Primed Ultra will be in my shopping cart :-)

  1. Primed Ultra will be in my shopping cart :-)

    Guys, I recently had a chance to try out Primed Ultra, and decided to do a quick review of my thoughts.
    I promised Fit I'd keep it honest, so that's what I am going to do below:

    1. I hate only getting to swallow 2 measly capsules to get an energy/endurance boost. It just sucks.
    2. I truly hate the fact that it doesn't give a shaky, semi-nauseous feeling. Only a straightforward, notice it when you want to notice it, boost.
    3. I really dislike how even though I take it in the evening, I am still able to go to sleep just fine. I prefer stuff that keeps me staring at the ceiling with a mild case of paranoia.

    So there it is Fit. Sorry I had to be so vicious......... (for anyone who is THAT dense, I loved the Primed. I've only used it for about 5 workouts, but I can say it's a product that will carry my recommendation, and I'll be sure to have on hand in the future!)

  2. Nice review! I just may have to give this stuff a run.

  3. Good summary lane, PU defenitely looks like a winner.
    ~ Nothing can kill the Grimace!!

  4. I sure am not gonna force you to use it !

    Its good stuff, I love it ! Thanks for the feedback

  5. Let's just say it's on my "to do" list, along with WTF Pump'd.
    ~ Nothing can kill the Grimace!!


  6. I got two bottles of it, it's pretty good stuff, but now I just gotta take some rest off of stims, so it sits in my


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