are near zero. I took it ez but still blasted thru. I barely had enough in me to finish.

    2 scoops, 16oz water, 1/2 PRE/POST
    bbell rows 45x6,55x4,95x10x8x6
    assisted pullups 120x10,110x8,100x6
    wide grip pulldowns 100x10,110x8,120x6
    cable row 100x10,110x8,120x6
    cable xover arm pulls 50x10,60x8,70x6
    alt. incline db curls 25x10x8x8
    shrugs 40sx6,55sx4,80sx10,85sx8,90sx6

  16. Day 12
    normally done on mondays, i missed monday due to being too sick
    I threw in shoulders today instead of tomorrow since I was doing chest today. I'm still hacking up phlegm but had enough in me to workout.
    PW gives energy, not noticable until you're lifting and it's like an invincible set of hands helping you power thru.

    bench incline db 35sx6,40sx4,60sx10,65sx8,70sx6
    hammer strength incline bench press 95x10,105x8,115x6
    rotatary chest machine 85x10,100x8,115x6
    overhead rope pull down 60x10,65x8,70x6
    rear delts 10sx6,25sx10,30sx4,25sx6
    lat raises 15sx10,20sx5,15sx10

  17. Day 13 on Purple Wraath

    2 scoops, 1/2 PRE, 1/2 PWO
    I ate only 1 meal at 5:30am and some sunflower seeds at 10:30am, I didn't think I'd have enough energy to do legs today. PW to the rescue

    plate loaded squat press 200x6,2300x4(warmups), 360x10,380x8,420x6
    leg ext 100x6,130x10,150x8,170x6
    seated leg curl 50x10,70x8,90x6
    2 unassisted pullups

    my legs felt solid

  18. Day 14
    i'm switching it up, chest/biceps

    my chest was weak today, maybe because i did chest last Thur or my cold is still affecting me...

    2 scoops, 1/2 PRE 1/2 POST
    bench incline db 40sx6,50sx4,65sx10,70sx4,65sx6
    hammer strength wide bench press 95x10,105x8,125x6
    dips 8,8,5
    wide pullups 2
    bb preacher 50x10, db preacher 30sx8, bb preacher 70x6 (someone hid the 60lb bb)
    cable xover curl w/ straight bar 50x10,60x8,80x6 followed with no rest, 30x10

    Day 15
    15 mins cardio, 6 HIIT on elliptical

    2 scoops, 1/2 PRE 1/2 POST

    I haven't cardio'd since before vacation, my phlegminess is almost gone.

  19. Day 16

    3 scoops 1/2 PRE, 1/2 POST, super tingly

    pullups many sets of 1-2 reps to get to 24 reps, mix of wide grip (18) and close grip (6)
    bbell rows 95x10,105x8x2
    deadlift 105x5x3
    cable row 130x10,140x8, 150x6
    Overhead Cable Extensions 40x12x6, 30x12x2 pumped and burned

    Day 17

    2 scoops 1/2 PRE 1/2 POST
    6 mins HIIT on bike
    Despite not having done HIIT on the bike for almost 2 weeks, my legs felt strong and I was pushing myself even harder/faster today

  20. Day 18 on Purple Wraath
    bodyfat 19.5%
    weight 195lbs


    2 scoops, 1/2 PRE, 1/2 PWO
    I felt jittery before the gym, not sure what was going on.
    I'm moving biceps back to weds and triceps back to monday, my triceps are so sore from Weds, as well as my rear delts and my hams are slightly sore but I still pulled off 430lbs. I could barely walk afterwards and had little energy left.

    plate loaded squat press 220x6,310x4(warmups), 380x10,400x8,430x6
    kneeling single leg hamstring curl [each leg] 40x10x3
    leg press 200x10x3
    rear delts 10sx6, 10sx10x3
    shoulder press 50sx10x10x6
    lat raise 15sx8x3
    db shrugs 50x6(warmup) 85x10,90x8,95x6, tweaked my back placing the dbs back

  21. Day 19
    weight 197 not sure why it went up


    i lowered the incline bench to the lowest it'd go, i'm not able to do the same weight range as when it was higher.

    2 scoops, 1/2 PRE 1/2 POST
    bench incline db 35sx6,55sx10,60sx8,65sx6
    hammer strength bench press, 1 arm at a time 45x10,50x8,55x6
    cable xover 50x10x3
    Overhead Cable Extensions 40x10x8
    5mins HIIT 30s shots

  22. 5-23-07

    2 scoops 1/2 PRE, 1/2 POST

    i'm wearing a wrist brace so i can't do much for 2-3 weeks cept legs, and cardio

    back extensions station 105x6,150x10,170x8,170x6
    45deg romain chair back extensions 10x3
    17mins cardio (6 mins HIIT)

  23. 5-25-07

    2 scoops 1/2 PRE, 1/2 POST

    plate loaded squat press 200x6,300x4,390x10,410x8,430x6
    kneeling single leg curl 50x10x2,60x6
    leg press 200x10x3
    rear delt lates 10sx10x4

  24. 5-26-07
    2.5miles biking, various speeds

    Day 22 on PW
    weight 195


    Trying out a new chest routine, basically 10x3 on 45deg/20or30deg/flat bench then xover to finish em off, my chest was burning

    2 scoops, 1/2 PRE 1/2 POST
    bench incline 45deg db 35sx6x4(warmup) 50sx10x3
    bench incline ~30deg(as low as it goes) db 50sx8x6x6
    bench flat db 50sx8x8x7.5 (my arms gave out on the 8th rep)
    cable xover 45x10,40x10x2
    Overhead Cable Extensions 30x12x8

  25. Day 23

    PW 1/2 Pre 1/2 Post

    I hate doing back to back what that's what happens around the holidays.
    I'm replacing barbell rows with deadlifts for now. My back was super pumped.

    wide grip pull-ups 24 total 10x2,1x1x2
    cable row (single handed handles) 130x10,140x8,150x6
    deadlift 135x6x3
    bbell curls 30x12,50x8x2,50x6x2
    dbell hammer curls 25sx4x1 (failure)
    the veins were popping out on my forearms
    db shrugs 80sx10,85sx8,50x10(2s pauses)

    1 additional scoop PWO

    a few minutes of jump roping
    if Jumper can jump, so can I.

    Day 24

    2 scoops. 1 PRE 1 PWO

    I dragged my coworker along, I'm turning into a trainer here, helping others out

    20mins cardio on bike, 5 of that HIIT


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