The Purple Wraath Log

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  1. The Purple (people eater) Wraath Log

    Hey Guys - I'm one of the lucky testers of PURPLE WRAATH from Controlled Labs!

    So i'll be starting a log to track and report my results with this new product for all to enjoy. the ingredient profile on PW looks excellent and should be the perfect addition to my current regimen.

    the PW hasn't arrived yet and i'm planning on running this April 15th - May 30. i'll take some 'before' photos the day i start and post them up w/my current measurements.

    to give a brief history on me, here is my app:
    Age: 33

    Sex: M

    Height: 5'10"

    Weight: 180

    Bodytype: ecto

    Training experience (as much detail as possible.. TELL US ABOUT YOURSELF ! ! WHY should we choose you ! !):
    My history: naturally athletic and always in top shape. went to college i on a D1 (PAC-10) swimming scholarship. following college, i competed on the national level for freestyle mogul skiing.
    i've always lifted but over the past eight years, i've been progressively much more interested in the art and science of bodybuilding. although i like to stay in shape for the sports i enjoy, i have to admit a lot of it is for my own personal vanity. i have no desire to look super huge but love to look muscular and in such good shape that it catches people’s attention.
    for the past 3 yrs i've kept a detailed journal of my workouts and progress. over the past year and a half i've kept a nutrition breakdown on fitday. so, it would be no problem for me to publish these progress journals here.
    i really enjoy the forums and have become addicted to them. it is so helpful to learn about others experiences and share my own personal results with others who enjoy this lifestyle.

    Current Training Schedule / Protocol (as much detail as possible):
    Typical training week for me is as follows:
    3-4 weight workouts/week + skiing 2 days per week in the winter (skiing replaced w/running 2-3 days/week in summer)
    My weight routine is split into three workouts and cycled through every 6 days (taken from my journal last wk):
    Weight workout 1: Chest & tris -
    flat bench 18x135, 12x205, 10x225, 6x245, 5x245
    incline bench 10x185, 7-8x205, 6-7x205, 6x205
    close grip bench 8x135, 8x135, 6x135
    skull crushers 12x75, 10x80, 8x80
    weighted dip drop sets 12xbodyweight+45plate - then immediatly follow w/just body weight to failure, 10xbodyweight+45plate then body weight to failure

    Weight workout 2: Shoulders & legs
    overhead dumbell presses 16x50, 16,50, 10x65, 8x70, 8x70, 7x70, 7x70
    upright row 16x90, 12x100, 10x110, 8x110
    dumbbell shrug 12x90, 12x90, 12x90, 12x90
    dumbell lateral raise drop sets 10x25 then 15lbs to failure (3 sets total)
    dumbbell front raise 10x20 then 10lbs to failure (3 sets total)
    squats 14x225, 10x295, 9x295, 8x295

    Weight workout 3: Back & bis
    Deadlift 45x135, 18x245, 10x305, 8x345, 7x345
    weighted pull ups 16xbodyweight+30lbs (wide grip), 12xbodyweight+30lbs (wide grip) 10xbodyweight+30lbs(shoulder width grip), 10xbodyweight+30lbs(narrow grip) followed by bodyweight to failure
    bent over row 12x155(wide grip), 10x175 (wide grip), 8x175 (shoulder grip), 8x175 (narrow grip), 8x175 (narrow grip)
    straight bar curl 10x80, 8x80, 7x80
    incline seated dumbbell curl 10x35, 9x35, 8x35 followed by 25s to failure

    Cardio Schedule/Protocol (as much detail as possible):
    currently no cardio. do go skiing approx 2x per week. after april 15th i'll replace skiing with running 3xper week.
    running routine is as follows -
    cartio 1: 5 mile run moderate pace
    cardio 2: 5 mile run moderate pace
    cardio 3: 15 minute moderate pace run followed by 30-40 minutes of hill sprints (resting 1-2 minutes between each climb) then 15 minute light jog

    Current supplements (exact brand/product name):
    CreaFrom - creatine mono by PrimaForce
    100% Whey Protien Gold Standard by Optimum Nutrition
    Daily multivit by NOW Foods
    i wouldn't call myself a supplement junkie like some here on AM. it's not that i wouldn't like to take them, it's just that can't afford them all. i'm a cheap bastard!

    Current Diet and macros (as much detail as possible):
    from fitday i show approx 45%carbs, 35%protien, 20%fat

    Current Daily water intake:
    1/2 - 1 gal, but i also drink a crapload of skim milk

    Short Term Goal:
    i was 170lbs heading into the winter. ran a superdrol cycle and put on 15lbs - 10 of which i still have. this puts me at a bodyweight around 180 today. currently, i'm carrying a little more bodyfat than i usually do. muscle definition and abs can be seen but but I will get much more ripped by summer.
    my ultimate short term goal would be to try to reduce my bodyfat percentage with out losing any weight or strength.
    in reality and from past experience i'll probably have to lose 5-10 lbs to get as ripped as i'd like for summer. when i lean down and lose weight for summer i always lose strength (like 20-40lbs off my bench, squat, and deads)
    after april 15th (when ski season is over) i'll be incorporating more cardio and altering my diet to higher protein and lower carbs. and possibly include some purple wrath if i am lucky enough to be picked to keep a log. mabe the 'wrath' can help me better maintain my strenght and weight while shedding bodyfat.

    Long Term Goal:
    long term i would like to be around 180 with the bodyfat percentage i typically have at around 170. so pack on 10lbs of solid muscle while staying lean. i also wouldn't mind growing an inch or two on my **** (but not sure which excersises/suppplements do this). do these long-term goals sound familiar? it's what everyone wants - right?

    ANY and ALL Prescription / Non-Prescription / Recreational drugs:
    no prescriptions but do take claritin occasionally for allergies in the spring. no drugs. i'm not a drinker but do have usually 1-2 beers or glasses of wine every few weeks to fit in at parties or functions.

    Supplement history (as much detail as possible):
    for the past 8yrs i've consistently used creatine mono (i respond very well and cycle off a few times/yr), multivit, and whey protien - keepin it cheap and simple.
    for cutting phases i incorporate yohimbine and caffine caps.
    have ran 2 cycles in the past 2 yrs. 1st cycle was promagnon-25 (last winter - see my log), then a cycle of superdrol (Dec 06). post cycle therapy was RXT & Nolva.

    Other product reviews / logs you have done (with links): Promagnon-25 Log

  2. also, please feel free to let me know if there is anything in particular you want to see in this log (training, diet, schedule ect). i'll be posting a lot more detail as i get started.

    plus, any feedback, criticism, advise or compliments are much appreciated. i know a lot of you AM members are much more knowledgeable and experienced than i am. i've learned a lot here - thanks!

  3. nice start to the log I am in

  4. ok, wanted to give a before. here are a few current pics from today.

    today's measurements:
    height 5' 9 1/2" (but always say i'm 5'10")
    weight 176
    chest 42
    waist 33
    bi 15.5
    quad 24

    dono my approx body fat %?? maybe 15%?

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    will be hopefully starting the purple wraath next week.

    my goal is to keep my current strength and as much muscle as possible while cutting fat.

  5. just got my Purple Wraath .....

    plannig to start running it on sunday. trying to time it with the start of my workout cycle for the week.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Hank Vangut View Post
    just got my Purple Wraath .....

    plannig to start running it on sunday. trying to time it with the start of my workout cycle for the week.
    Hell yea !!

    Email: pt [at]

  7. Nice log, lots of info, awesome start. NOw i can see what im missing out on , cheers hank.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by pu12en12g View Post
    Hell yea !!

    hell yeah is right! can't wait!!!
    it's always fun to start a new supplement and i have a good feeling about this.
    i think my body could really use an EAA/BCAA supplement.

    btw. the only supplements i'm currently running are:
    - 100% Whey Protien Gold Standard from Optimum
    - CreaForm Creatine Mono from PrimaForce
    - NOW multi
    - Fishoil

    have been on just these supplements since January and i've plateaued in the gym and mirror over the last two to three months.

    So my body seems fairly stabalized at this point so i should hopefully be able to tell if the Purple Wraath is helping.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by somewhatgifted View Post
    Nice log, lots of info, awesome start. NOw i can see what im missing out on , cheers hank.
    hey, thanks for following along!

  10. Very interested in this as well.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by rysigpi View Post
    Very interested in this as well.
    great! good to have you following along.

    hope i can provide a good evaluation.

  12. thought i'd post a quick shot of my pathetic basement home gym. so you could see where it all happens for me.

    have a bench with up to 395lbs in plates
    have a set of dumbells that go up to 80lbs each
    a second set of dumbells i keep under 30lbs each
    and another straght bar
    also have a pull-up/dipps bar (not shown in pic)

    for years i paid for a gym membership but now i actually prefer to work out at home.

    it started with just a single set of dumbells and i used them all the time and was able to cut down on the length of my gym workouts. then i bought a bench and more weight.
    now i find i can do almost any excersise i need with this set-up. i do wish i had a pulley system and a squat rack though. currently i only do squats maybe once or twice per month. and i do them off my bench with the seat raised (not the best).
    i also do hit the gym once in awhile when my buddy gets me passes.

    i found that i have no problem keeping up the motivation and dedication at home. actually it has made it easier for me by cutting out the travel time and dealing with everything that comes with a gym membership. biggest difference is i stretch my workouts out longer at home. sometimes i'll take a 5-10 break between sets causing a typical 1hr workout to run 2hrs.

    i really got a good laugh when i read this thread: Why public gyms piss me off...
    i can relate
    Attached Images Attached Images  

  13. Dude nice gym!!! musta cost a fortune to buy but, in my basement were the most fulfilling , no BS workouts ive ever had, just me and my insane muscle staredown contractions. Not to mention you could go shirtless and/or measure yourself and the towles are free!! Nothing pathetic about it, maybe hard bc you dont have a rack, where theres a willl theres a way.

  14. ok, i finally cracked the seal on my tub of Purple Wraath and mixed up just a single scoop to start with.

    i almost called off my workout today. i'm building a deck in my back yard and spent the entire day outside working on it. needless to say, by 5pm i was really spent and a little sunburned. but by 7pm i motivated and started by mixing up a batch of PW for my workout.

    first impression of the new Purple Wraath:
    i have to say that i REALLY liked the tase.
    i did try a sample packet of the last version and the new stuff is much yummier!

    i don't get a lot tingles from the Beta Alanine.
    but overall it really gave me a much needed boost to get a very solid workout in.

    today was my back and bis. nothing outragous but was able to crank through my workout much quicker while lifting the same load i ususally do when taking more rest. which was surprising considering how tired i was just a few hours earlier.

    so my first day w/PW gets a big round of applause.

  15. Quote Originally Posted by somewhatgifted View Post
    Dude nice gym!!! musta cost a fortune to buy but, in my basement were the most fulfilling , no BS workouts ive ever had, just me and my insane muscle staredown contractions. Not to mention you could go shirtless and/or measure yourself and the towles are free!! Nothing pathetic about it, maybe hard bc you dont have a rack, where theres a willl theres a way.
    yeah, i'm able to get some solid workouts in. and found that i can do most any excersise w/this set-up. sometimes need to get a little creative if i want to change my routine up though.
    i keep improving the gym a little each year. my current wish list includes a squat rack, wall mirrors, rubber flooring, and a cable system.

  16. took my second serving of PW prior and during my workout last night. just a single scoop again. think i'm going to bump it up to two scoops starting w/my next workout. i don't seem to have any trouble handling the beta alanine.

    worked chest and tris. got a very solid workout in. wasn't able to add weight to my lifts but didn't really feel tired after my typical round of sets so i added some more sets. i was expecting to be sore this morning but so far i'm not! just have a nice tight feeling in my pecs and tris.

    since i typically start my workouts around 6 or 7 pm, i really like the fact that PW isn't some feel good only caffine/NO booster. it gives me just the right amount of energy to get a great workout in and still be able to get to sleep after. + getting the aminos needed to build.

    that's all for now.

  17. let us know if you tingle on 2 scoops, it's a funny feeling for sure

  18. Quote Originally Posted by dlew308 View Post
    let us know if you tingle on 2 scoops, it's a funny feeling for sure
    will do

  19. downed 2 scoops of PW w/my workout last night. did shoulders & legs.

    good workout overall, nothing earthshattering. still not getting much tingling from the BA. did notice maybe a slight itchy feeling. not sure if that was it?

    what i am noticing is a good muscle pump. veins are even showing up.

    btw. i can't believe how good this stuff tastes! HUGE improvement over version 2. i look froward to sipping it during my workout.

  20. just thought i'd drop a quick update.

    did back and bis two days ago and i'm still sore from the workout!
    i was a good workout but wasn't above and beyond a typical back day, so not sure why i got so sore. i lifted the same weight and same reps as usual, just really slowed down each negative phase to feel my muscles burn. i'm thinking that must have been the difference.

    so far it's only been 1 week with adding purple wraath into my program. can't really say it's helped me get any stronger, or leaner yet.

    but i can say this:

    i feel a clean energy coming from improved recovery between sets, allowing for a quicker and more intense workout pace

    getting a nice muscle pump and vascularity during workouts

    typically less sore the following day - except for this last workout

    it is a very tasty beverage to have while working out (doesn't mix super well though - have to keep stirring it around w/every drink)

  21. Really? i haven't had this problem unless i haven't noticed.
    The foaming goes away fast compared to like xtend.

    it is a very tasty beverage to have while working out (doesn't mix super well though - have to keep stirring it around w/every drink)[/QUOTE]

  22. yeah the foam dissapears quickly, but i can't seem to get the large particles to fully disolve. so i have to keep stirring it so all the good stuff doesn't just sit at the bottom. it doesn't really bother me though.
    are you able to get it all disolved?
    maybe i just need to shake it up longer?

  23. Oh the white particles? I'm sure not if those ever dissolve 100%, maybe CL can chime in.

  24. time for an update.

    wednesday - mixed 2 scoops and did legs and abs.
    thursday - mixed 1 scoop and went for a 40 minute jog
    friday - mixed 2 scoops and did back & bis

    so far weight is exactly the same - 176 lbs.

    workouts are very good, strength has stayed the same but overall i'm working out harder. putting up an extra set on most excersises.

    can't really tell much difference in the mirror yet.

    i've been eating really clean this week. if i can keep this routine up for a month straight i should see some great results.


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