Jjohn Tests Hyperdrol X 2!

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  1. DAY 28

    Today was legs. When finishing my squats, my legs were shaking like crazy! Intensity was at it's best. I just love the way I look and feel now.

    DAY 29

    This was a wicked shoulders day. They were wrecked when I got out of the gym it was sick. Let's just say it was a great workout, and I am lucky I didn't puke yet!

    DAY 30

    Now this is my last day on this log. I was still feeling more vascular and confident in the gym. I was dancing and just enjoyng my favorite part of the day!


    All in all, this is a wonderful product that helps to recomp big time. I felt very good, it took a while before kicking in, but once it did, whoa! Wonderful. I felt tighter, more vascular, and think I even lost a little bit of fat! I just feel great now.

    Recomp: 8/10
    Mass: 8/10
    Stamina: 9/10

    SPECIAL THANKS to Macedaddy and his team for his generous contribution, and helping me reach my goals!


    i think that if you didn't take so many stinking OFF DAYS, you would have rated it higher! j/k

  4. It is hard to compare the pics, as I just got that tatoo, and can't have the tan I usually have, but there is definetly major improvement here!


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