Jjohn Tests Hyperdrol X 2!

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  1. Get Back To Work!

  2. DAY 13

    This was a freaking nice and intense workout. I felt like my skin was tighter, and more vascular. I also found my heavy metal a lot better and I was more focused I ifted hard and it felt really good. One of my friend said: You're getting bigger every week! Well, I was very proud when he mentionned that, as we, bbers, see us small all the time. So far, so good!

    DAY 14

    Off day today. I studied for exams all day, so my brain might have gained some mass.


    glad your friends are noticing!

  4. Quote Originally Posted by bLacKjAck. View Post
    Bro, that sux about your camera, but boy do I know how you feel. Hope you catch the bastard!
    Well, chances are slim now. I actually thought about waiting for them and sleep in my car, as I know they live close by. I live in a calm area, and they must do the street very often. My roommate got his cell stolen last year. I don't know who they are, but you know, the yo's of your residential area? Okay, I'll stop talking about that before I break my keyboard.lol

  5. Quote Originally Posted by macedaddy View Post

    glad your friends are noticing!
    Man, that was fast!

  6. Quote Originally Posted by sfearl1 View Post
    yo jjohn! just subscribed. i'm a computer science major working on hash tables right now if you're familiar. well, i'm lying, i'm cruising around AM procrastinating!! gotta get back to work now...
    Good to hear! Good luck on your exams man!

  7. DAY 15

    I did some calves, shoulders, and a little bit of abs today, along with 30 minutes medium intensity cardio. I started a recomp training today. I am still eating 4000cals-4400 cals. on training days, but I am totaling my muscles. ALL of my exercises are part of triple drop sets TO FAILURE! Let me tell ya, I am sore.

    DAY 16

    I did some biceps and triceps. Another grueling, intense and painful workout! Good stuff. The Hyperdrol really kicked in now!

    DAY 17

    Today is an off day. One week left at school, so studying all we!

  8. one week left for me till i get my Masters, too!

  9. Quote Originally Posted by macedaddy View Post
    one week left for me till i get my Masters, too!
    Whoa! NICE! The payout of a long journey of work has finally arrived! Congrats and partytime after the last exam!

  10. DAY 18

    Off day today. Acne is showing up a little bit, but nothing crazy.

    DAY 19

    Okay, fasten your seatbelts: I did chest today, and my workout is now strictly: "DROP SETS TO FAILURE!". I was surprised at how I was strong at the last reps, I seemed to be invincible! So don't be in my way now!!!

    DAY 20

    Today, I did some back. Pumps were awesome, and I just kept pumping it up! This is getting too wicked. I just am too happy right now.

  11. INVINCIBLE? awesome!

  12. DAY 21

    I did some legs today. Let me tell you this was a wicked and painfull day. Of course, I am still training to failure, and it is getting very sick. My quads just didn't stop shaking!

    DAY 22

    This was shoulders-calves-abs. I just love the way it makes me feel; there never seems to be a last rep. I pushed it nike there was no tomorrow! :clean:

    DAY 23

    Last workout of the week was biceps, triceps, and some abs. When I entered the gym, I felt good and bad. Good because I FINISHED MY EXAMS, and bad because I was so tired of my sleepless nights of studying.. Even if I was burned out, I managed to pull a great workout anyways. Pumps were as usual, awesome, and my arms just felt like blowing up!

  13. DAY 24

    Off day today

    DAY 25

    Off day again

    DAY 26

    Today my PC screwed up big time! I am now unable to boot it up. I am now on my roommate's PC, and rushing up a little. I had a wonderful workout, and aggressiveness was at it's best. I just LOVE this feeling. I also deel like I lost a little fat on top of that!

    DAY 27

    Today was back day. My lats felt so pumped I thought I was going to FLY!!! It was awesome, I also had to finish up with 30 mins low intensity cardio, and this was like cake. I love the effects so far, and no joint pain whatsoever.

  14. i'm not getting any joint pain either, and i'm at 5 of FX and 5 of HD!

    so sounds like we have a winner!

    keep it up, jj!

  15. Quote Originally Posted by macedaddy View Post
    i'm not getting any joint pain either, and i'm at 5 of FX and 5 of HD!

    so sounds like we have a winner!

    keep it up, jj!
    Yes, but Mace is a freak

  16. DAY 28

    Today was legs. When finishing my squats, my legs were shaking like crazy! Intensity was at it's best. I just love the way I look and feel now.

    DAY 29

    This was a wicked shoulders day. They were wrecked when I got out of the gym it was sick. Let's just say it was a great workout, and I am lucky I didn't puke yet!

    DAY 30

    Now this is my last day on this log. I was still feeling more vascular and confident in the gym. I was dancing and just enjoyng my favorite part of the day!


    All in all, this is a wonderful product that helps to recomp big time. I felt very good, it took a while before kicking in, but once it did, whoa! Wonderful. I felt tighter, more vascular, and think I even lost a little bit of fat! I just feel great now.

    Recomp: 8/10
    Mass: 8/10
    Stamina: 9/10

    SPECIAL THANKS to Macedaddy and his team for his generous contribution, and helping me reach my goals!


    i think that if you didn't take so many stinking OFF DAYS, you would have rated it higher! j/k

  19. It is hard to compare the pics, as I just got that tatoo, and can't have the tan I usually have, but there is definetly major improvement here!


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