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    And so it ends...

    Final asessment

    Yesterday I finished my bottle of IXL. This last week saw me just doing cardio and some weights, but nothing serious. Post-meet, recovery has been excellent, except for my injury, which I still noticed doign squats the other day.

    Make no mistake about it IXL is a great addition to your arsenal - in my case, dropping BW for a meet, WHILST trying to increase strength levels. For me that's exactly what happened. Today I went in for my first hard training session and strength wasn't only there, it was better. I did 148kg for 6x2 on squats, despite the rib pain (only mild now), going lower than I usually do.

    So AEN, well done on a great product and thanks again for allowing me to test it. Now off to buy some.....
    VERY NICE!!! Great job throughout the entire log Sputnik

    Good luck in your future meets!! :squat: :dl: :clean: :bb2:

  2. Awesome job Sput, I loved it!!! Great to see that IXL can benefit even the strongest of people


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